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  1. Car had done about 35K Km.Done 22000 Km in 10.5 months.Tires are in last legs of its life.Stock Apollo Aceleres it is.
  2. I'm now Vento'ed since last 8 months.Bought as a preworshipped vehicle which had done 12700 Km before purchase.Now,car had done 16K Km in 8 months.Car had done 29K Km.Its a 2012 April bought in Feb 2013.
  3. MODS:Close this thread because we sold the Car.And,change the title to Shark-Maruti Swift VDI 2010-3 years-78000 Km-Sold
  4. The Car is no more with us.We sold him 2 weeks ago.Bought Vento HL TDI 2012 Pre-Worshipped in Terra Beige as a replacement for Swift.Vento had done 12900 Km after getting to us.Now,had done more than 1100 Km in 2 weeks of use.Now,Rocket a.k.a Vento had done 14K Km till now.She is just excellent.But,FE made me worry.It had given 13.5 Km/l in Highway.In City,it is giving more than 13 Km/l.The new owner had installed 70K worth ICE,25K worth Alloys and others.Total,he had spent more than 1L for mods.
  5. Sad Update-Cancelled Duster last month due to 5-6 months waiting period. I m looking to other cars which are excellent.
  6. I m attaching bill and new pics of my car after wash,which had done today.
  7. Regarding on my Michelin Tires, We had done 4K Km with those tires. Now the first impressions, New update-I had a first highway trip with my new Michelin XM2 Tires last month to my hometown. Excellent grip.It is touching 120 Km/h easily.Best tires I had ever seen Thank You Michelin Running-65 Km to my hometown.Up and down-127 Km.Meter starting-68848 Km and ending to home-68970 Km. Date-August 8th.
  8. My car had done 70K Km last month and gave my car for service on yesterday.Reading was 71605 Km.Bit late due to lack of time.Bill is Rs.3445.Sounded too reasonable.Cheaper than Dealer Workshop.Car feels smooth now.I gave at Maruti Authorized Service Station(New Age Motors).They are very prompt and they gave my car at 7pm.I gave the car bit late 2pm and got at 7pm. Thank you New Age for excellent service
  9. Finally I changed my tires to Michelin XM2 185/70R14 after taking advice from my friend.My Michelin's are super silent and smoothest than my stock tires,JK Tornado.And my old tire front left side tire was torn on Sunday and changed the tires of Swift finally. Price-4875/tire With 4 tires-4875X4=Rs.19,500. The dealer of tires was Mohan Chandra.They did there nice work and owner of the shop TD'ed the car after installing tires and after W/A and W/B. My Father and My Driver drove the car.My Driver drove 3 Km and My Father drove 16 Km. What an impressive tires.They reduced Rs.4975 to Rs.4875 by Rs.100 Discount for Michelin. Overall,nice and amazing tires.
  10. After hectic dilemma between Yokohama and MRF,finally it is Yokohama A-Drives 185/70R14.I ruled out MRF and Yokohama A-Drives are winner for my father and me. BTW,Swift had crossed 67500 Km.Now,67600 Km.