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    azeroth got a reaction from accugsteede in Driving Verito D4   
    WoW all this praise for the Verito/Logan....I'm quite surprised as I found this car to a very, poor cheap option hoisted on the Indian public.
    Anyways, Ironically enough - a good friend of mine from Shimla had this car.
    His father who is a retired EnC in Himachal PWD bought the Logan for him when he left for Delhi having got a job there.
    He wanted to take his old Zen with him but this Father surprised him with the Logan as a 'Gift'...
    He found the car to be horrible, with very cheap and plasticky interiors, loud engine noise even in the cabin and worst of all to be underpowered - especially in the Hills...he would often drive from Delhi to Shimla...and it was horrible trying to overtake slow cars or trucks on the hills...he does not drive very fast and is a very careful, sober driver.
    The only good thing about the car was the good mileage on diesel - but everything else was horrible for him.
    He finally sold the Logan within 8 months of getting it - getting a very poor price for it and bought the VW Vento Diesel - which according to him is like 'Heaven' compared to the Logan.
    The Logan failed with Renault realising the mistake of trying to sell cheap technology to the discerning Indian public and it pulled's image is still damaged from the Logan with no takers for the Fluence...Mahindra is trying to now flog this car as the Verito....