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  1. 8-10 weeks for Diesel because they have started sourcing 1.3 75PS Diesel Engine from FIAT from the month of March Approx 9000 engine per month. In next few months this waiting time will also get reduced.
  2. GM has planned to launch this vehicle with 1.3 Multijet. Initial few Engines are build. next Build is planned in May 12 50 Nos.
  3. Dear All Considering todays market situation I like to play safe and dropped my idea of purchasing new diesel vehicle. Now I am planning to add CNG kit to my 2007 Alto. Can any one give me inputs on the same.
  4. Because of the offer given by fiat for Punto I can save min 50,000.00 (it
  5. It is planned in Mid 2012. I have seen this vehicle in GM Pune Plant. Looks nice.
  6. Dear Durango Dude Any feedback about actual FE of Jazz and Swift Petrol. right now my Alto is giving me 16 KMPL but few times it is very hard mange petrol bills. so I am very much intrested in actual FE. Also I forget to mention that we are having one Swift VDI ABS in our family so when I require any long run I can exchange the same with my brother.
  7. Dear Durango Dude I am little bit confused whether go for Middle version of Swift Diesel of Top Model of Swift Petrol. In budget I am getting any of these car, but consufed. pl suggest. & CYRUS43 I am thinking of Punto Emotion 1.3 SDE shall i go for diesel Punto or Go for petrol Swift. I know these are two diff vehicle. By my confusion is shall I look for daily running cost or saving in the initial buying. Pl. replay
  8. Dear Member Though I am new to member to this forum. I am following this forum from last two years. I am planning to buy new cars. My details requirements are as below. I have shortlisted three cars, Swift VDI, Swift ZXI, Punto. I am working in a copmany which supplies the components to Fiat India Ranjan gaon so know that Fiat Quality very well but AFSS is the issue with Fiat is there. So please guide me deciding which car should I go. right now I am using Alto LX 2007 model. Whats your Budget - Rs 6.50L Kms driven monthly - Max 800-1000 kms (Log trip once in a six month about 2000 Km) Bodyshell - Hatch City/Highway split - 80:20 Max No.of Passangers - 80% with single driver 20% with 2 Adults & 2 Kids. Boot space Importance - Medium Usage by - normal Ownership - City Safety - anything Prime requirement - FE / Resale / AFSS / Look