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  1. Kindly also advise me that if in case I ended up buying the wrong set of tyres, what should I do? or Will it up be ok if I let this set of tyres to complete their age and then I should buy a new set? Will this set ruin my car's suspension or shockers & all related stuff? Kindly help..
  2. Hi esteemed members, Actually two days earlier, I got a new set of Bridgestone tyres having 185/65R14. Earlier I had JK tyres having 165/70R14. Now kindly tell me that after altering the width & aspect ratio, what difference will it make?
  3. hi to all, I really want to inquire that in a tyre size does an aspect ratio makes a lot of difference. like instead of getting a tyre size 185/70R14, if I get 185/65R14, what difference will it make? Kindly also advise me about the Bridgestone B250'185/65R14' tyre? How long will it last?
  4. thnx a lot to the esteemed members for such invaluable advice.
  5. Hi to all, I own a Maruti Suzuki Swift Vdi(2009) model. The car has clocked 60,000kms till date & now I want to get a new set of tyres: 1. I want to upgrade to a bigger tyre size. I have shortlisted 185/70R14 of MRF tyres. Will it be a worthy choice? 2. I also strictly do not want to compromise with my suspension & shockers due to an inappropriate set of bigger tyres. Kindly suggest me an appropriate size along with a suitable list of manufacturers. Warm Regards