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  1. Few months ago :unsure: ??? Dude you joined few years ago :lol:

    well actually i joined in august 11 so its like 32 months got me,

    Do share your experiences and views regarding automobiles and tech-gadgets. It will be very much valuable to all of us here.

    1987 Maruti 800......Thats a legend. Do post some pictures and you can also describe your journey with the Maruti till date.

    yes will post a review on my maruti soon.

    Thank you guys for your greetings

  2. Hello to every Autocar Indians here,

    I've joined autocarindia few months back, researching and learning lots of do's and don'ts and other interesting useful and very important things that are invaluable and i really give regards and praise the members of this forum for sharing such things that opens up the views of a newbie in auto industry and broading their view and guide them in correct path whether in making decision or in problems.

    But today i realised that i was still missing something, what is it, oops i never introduced my self to any autocarindia members (oh god that feels hideous) so i'm doing that now,

    I am Viresh Srivastava from Hazaribagh,Jharkhand. I completed MCA from Punjab Technical University and currently working as System Administrator in a reputed IT firm, i'm a hardcore techy and yes auto enthusiast as well. Currently i own an apache RTR 160 and Maruti 800 (1987) model.

    Thats all for now

    Thank You