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  1. Fiat New Punto Diesel Ex-Showroom price increased by 2000 INR approx this week.
  2. How much it costs for Fiat Multijet Engines? And What kind of damage takes place inside the engine for which one have to pay such huge amount.
  3. Dude if you get gift, do let me know. I will accept it. C'mon who the hell won't accept a car as a gift.
  4. Called dealer here in Mandi, he told me on-road price 6.41 Lac. Insurance will be free but he told me wait until next month( for few day), I guess Diwali offer is coming. Ex-Showroom price for Mandi on Web-site is 6,36,689 INR, so on-road price difference is just 4k approx. Is it alright? I don't have any idea about this on-road price stuff. But heard from people that it includes insurance & road tax & other taxes, which costs around 20-30K above ex-showroom price. Since my insurance is free, so that means 4k is just for road tax & other taxes? Do one have to pay anything else in RTO, office? If I have to, then how much it is, approx?
  5. I wish if I had 2 or 3 crores, I would open my own Fiat Dealership & service center. Best after sales & service, at-least for me.
  6. I have talked to many Punto owner, so far all of them were happy with its performance. The only thing they hated & reason Why people don't suggest Fiat is because of the poor after sales service. Yes, Diesel Engines gives you trouble after few years, but as far as I have seen this used to be with the old engines. Punto got Multijet Engine & Fiat Engines you know name is enough. But still please let me know exactly What kind of probles you are talking about & have you seen it in Multijet Engines? Yes, Fiat has put an end to its distribution agreement with Tata. They expect to get 80 dealers & complete the separation process by March next year. They are offering Fiat dealership in various cities. I hope Tata continues at-least service to Fiat cars until Fiat has its own Dealership in that particular area.
  7. Yes I do agree there is starting problem with Diesel Cars but I don't think it exist in new Engines. My friend has Punto Emotion (Multijet), he told me that he never faces anything like that. His car sometimes lie for 3-4 days in cold but never faced any problem with that. Its been around two years now. In snow this might be faced. I admire Punto 2012, the absolute edition & looking forward to increase my budget.
  8. I'm looking for a Car under 5 Lac, maybe it might extend to 5.5 lac I'm not sure depends on my dad & his mood. I live here in Himachal so ground clearance is a issue. We won't be using it for daily usage but will be used for family & friends trip. I know Diesel won't suit us but my dad want it. In Punto Diesel you have to service it once a year or at 15,000 km whichever comes first, Is it same for other Diesel Cars too? How much is for Petrol? We will be using it for a long term. Can you suggest me, Why I should prefer Petrol instead of Diesel? Except the reason that, my monthly usage won't be higher than 1000 km. Coz my dad thinks that Diesel is cheaper & mileage is also good. He's okk with paying 1 Lac extra & around 5000 bucks on maintenance yearly for Diesel. Like everyone else I'm confused about Diesel & Petrol. Also my budget is around 5 Lac, so it confuses me double.
  9. Hello even my budget is also at max 5.5lacs. Planning to buy family car in Diwali. I was looking forward to Fiat Punto. For me FE is important but Ground Clearance is also as I live in Himachal. Won't be going for base model. Car won't be used very often. As I prefer riding bike but yes it will be used for a family trips. My dad wants to go for Quanto(base model) but personally I don't want to. As it will costs another lacs & diesel engine which will cost more in maintenance. Base Model will have nothing in it. Also I read in a reviw ride is also bouncy & kind of body roll problem above 100kmph. I want to keep my budget in between 5 to 5.5 lac. Please do suggest your car choice.
  10. How about Fiat Punto? Ground Clearance is 185mm, good for Himalaya & mileage is 20.5kmpl.
  11. I want to buy a new 12V-5Ah battery for my bike Bajaj XCD-125. But I'm confused which battery I should buy. I earlier had the electrolyte battery of FREEDOM given with the bike. But as I didn't cared much about it and never charged or filled distilled water and it went dead in 3 years. I have heard that now a days Maintenance Free Batteries are available and Lithium Batteries are also available. But I'm not sure what kinda battery to go for. So please guide me and also let me know its price. Is there any battery available which is hassle free from charging or filling electrolytes?