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  1. thanks everyone for the wonderful suggestions. any of you have any idea what is the approximate launch date of new honda city ? and how expensive will it be from the current version. if it will be just 25 - 30 thousand more expensive and is for sure launching in october then i would like to wait for the new model to come as i have finalised the i am going for honda city only Please suggest if i am thinking right. regards
  2. Thanks guys for the replies. I will be driving mostly in the city. The only thing that boggled me down with city was the too plain stereo, and console. Otherwise drive was comfortable. Which of tje 2 will have a better resale say in 4. Years? I will see the fiesta tomorrow
  3. i forgot to mention model of honda city. i was looking for 1.5 S
  4. Hi everyone. this is my first post here and reagrds to all. please can u experts suggest me about the new car i am buying. i really liked the verna fluidic SX and honda city. i drove them both and i think city's pickup is a little better than verna but verna is very smooth at 50 speed on 5th gear. after seing verna interiors the honda city interiors looked very plain. but honda was more spacious than verna. Also i have been reading on the internet that citys performance is better than verna Can u please suggest me what should i go in for? i have to majorly drive in the city (chandigarh) and occasionally once or twice in month on highway. max till delhi or himachal. is there any car that will be better than these in that budget of 9 lacs that i have? i am confused. havent driven vento petrol so please give feedback on that also. i want to go for the best that will suit my purpose. if i get quick feedback on this it will be really great as i have to buy it in 2 - 3 days i forgot to mention model of honda city. i was looking for 1.5 S Posts merged. Thread moved. BornFree2011-08-23 13:27:08