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  1. Thanks for your reply.Could you please tell me what is "Very Revv Happy" and "lower FE" ? So no doubt on using Shell petrol. Will i continue using Shell petrol? And Will i get good mileage in future as before ?
  2. Hi, I am using Hyundai i10 Magna started using Shell initially at initial stage(first 2 months).That time the mileage was 10kmpl around.Then i started using HP petrol due to petrol price hike.It gives 11 kmpl or 11.5 sometimes.And continued with HP petrol for past 1 and 1/2 years.Now i changed to use SHELL petrol now as there is not much price difference between normal and shell.But after using SHELL , i am getting only around 10 kmpl then tried with Shell super for extra mileage that reduced and which is 9.2 kmpl.I am wondering here why i am getting less mileage with Shell. These mileage checks done only fill up 10 litres after reserve.Not tested with full tank. Please tell me the reason to get less mileage in Shell petrol.