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  1. May be too late for an answer. I am using this since a year and it works very good. Just don't apply too much pressure while cleaning, and it is not required. Just some lite strokes will clean very well.
  2. Dear All, I visited the Ford dealer. They cleaned the air filter and the ducts. The smell has reduced but not gone completely. They said it will go in a day or two. They did not charge me anything. They too asked me to use the AC in Recirculation mode always. As I was driving in fresh air mode, dust settled in. But my question is, if we keep driving in Recirculation mode, there will be too much of CO2 in the cabin air, as the same air will be moving inside the cabin. The air becomes stale. How do you go about it? Do all cars face this problem? Regards, Satyajit
  3. Dear All, Whenever I switch on the AC of my Figo, it smells dust for some time. If I switch it off for 5 minutes and switch on again, the smell comes again. I am not in Recirculation mode. Does the AC need cleaning? The car is 8 months old and did only 4k kms. If I keep only the fan running the smell do not come. Means the ducts are not dirty, it is the AC. Need some info here. If the AC needs cleaning, can I do it with the dealer? Will it be chargeable to me? Or I can go to a nearby garage and do it? If it is not expensive and not much of a hassle. Than you very much for your input. Regards, Satyajit
  4. Cockpit cleaner/Dashboard cleaner etc. You will get them at any accessories shop.
  5. Mileage of my 6 months old (2800 kms) Figo is pathetically low. I checked several times using the full-tank method. It is not more than 8km/lt in city. During the first service I asked the service adviser about it. He said there is no setting for increasing mileage in the car engine. I checked everything: Gear change ratios, tire pressure and all. The car is also drastically underpowered. Can't climb a slope properly, unless I put it on first gear. I heard that some people are getting more mileage from the Figo Petrol. May I request you to share the secret behind this? Or is there anything wrong with my one.