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  1. Looks really cool indeed! Please bring this to production, HM. And btw, it is time for the designer to get an EV Ambassador ready!
  2. I do have a few more pics....! Did u see the at the top!
  3. Had a preview of the RR Velar at the Solihull factory in England. Fantastic design, in and out. The Touch Duo Pro split screen in the screen oozes class and quality. Very minimalistic! Form meets function beautifully! DSC_0395.MOV
  4. How old is the car and how many miles on the clock does it have?
  5. If the looks of the Concept car are retained in the Production version, this will be a runaway success! With SUVs sales multiplying year after year in India, if Maruti is not bringing this SUV in to the market, there is something seriously wrong with Maruti's assessment of the market!
  6. Hi, Review of the i10 sounds promising. It is good that they are bringing in an automatic version. Not many automatic small cars available in India. Any reviews on the automatic is appreciated. I am looking for a car which is easy to drive and park for my mother. Thanks in advance.