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  1. I don't think the mini-Xylo will be powered by the 2500 cc Bolero Engine. M&M is developing the mini-Xylo to take advantage of the tax concessions given to vehicles shorter than 4000mm in length. The other condition for this is to use a diesel engine of less than 1500cc. Thats why the mini-Xylo will mostly be powered either by the Renault engine powering the Verito or a 3-cylinder version of the 2200cc mHawk engine. I feel the latter has a better chance of making it to the mini-Xylo because of its superior Specific-Power Output.
  2. The mini-SUV is an excellent concept. The vehicle can be easily priced 30-40% lower than the regular Xylo. Apart from lower production costs in terms of material savings, the mini-Xylo will save 12% in terms of tax too. Since the vehicle's weight will be atleast 25% lower, it can be powered by a smaller engine, which will again mean lower costs & higher efficiency. Hope to see the mini-Xylo being launched in the next few months. And I am sure that Tata Motors might also be working on this concept. M&M being SUV king was expected to kick-start this mini-SUV segment.
  3. I feel that i20 CRDi is the best all rounder. Big on space, Big on Power & Torque, only car with 6-speed gear box.