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  1. Which CPC2 tyres should i buy..as i see there are many options to choose from: Speed index T/H/V/W/Y Rim diameter in inches 14 - 18 Tire width 175 - 235 Series 65 - 45 Are there any dealers in hyderabad? Thread created: Please post under relevant sections.BornFree2011-08-29 06:15:25
  2. @darkmav and @Isquntu thanks guys for your insights..looks like i need to go and book the existing cruze rather than wait for the new one..only gripe being we still not sure about the launch dates, prices and exact differences so as to compare with the existing one..anyways thanx once again ppl
  3. Ya but as i read that in addition to increase of power and torque the updated engines will be more frugal as in highway 16.5kmpl and city 13.5kmpl..and they will be improving the back seat majorly..i really feel these were very important upgrades and that they gonna price it just 20k more(read in one of the auto blogs) than the ongoing model..
  4. Guys is the new chevy cruze with the updated z series engine gonna be launched this year? I was about to book this beauty when i came across this rumor in all the auto blogs..please can some one throw some light on this..