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  1. @mclaren you are so right buddy, every car in this segment has something or the other missing but as a package all the cars are really good.

    I am also getting a used superb, a4 and a6 in this budget dont know whether i should think about them as well. I was worried about the ASS expenses. how much would an audi a4 or a6 cost yearly to maintain?

    As much as i love driving, my family's heart remains with cutting running costs and shifting from a petrol to a diesel. Believe it or not I was planning to buy a used modified octavia RS for 4 lakhs, stonking performance (0-100 in 6.8 secs!) too bad I dont get to make the decisions around here. hehe!

    I agree with u mclaren that old jetta was a sad drive. the new one on paper promises a lot of things, my hopes are high. If it can match the performance of Laura I ll be happy for now. I was also checking up ABT's website it said they had a tuning available for the same engine in the golf VI but the only diff was that golf is factory tuned for 170hp and the output after the tune would be 195hp. (That car is a missile!)I am not sure whether the same tune up can work on the jetta here and get it somewhere close to even a 180hp, it can be awesome!

    @mclaren I would like to know what is the maintenance of your cousin's cruze, i m sure that its not as expensive as the skoda's or vw's.

    Please do inform me on the 2nd hand car market and the car's maintenance within this budget the budget can go upto 2 lakhs higher


  2. Thank you for your response rahul, asethi and mclaren..

    Yeti is the perfect all rounder for me but the looks just make me face the other side of the road.(no offence meant!)

    Frankly speaking I love the Laura too waiting for the RS but my only concern was that laura and jetta both have the same engine 2.0 TDI with DSG and in my opinion jetta would be more refined simply because its newer and from the parent company. Laura on the other hand is not a very strinking from the rear, dated design. (my opinion!)

    the interiors and exterior are both bland on the jetta but somehow I still like it. The car looks aggressive and going by the specs it looks like a skoda killer only if it handles like a laura, big question because the previous model was a disappointment.

    @mclaren I didnt emphasize on the safety only coz if i buy a top model version of a car, I expect to get all the safety features possible, it ll be pointless to have all that power behind the wheel lol...

    One question why dont many people recommend cruze. What is the problem with car?

  3. Depending on your preference here is my opinion of what you should buy:

    city travel - Verna fluidic

    highway > city - Vento

    light Off roading - scorpio (the best SUV option for u)

    Economy(maintenance and running cost) - Sx4

    there has been a suspension trouble with my friend's sx4 which hasnt been sorted out by maruti yet after 4 months.

    i personally dont like the looks of the new fiesta. sorry if you are considering it, no offence meant to any fiesta owners. smiley35.gif

    Rest assured follow your heart, just make sure you have service centers available and the car has good ground clearance for rough roads. Buy the car that first comes to your mind and you will be happier

    Good luck!

  4. Whats your Budget - Rs 20.00L

    Kms driven monthly - 1200 kms

    Bodyshell - Sedan/SUV

    City/Highway split - 60:40

    Max No.of Passangers - 2 most of the time

    Boot space Importance - Medium

    Usage by - enthu

    Ownership - City

    Safety - anything

    Prime requirement - acceleration/handling/ride/features

    i like the new jetta but confused about the laura and cruze (both have upgrades soon!) I am also open to second hand ownership but maintenance is a concern. I havent mentioned any SUV's and am frankly not a big suv fan but i like the idea of go anywhere. if i should consider any?

    I have really been tempted by the dsg with paddle shifts but on the other hand cruze is a missile too. Cant really make up my mind wish i could buy them all   smiley18.gif lol.

    Please help guys, need a new baby by the end of this month

  5. The car looks average considering the vento-like appearance. I am planning to buy a car in this segement, really confused whether the Jetta was worth the wait in comparison to the cruze and laura. I love the way cruze and laura drives, cockpit design of the cruze looks great, features are outstanding, materials used may not be upto the mark but thats hardly a concern.

    Is it true that the ground clearance of this car is only 139mm!!!or is it just a misprint?? On indian roads the car will have a rough time

    Calling all gurus and pandits of the automotive world kindly help me in deciding the perfect c+ segment car that has the best compromise of performance, handling, features and comfort. I am looking for an AT diesel engine. Personally i had shortlisted cruze, laura and jetta. If there is any other car i should consider feel free to add to the list. So far I am inclined towards the jetta possibly because its a new car and has the same engine as the laura.