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  1. I see that you have new rear lights How expensive they are?
  2. Thanks for the editing my double posts Durango Dude! AMG1 - Could you make some photos under the car? I'm curious about the solution you talk about! Thanks, Adrian
  3. Looks good More than good! Excellent job mate, I like it, and I hope I can do something similar with my car One question: What you have done with the rear suspension? Rear of the car is higher than front. I need do something similar in my car, because I have problem with knocking hanger of the leaf spring.Durango Dude2011-10-02 11:58:56
  4. Hello Friends! I'm sorry, that I'll make little spam here. My name is Adrian and I'm from Poland. Few months ago I bought Alto SS80. I fall in love-this car is wonderful During searching the internet, I found information that in India you have a lot of this generation Alto. I suspect, that you have new spare parts. Am I right I need new rear lamps and few other things. Where must I look to find interrested parts? Thanks in advance! P.S.For the author of this topic - Wonderful job mate, I like it Here is blog of my car, unfortunately in polish but you can use Google Translate if you are curious