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  1. The front windscreen area above the sensor / front screen air vents on the dashboard, gets misted leading to poor visibility. This is not all over the screen but only above the air vents. This happens all the time AC is on and is not related to rains or the mode / temp on which the AC is set. Even with the fan and AC off during the winters, i continued to have this problem. however, with the power of the AC off, it seemed to be all right. The videos of the windscreen have been attached to give you a better idea and i am sure you will agree, that it is very much a safety hazard and can easily cause an accident. I was told by the service center that it happens in all the cruze cars and other cars of this segment. But i have never seen this kind of a thing in any other car and i am sure? this cant be normal. To my understanding, even if the AC mode is not? set to demisting mode (but to any other position) the air is still escaping through the air vents meant for the front screen and causing this to happen. Is this defect specific to my car only? Or if the service center is to be believed, it happens in all cruze cars and other cars of this segment ! If so, then this is a big design defect and is highly dangerous besides being uncomfortable while driving. Please suggest what is likely to be the reason for this and how this can be rectified. link to the files- target="_blank">