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  1. There's a 90k off on the Grande Punto in Bangalore this festive season!
  2. Booked an i10 Sportz AT carbon grey today! Thanks for all the inputs autocar members!
  3. Also, Trident Hyundai is giving a 20k exchange bonus. Our old Alto LXi : Yellow,2004 Jun model, only 31k kms run, 2nd owner has central+remote locking, pioneer music system + 2 speakers, full leather seats He is willing to pay only 1.25L for the above car. Isn't that price a little too less?
  4. Finally the Brio is here! Saw the webcast live today.. However, after a lot of discussions in the family and with relatives, it was decided that we would end up buying an AUTOMATIC car only, so that even dad will be able to drive it! My only question now : Wait? Or buy the i10 AT? (any better AT hatch in the near future??) Note : getting an i10 AT Sportz @ 6L at Trident Hyundai, Bangalore OTR price : 6.25L Cashback : 25k(+5k corporate) (Getting remote locking from him at 2.5k)
  5. @sham Some sales guys in the Magnum Honda showroom today told me that if my dad retires, he needs to pay the 60 or 75% of the lifetime road tax. They werent sure though. So, can u please confirm that its going to be 2.5k only every year? And nothing after retirement? (Dad's planning to retire soon). Also, anything else to take into account? It doesnt matter how many years we pay it, it'll still be less than lifetime amount! Should end up saving 65-70k even if use the car for like 7-8 years.
  6. I enquired about the annual road tax, and all manufacturers are ready to give the option. However I could not find enough information on the net about the scheme. My main doubt is : does the annual road tax continue even after my dad retires from his job? Or does he have to pay lifetime tax that time? (Please pardon me for going slightly off topic)
  7. Yeah.. I will wait for the launch of the Brio indeed. In the mean time, will test drive some cars. By the way, I was wondering if going for a yearly road tax option is a wise thing? Since my dad works in a PSU, that option is available with many brands, and we would end up paying something like 20k more than the ex-showroom.
  8. In Bangalore, I will be able to get the Punto Emotion at 6.9L (after exchange bonus,free insurance etc). Surprisingly, I can also get the Jazz base at 6.9L (and no offers on this, with a waiting period of 3 months!) So, the diesel and petrol work out at the same price point. Also, which other cars should I check out before I come to a decision?
  9. With respect my previous post above, i'd like to say that driving a diesel car today has gotten me into a lot of confusion indeed! I dont know whether to go for a diesel or a petrol anymore.. So, experts please guide me in the right direction!
  10. I just had a test drive of the Punto today (1.3 Diesel), and Oh My God! I was blown away by the performance! So started to think, why not go for a diesel, given that we may start using the new car for longer drives. Also, being a one time investment (we aren't looking to buy a new car after this anyways), I thought diesel wouldnt be a bad option. So, what options do I have for diesel cars in the range of 6.5-7L in Bangalore. (Really would love to restrict budget to as low as possible) Note: Today was my best car driving experience! Still cant get over the 10 minute drive in the Punto!
  11. I decided to wait for the release of Honda Brio. Heard from a Honda showroom manager that its going to be on Sep 27th.
  12. Any chances of the Honda Brio coming out with a CVT variant? So, basically want to know : wait or go ahead?
  13. Thanks for the inputs guys! Due to insane car prices in Bangalore, I cannot go ahead with the Swift ZXi or the Jazz. (Budget is only 6L) However, Dad wants to drive an automatic car badly. So we went ahead and had a look at the i10 Sportz AT. I had a test drive, and seemed to like it. We got OTR price of 6.24L, but with some "Freedom offer" and Exchange bonus, got a final quote of 5.75L. Is this a good enough deal?
  14. I just checked out the website of a Honda dealer in Bangalore, and was really shocked to see the on road prices of the new Jazz! Jazz base version is 6.74L, Jazz Select is 7.04L! Aren't these prices a little too much for any city?
  15. I will test drive both the cars once. As of now, I am inclined towards the Jazz. But the main problem is the ridiculous prices in Bangalore for Jazz. While Swift ZXi is at 5.63L, Jazz Select is at 5.89L (ex showroom) I really cannot afford to think of more than 6L.