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  1. own Tata Indigo Manza (Diesel) which I purchased in Nov 2009. The car has done only 21,000 Kms. Since the beginning of my purchase, I am facing some major issues with steering and suspension and have contacted Tata Authorized Service Station for the same problems again and again but they have failed to rectify the issues to the fullest. 1. Steering Hardness - Steering of the car was hard and therefore Tata ASS have replaced the Steering Rack and Steering Pump in the recent past. The steering hardness was removed by these replacements but in a day's time, the steering hardness was back. I went to Tata ASS again and they replaced the steering pump again and the steering worked perfectly fine for a week's time and then the same problem occurred. Now, the Tata ASS seems to be clueless as to what should be the next step. When I start from my home in the morning and I drive the car for approx. 15-20kms, I can feel the steering hardness with some chee chee noise from the steering. This happens everyday and I face great difficulty in driving the car. Since Tata ASS has no solution to this problem, I am seeking your opinion on the same. 2. Steering Vibrations - I was feeling some vibrations (shivering) in the steering wheel. Car was not wobblying but the steering wheel keeps on vibrating to left right-left right when car goes on some potholes, uneven roads,patchy roads etc.. With the replacement of steering rack, this problem was resolved to great extent. But I can feel some jerks in the steering wheel as if there is some thing which is creating abnormal impact on the steering wheel. I would request you to help me in resolving my car issues resolved.