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  1. Sorry Shashank_GTO, But i don't know anything about the price difference. If I get any info about that, i'll surely tell you that thanks
  2. Congrats Shashank_GTO for your new job. Hope you have a nice career
  3. I own a BMW F10 525d, Toyota Fortuner, VW Polo, i20 Asta
  4. @PrancingHorse - I want 4-7 peoples per car. Means In sedans 4 and in MPVs 7. And yes it's for pickup and drop. @Librankur - Thanks. @DrNishu & LeoRahi - So what do you suggest. How many sedans & how many MPVs. i think 4 sedans and 4 MPVs will be perfect. What do you think.
  5. Hello everyone. I had recently built a Hotel in Faridabad. And Now, I want some good people movers. My budget is 12L for 1 car. Totally I need 8 cars. My priorities are - good FE, easy maintenance and good resale value Please suggest
  6. More pics: Visited the Mercedes showroom. They gave me a AMG hat, put it on the 458
  7. Hope so too. Thanks I don't know the price. will tell you after asking my friend.
  8. Had driven it at the PIC, Taiwan. here's a short clip(not recorded by me though) - And it's a Novitec Rosso Edition!
  9. Posting on Behalf of a friend. I just thought I'd share this with all the car enthusiasts on this board. I am currently on summer vacation visiting my family in Taiwan. Apparently my dad decided not to tell me anything about purchasing a new Ferrari. All I knew was he bought a Bentley Continental GT Speed a few months ago and I haven't seen it yet since I haven't seen him in about 8 months. He parks his Bentley at an apartment complex he owns because there is no room at home, so he took me to go check it out. When we arrive, he tells me to take a look at it and he leaves for no reason saying that he'll be right back. A few minutes later I hear a glorious noise of an exhaust starting up. I was thinking at first, "someone else has a nice car here" or "sounds like a Lambo". Next thing I know, I see a white 458 Italia pull up in front of me. My jaw dropped to the ground and I was speechless. I never thought I'd get the opportunity to ever sit in one. Suddenly I couldn't care less about the Bentley. So he took me for a couple of rides and explained to me that he had it only for a month and wanted to surprise me. He also went on to talk about how its a special Novitec edition. The Novitec tuned 458 has more Carbon Fiber parts, Better aero body kits, Carbon fiber roof and spoiler, lowered and sportier suspension, stronger brembo brake calipers by Novitec, better carbon ceramic brakes, rims, exhaust, and more power. 609 horsepower instead of 562 for stock. For more information about this version check this LINK Teaser pic(more coming soon)
  10. VSD

    Hi everyone

    Thanks. Will post ownership reviews soon.
  11. VSD

    Hi everyone

    Hi there I am VSD from Faridabad. I am a businessman. I love cars and music. I love to own cars and in my fleet of cars there's a BMW F10 525d(pre-owned), a Toyota Fortuner, a VW Polo Highline, i20 asta CRDi(old model) And from the above I love my BMW. Its gives the great driving pleasure. Hope to some good discussions with you guys on the forums. Cya