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  1. Woke up early at 5.30...studied my subjects...had Milk, read newspaper and then checked my car whether the guy is washing it properly or not...then at 7 went to tuitions on my Karizma...came back on 9.30 had breakfast and then m logged in to ACi forum(now daily routine)....after this will have bath and back to studies...
  2. Thinking this, I just visited to get myself 2 tickets. As it turns out if you want to avoid walking 8kms from the barricades to the actual stadium, and want the 'luxury' of driving to the race yourself in your car, you have to pay a PARKING FEES of Rs.1500! That is not all. You can NOT buy a parking ticket unless you buy 3 tickets for the race. It seems as if driving to a motorsport event in your own motor vehicle is a bloody crime.
  3. Another thing I hate is drivers of cars using hand indicators instead of using the car's indicator lights . Damn I have seen this in big fancy cars too. They just just put out their and cut the lane without looking behind to see if a car is coming from behind or not.. this seems to be a continuation of the point: both side mirrors being folded.
  4. You can upgrade ur headlamp with Bosch/Minda Relay and Philips 90/100 W rally H4 Bulb.Pro is better visibility during rainy and Foggy season than OEM 60/55 W fittings con is this bulb will develop more heat energy and it will reduce the life of your Headlight assembly and even you can notice some sparks on switches.It is always better to stick with OEM fittings but it is not that much problematic in case you are using only 2-3 months in a year. But This is the thing............
  5. The rear wheel drum is the only yucky thing. Apart from that, everything is perfect. An ideal family car among the middle level hatchbacks.