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  1. In no particular order: - Honda RC45 - Honda VFR800 Gen 5 (biased, coz i just got one and its the most complete bike) - Suzuki GSXR1000 K6 - Honda Fireblade (The first one, coz it was the milestone that lead us into the modern sbk era) - Ducati 996SP (simply one of the best looking bikes ever made) - Ducati 1098 (worthy successor to the 916/996 with looks to die for) - Kawasaki zx12r. (faster than the busa, without the baboon butt looks) - Suzuki Katana GSX1100 (1982.) - Honda CB400 F - Any harley (for comic relief)
  2. awesome! Can't wait to see this car! but still, millions spent on it, and a bone stock sbk can still come within a fraction of a second! bikez rule man!
  3. 9 sec quarter. The car may be there. venue safety has some catching up to do...! Unless its either too hot for it, or a turbo blows, or the rat bit through the MAF sensor wire....
  4. NK all the way. He has the raw speed.
  5. the thread title says VFM sports car and someone brings int he Veyron
  6. Chevy Corvette Z06. Cant get better B-4-B off the production line! ok, aside from the Evo/WRx brigade!
  7. Rtech

    Hi Guys

    Hi Viper. Are you new to the auto scene? dont seem to have heard of you before.
  8. Are these official copies are are you selling stuff which is downloaded and burnt on a CD? And what is the price?
  9. But the 200, for sure is one helluva looker, especially from the rear 2/3rd Totally agree! I love the rear 3/4 look of the P200. I find the P200 far better looking than the 220.
  10. which manuals are these? Haynes? Prices?
  11. My take on the mags available: Overdrive (8/10): Improved a lot since a certain someone left. Good focus on Indian motorsport, the best amongst any others, and for that alone, they should be lauded. However, their road tests and the presentation of them leave a lot to be desired. I really don;t like the format they use. Top Gear (4/10): Really dont see the point of this magazine. If you look at it as a cheaper way to get the original TG articles, then fine, but as a source for anything Indian, it is rubbish. Car India (6/10): I like the photography in this. Very slickly done. But again, I am not a fan of a few key people running the show, and the way they present themselves in the magazine. Its a good mag for reading while waiting at the Doctors clinic or airport. BS Motoring (6/10): A bit lost really. No serious testing done (" 0-100 in ABOUT 12 seconds" !!!), but just seems like a bunch of enthusiasts having a good time, which comes across in their writing. nice light reading. I personally like the driving/riding impressions of imports in India. Auto India (1/10): Not sure if anyone actually buys this anymore. And rightly so. nuff said. Autocar (9/10): No, not sucking up coz of the forum, but it is genuinely the best out there right now. Sharp writing, good technical details, good test format, good mix of international and national coverage. Indian motorsport coverage needs to be improved a lot though, and so does the focus on 2 wheelers.
  12. actually, all engines are "oil cooled" in some way arent they!
  13. how about giving the option of adding the name of the city of the poster instead of just the country. 99.99% of users here are going to be from India.