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  1. well I ll suggest you to be patient and wait until mid 2008 as next year will reveal a lot. If you are the one who has to drive a lot and even if you love driving I would recomend you to wait for the new Audi A4 which is going to be a stunner and with good dealer network establishing there won't be any issues regarding the after sales service as well.
  2. Well Grand Vitara will definately have an edge over the rest with a diesel engine as its priced well backed up by maruti's superb after sales service. According to me there will be a 1.9 lr 100hp Diesel engine for Vitara keeping in mind the overall cost involved and deliberately the keeping the price of the whole product at par with its petrol sibling. On the other hand Suzuki should plan to to introduce more Engine options like the 2.7 lr V6 190 bhp with an option of flappy paddle shift which they offer in the U.S market to keep some serious off roaders happy.
  3. well i appreciate for the warm welcome and I am glad to be part you people once again and I will update my Design work soon ...
  4. Hi, My name is Paras Arora and I am from New Delhi but I am here in England following up my passion for Automobiles and I am an Automotive Design student. Its great to be a part of this community and I hope with the combination of effort made by each member of this community will help serve people with an appropriate knowledge and bringing a big smile each others face. Regards Paras Aroraparas_arora2007-12-09 19:02:03