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  1. what to do with this car? Indigo ls diesel manufactured in 2003 registered in 2004. done about 25,000 kms (bought 3 years back for 250000 spent about 50000 for repairs, hardly used, around 20,000 on odo when bought). suspect odo to be tampered with, must have done 1.20lakhs or 2.20lakhs. bought from a CHEAT (even his employees say that) now car is not starting, water pump broke + overheating caused head gasket damage. option1: scrap car, getting 50000, tried hard to negotiate but no one offering more. in this case, would try to get tax waived off because car has just not been used. way too many problems. option2: max resale of car 150000 - tax due with penalty 20000 - car repairs to start 10000 (as per estimate) - other expenses 5000. some other expenses also are ac blower switch broken, some wires need to be replaced and one tyre needs replacement. also some bearings need to be replaced for engine noise. all this another 5000 so 110000 but there are a few problems. 1. when contacted a dealer offered 90000 or 70000 (if tax due) and that was when car was working. many others offer 40000 (seems they want to scrap without seeing condition). some say such old cars dont have much value since car isnt working not able to find buyer willing to buy as it is. i dont want to get it repaired because i dont want to keep it eitherway, also whats guarantee that it would sell for 150000 or anywhere close? as per option 1 price as is should be 110000 but i am willing to sell or scrap(prefer) between 90000-110000 as is and take a 20000 or so rs. hit what should be scrap value of this? any one know of scrap dealers in kolkata? i want car to be taken of the road and parts sold as spares. one should get around 50000 for engine alone after 10000 of repairs. what should i do with car?