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  1. Please Guide

    I would not suggest swift for buying at this moment just because it is just about 2 months or so when in Auto Expo Delhi MSIL will give a revamp to its go-cart hatch baby. Instead I would suggest you to look for either Ignis/KUV or TATA TIGOR. Personally I would prefer TIGOR as it gives you a bit more space and value for money for every penny that you spend. + it is a compact sedan and loaded with lots of good features and it is not hard to get good discounts and offers from TATA motors dealers these days.
  2. Planning a Car under 15L!! Need your help!!

    you confusion is right and I would like to add a bit more. Look at new Rapid Top Spec diesel with 7 speed DSG auto box. It comes with Sports mode and give you features like TCS, ABS, Dual BA, Hill Assist, Auto headlamps, Rain sensing wipers and a gear box worth spending for + there are excellent offers going on at this moment.
  3. Overall Nexon scores on fresh looks, better in-cabin space and a well planned interior, whereas Ecosports scores on Tried and Tested, Good driving dynamic and better resale value however keep in mind Nexon and EcoScports both have a new power plant in the heart and so the reliability of these engines should be given equal points. I would suggest check both of them side by side. What it means is test drive them back to back and then decide.
  4. Go for City CVT as it is best suitable for the city drive with the ease of automatic transmission and technologically a better option than VW/Skoda Petrol automatics. VW/Skoda do not offer DSG in Vento/Rapid pertrol and instead they have conventional auto box which are matted to 6 speed gears whereas DSG is 7 speed. So go for City if you have petrol in the head.
  5. What touring Bike suits me?

    I think these are now available as CKD unit rather fully imported from Germany. In this case, definitely the price is going to be at least 40% cheaper than what i initially mentioned. Btw...hope you would have finalized by now.
  6. Well, since your driving distance is very short and you have tasted the quality of Honda and keeping car for longer duration, I would suggest, look no further then Altis. It is one of the most refined mid segment luxury sedan on this planet and toyota's reliability is well known across the globe. Pick the petrol Auto variant and you would be relaxed for next 10 years for sure.
  7. What touring Bike suits me?

    All these bike which you have mentioned are a great mix of highway touring and adventure bites. However, Tiger and Versys are more suitable in Indian perspective given following reasons: - Both Ducati and BMW are like Computers onboard. There is a lot of electronic and you will really have to wait long for replacement of a part if it fails because most of them are imported from italy or Germany. The Cost of any maintenance or repair is 7th sky high in case of Ducati and BMW with a price of approx 35 Lac you may not want to get plastic things attached to your bike. For instance the panniers in Ducati are plastic whereas in tiger they are aluminum. As far as Versys and Tiger is concerned. I would say it is all matter of budget now. Also, the Tiger is more technically advanced and has more technology involved in it and on the same time it is roughed. Versys on the other side has a smoother engine. I know it is going to be hard to decide but I would suggest take a day off, call all 4 dealers and get back to back TR (Test Ride) of all these machines. They all are gems in their own way. Good luck.
  8. Hi Guys.... I have Skoda Rapid with me for over 1.8 years. (Sorry I could not post the buying and ownership experience thought ) however, I am looking to upgrade the headlamps as the factory fitted are not as bright as they should have been. Please share your thoughts.
  9. Passionate Girl Car lover - Hellooooo

    Sai, that is an awesome car.
  10. Looking for a compact MUV

    Take a look at Mahindra NovoSport and TUV 300. They both are mini SUVs, TUV is having more space than NovoSport and both of them are available in AMT with 1.5 mHawk engine and it is well in your budget. Also, if AT is not your preferrence than I think you should be good with XUV 500 as well. However, you will not get the topend in 14L but you would get quiet a lot of features but manual only.
  11. Pics: 2016 Skoda Superb testing in India

    Rear is more like Audish look and this time it has more prominent cuts too.
  12. does look a strong competition to X6...fortuner in itself is a great machine made by man for men and the new look will add to its presence on the road
  13. [Spied] Chevy Trailblazer in Pune

    The GM india has confirmed that they are rolling this beast out in Indian market in the second half of 2015 FY. Expect the launch in Oct 2015 which is festival season start too.
  14. Spy pics: Hyundai ix25 Compact SUV EDIT: Its the Creta

    These are real disappointing pricing...for a car like this, I think Hyundai needs to think first that they need to take EcoSport head on...and for that they must correct price by 1 L for petrol and 1.5L for Diesel
  15. Original Parts Stolen at Hyundai Service

    This is a really bad thing. First you should log and FIR for cheating and stealing with customers and also lodge a complaint in consumer forum. Write a detailed email to Hyundai Cars India about the incident And if things don't CBNC Awaaz Pahredar
  16. Hi guys, I am looking to buy a car with a budget of 10L (with 10% +- margin). Please suggest. Whats your Budget - Rs 10.00L (with 10% +- margin) Kms driven monthly - 1000 KM Bodyshell - Hatch/ Sedan/SUV/ MUV: Any City/Highway split - 00:00 Max No.of Passangers - ______ most of the time : 2 but on weekend 4 Boot space Importance - ______ High/Low/Medium: Decent / Moderate Usage by - __________________normal/Enthu/Lady/Old age: Normal/Enthu Ownership - _________________City/ Outskirts: 80:20 Safety - _____________________High OR Medium Prime requirement - Ride/ Handling/FE/Braking/Looks/AfSS/Resale/Passenger Comfort: I am looking for a good handler Good FE, excellent braking, looks to be decent with good AFSS and comfort Softcorner'd Manufacturer - None
  17. My All New Volkswagen Polo

    @ashikawa: good wit-up for VW POLO (P). so how much you have driven your POLO so far (KMs)? Have faced any major issue in these 4 years?
  18. Need to buy a car in 10L

    Hi guys...we have finalized three out of the big bunch which I shared with you. Scala/Rapid/Vento. Let's see which one check he final box
  19. After a wait of almost a year, planning, thinking of options and evaluating them on various psotives and negatives, on Feb 20 2012 we booked Ritz Ldi at Rana motors with a delivery date given to us was March 11, 2012 which was almost a month. To our surprise we were shock to know the waiting on Ritz diesel as we were in the impression that it gets delivered in 2 - 5 days. Anyways, it was not that too high for us. On March 11, 2012, my complete family went to pick the keys of our new member in the family. We had order some accessories like front PW, central locking, gear lock, wheel caps and side rub rail. All these accessory were pre-fitted by RANA motors before we came to the showroom to pick the car. And it was only some paper work which was needed from our side to get out on the road in new car. Initial Ownership Review Comments from my father who is driving our Ritz for his daily commute of about 80 to 85 KM. Mileage - As per my father, the Ritz is already giving us 19 KMPL in Delhi/NCR traffic with occasionally AC on (summers you know). This look amazing to me keeing in mind that my father traverses through some of the busiest place in Delhi where bumper to bumper traffic is very common. Comfort - well this is the parameter which I think only ladies can judge because they are not driving rather enjoying the ride. And if they said good....then it is good. Space - in our family the mean height is 5.7 (total members 5) and so far 4 people have travelled in it many times...there are no complaints. In fact they dont want to travel in our baby M800 anymore sad. Pickup - As i mentioned earlier that my father is having enthu driving style so I can update here that "he's lovin it". Spacially when turbo kicks in he likes to rev it. Accessories update - Added additional floor mat (rubber ones) of 800 Rs. Seat Cover - 3500 Rs. The only thing which is left is stereo for which they are waiting for me to join the family first. So i'll update the forum some time in April. This review I also posted on some other thread which I created to share my queries and get answers from ACI members. My view: So far I have drove it for around 80 KM in one day in city travel
  20. My New Ritz Ldi

    Guys, I have sold this car a 3.20L....looking for options now
  21. Need to buy a car in 10L

    Thanks Libran n Leo....I may/may not wait till you also know about ford Koncept? when this would be...just wanted to check it out as well if it is coming soon.
  22. Need to buy a car in 10L

    I have short listed followings: - Sedan: Scala/Sunny - which ever is more VFM Ciaz ZDi Rapid Tdi Amaze SX iDtec (yeah it is CS but offers VFM and brand) SUV Scorpio S4+ or S6 Duster RxL Hatch: i20 Asta Crdi Jazz Punto 90 BHP Does anyone know when are we going to see new JAZZ in showrooms of Honda? I am looking to check this out before final buying decision
  23. @libran: very well said and interesting points
  24. Need to buy a car in 10L

    I am hearing I should wait to see JAZZ...but frankly speaking I am not very much keen in hatch. We have two hatch alreay in the family one diesel and petrol/cng. This time my family and I we both are looking sedan or SUV. Also, we also have a common consensus around the cabin space. My father is 6 FT, I am 5.8 FT mostly either I or my father drives and specially when my father drives, he pushes the seat quiet backward which makes space on the rear bench a crunch. So that is why we need space this time. Appreciate your responses.
  25. The Maruti Vitara Breeza Discussion Thread

    Dimension wise it looks smaller than EcoSport and more like a hatch on large wheels.