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  1. TB350

    Chevy Beat Diesel

    Hello Guys Do you know how much it will cost for Michelin XM1+ 175/65 14R tyres ? I inquired with 2 - 3 dealers here and they are quoting around 4500-4700.
  2. Hello Everyone. I have recently book Chevy Beat Diesel. I would like to upgrade the tyres and need suggestion from you guys. Diesel version comes with 165/65 R14 and I do not like the rims in Beat. So I would to upgrade it to Alloys with 175/65 R14, the difference comes around 2.28%. I'm concerned about the millage if I upgrade my tyres with Alloys. Please suggest me good options. Thread moved. BornFree2011-08-18 08:27:59
  3. Hello to everyone in this Forum. I'm very happy to be part of this forum and would like to share my experience in this forum soon.