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  1. Hi everybody! Yep Skoda wants to play the luxury card game but the truth is - Fabia is to Europe what i10 is to India. Fabia doesn't compete with midsize sedans in Europe but with hatchbacks like Fiat Punto/ Renault Clio / Vauxhal Corsa/ Ford Focus etc. In Europe it's priced from roughly 6.2 to 10 lacs, and has FIVE engines- 1.2 petrol- 60 and 70 bhp 1.4 petrol- 84 bhp 1.6 petrol- 105 bhp 1.4 PD- 70 and 80 bhp 1.9 PD- 105 bhp. Whew!! Here they have priced it from roughly 5.3-8.3 lacs (on-road Chandigarh) and have given 1.2/60 bhp, 1.4/84bhp petrol + 1.4PD/69bhp engines. I test drove 1.4PD (petrol's not launched yet) and the guys at local dealership say top end 1.4PD is being bought more, that too by people who already have an Octavia/Laura etc. The other two trims buyers are those who already have a midsize-sedan or a premium hatch . So Skoda wants to pull buyers from both premium hatch and midsize segments. No doubt the car is competent- with space similar to City/SX4/Verna/Fiesta/Getz/Aveo and bigger than rest, good dynamics, more bells whistles & Saftey equipment than some cars even a class higher. But with Skoda targeting 1200 cars / month are they really trying to compete with sedans.. I don't think so. They are simply offering a gr8 European hatch without heavy cost-cutting exercises like Maruti & Hyundai did on Swift & Getz (seat padding, parcel shelf, cabin plastics etc.) even Honda did on City (no ABS/airbags initially & now also only on VTEC). P.S. Mr. jimgeo, the Fabia holds its value well in Europe (way better than Swift/Getz and and in league of other large hatches). Check Autocar, AutoExpress,TNS UK/Europe.
  2. Just by the way... Where are you illusion.mental? & have you decided something?? I agree, carispassion, Swift n Getz do need better quality interiors... And are Swift's dashboard & some body panels really prone to rattling around 10-15k..
  3. hi carispassion! it's because you end up using the throttle a lot more (weak bottom-end)
  4. hi there! according to ACI roadtests 1.1 gives 9.3/14.6 kpl in city/highway respectively (May 2007 issue). 1.3 gives 10.4/14.5. WHY?? the 1.1 has to drag a heavier car and ACI term the 1.1 "barely enough". I bought 1.3 last December. Done 14000 ks. Have done chandigarh - delhi couple of times, gr8 on highway n city. Nice, solid car (i had a M800 before). N experiance says you can get real neat deals this month. ) Happy Motoring!!