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  1. What do you mean by new thread in forum?
  2. Dear Friend , I am agreed with you, please lets start that. But I am new to the forumn , so please you take the initiative , I am sure others will join also . Do not?
  3. Hi Friends, I have one Xeta GLS which is known as a petrol-drunker. But believe me during last 1.25 months I am noting down the milege (not filling up full tank) by "calculating the average for a long time" which works fine. And Its giving a great milege.I will let you know the exact one after some days. I think the main reason is your driving habit, not the first service/second service what we say generally.Just after crossing 40kmph,sometimes below 40, I put gear on 5th and that is the trick. The traditional habit is move on 3rd gear, because if its a 1.2 or greater displacement-capacity car the engene is capable to take you through a great range , say, from 20kmph to 70kmph, full masti no need to change gear.But the milege goes down. Please dont laugh I think my Xeta GLS 1.2 is giving around 17kmpl .
  4. When the cars on indian road start miving its a common problem to have some scratches on the car-body. And service centre says that they have to colour full part of the body where the scratces are, and its too costly. Is there any solution in low price, which will not vacant my wallet? Please friends give a suggestion. I am talking about normal scratches not dent. Thanks Friend
  5. Sorry friend to make the confusion. The accident is a completely different thing, nothing related to dealer. Without any license first day (and that was the first driving in my life also) I was driving in a busy road in Bangalore central area. One bike was moving front of my car and suddenly he changed the direction and I thought (due to lack of experience) I am going to hit the bike. That time I was maximum 45kmh speed and I pressed full break. Behind my car one SRS travel company's Tavera was coming and he hit my car and I paid Rs. 3,000/- to him , just because I didnt have any license that momment . But now I have DL .
  6. Thanks Pryas for your encouraging reply.
  7. Sorry I missed to say that I received the amount that day without any deduction.
  8. Hi Friends, This is Supratik from Bangalore. I have one "Xeta GLS" 2007 October model ,though already it has made one accident .Anyway it was purchased from Prerana Motors, Bangalore. First time I booked it in Concorde Motors, Bangalore by Rs 3000/-. But I got a better deal from Prerana Motors and so I went with them. And then I submitted the application for refunding the money in my A/C and the story started from then. Every time I contacted my dealer and used to receive some funny excuses. One day he told me "Sir, today evening I will drop the cheque, and you will receive your money vwithin two days", another dialogue is "Today I am going to your place for test drive and I will hand over the cheque directly to you". By the way befor these happening minimum 4 times I went to their showroom and got disappointed by the traditional excuses given by them. So last monday (though I had to go my office at 12:00) I went to their showroom and shouted on that guy (my dealer) in fron of their account department. Then I met to the manager of that showroom (Hosur Road, Bangalore). And I met another poor person. His behaviour was truely very rough and in front of me my dealer told him that "I had never submitted the application for refunding of money". Yes, At this juncture I want to say I did a mistake not to take a "received copy" of that letter. The manager advised me to be loyal to their service with a very bad attitude and didnt say anything to that dealer-guy, a big lier. I called to the number 022 - 66657613 (http://www.tatamotors.com/our_world/management.php)but as usual no response. By the way my purchase date is 18th October and my car is fifnced by TML and have not received the loan-repayment-copy yet. What a nice service by TATA Motors, who gives the below lines in the homepage(http://www.tatamotors.com/) of their website. " 3rd December, 2007 Total vehicle sales at 46,947 nos" Bye bye friends