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  1. Do not buy a 2007 model.Try to stay way from Linea due to Fiat's bad reputation when it comes to after sales service.You can also get the new Skoda Octavia that is due sometime next year.

    Also it will help if you can tell us as to how much discount you are being offered and what is your budget.

  2. Well I don't really care if it's diesel or petrol.But even if we take the diesel C class which outs 170bhp,it is still a more powerful engine than A4.

    If you check the JDpower reports then you will see how low VW/Skoda rank.

    So Audi cars are not made or shared with VW cars right ?If that's so then I am bending towards the A4.

    What sucks is that the new C has no auto folding mirrors.I was told by the dealer that these auto mirrors were omitted because whenever a biker would hit them the motor would blow off and the mirrors would need to be replaced at a cost of Rs 60,000.Also the C has limited electric control in front 2 seats.

    This is so annoying.....

  3. Hi all,

    I am looking to buy a car by March 2009 and have been doing some research.I am considering between the A4 2.0 Diesel 134bhp and C200 petrol 184bhp.

    I have sat in both cars but not test driven them yet.

    The interiors of the A4 are amazing.I felt a little disappointed with the interior leather quality of the Mercedes though.

    Now my problem is that Audi is 3lakhs more expensive and the VW ownership does not help either as we all know that Skoda and VW have pretty crap build quality and customer satisfaction ratings. So does any of the sub par manufacturing parts and process find their way to the Audi brand or is Audi isolated from VW/Skoda?(PS: I know VW owns Lambo too)

    Another downside to A4 is that next gen Skoda Laura ,Superb have similar interior button layout to it.

    So what should I think of Audi's associatoin to VW?


  4. Well priya if you can buy the corolla , nothing better.

    Also why not try a used Palio if you want performance ??

    I know service and dealers suck but heck for the performance you get nothing's better.


    Well gratz for getting to buy a car and keep us updated cheers.

    PS: my friend has a corsa which is about 6years old and it works well even today except for ocassional hose pipe bursts.



  5. Does any know if the new c class (20bhp inc) is faster than bmw 320i?


    And if you could also tell the 0-100 and 0-60 for new c class and 320i


    another question i had in mind was is merc costlier to maintain than bmw and audi.... though i realise any car in this range would have high maintainance cost but if we compare these three which is the cheapest to maintain?

    In a car review magazine, (I think January issue) they compared the merc diesel and the 320d and found that the C was .5secs faster than the 320d.

    Also remember that ride quality in C class is way better than 3series due to 3 using run flats and cost of changing a damaged run flat is about Rs 22,000/tyre


    C class has gone cheap in India and are not offering eletronically retractable rear mirrors and seats are only partially powered.

    Also this years BMW 3 series have been upgraded.

    The new 320i now has Sunroof/idrive standard and so is the case with 320d'.


    So people who bought 320i/d's in 2007 got royally ripped offfffff lol

    Hope this helps


  6. New A4 out by May as i was told.

    Alfa romeo out during second half of the year.

    Old A4's are apprently being sold at a great discount as they are trying to get rid of the old models.

    I would recommend waitning for a few months or maybe even next year, as you will definitely get a better choice of low end luxury cars like cadillac/hummer etc etc


    So enjoy making your decision hehe


  7. The new C class for sure.

    1 for the quality of service.

    2 for the better ride quality and interiors as compared to the low end 320i

    3rd reason because 3 series is in mide life and is going to get a partial makeover this year.


    I have also been breaking my head over which car to buy and a just waiting for the new audi A4 to make my decision.

    Boxter is also a good option at 54lakhs on road if you want a true performer and i might just get the boxter next year if i aint satisfied with the C/3/A4.


  8. Yeh man Mrphin ' date=' please do wait for the Stunning new Accord to it Indian Roads this Mid 08 or late 08 and be the first to book it , it looks awsome and splendid , you can see the pics in posted in the other thread of Laura or Accord thread 2nd page , or else i wouldnt mind to post the same pic again for your sake , here we go





    Hi Vishnu,

    The accord definitely looks good but dont you think its a bit big although I dont mind buying this car (will get 280hp performance ::)) and saving about 10lakh rupees but only problem is that Accord will be big for selfdriving and parking in city.What are your thoughts ? cheers

  9. The new c class  is out and the diesel is 30lakhs on road while petrol is 27lakhs on road.


    Ok then thats how i got to see one here on Mangalore ' date=' it looks good and merc has better value than the BMW , but i still luv the styling and the alloy wheels of the 3 series , have a thorough test drive and Decide along with your Family member or friends




    Hi thanks Priya will be mostly taking a test drive this weekend and hopefully booking the car or I might flip and wait for the new honda accord.

    Will have more update next week start.


  10. Ok,

    The new C class is here and costs 27lakhs on road delhi.

    This car is 0.5sec faster than the BMW 320d(32lakhs on road) and 1sec slower than the 325i(35lakhs).

    So the savings are definitely huge from 6-8lakh rupees.

    Now you guys tell me what your opinions of C Class are and what you think of mercedes as a brand.


    PS:Will be buying the car in March so i have some time:)

  11. My friend, please do advertise against BMW but 1st consult a lawyer in case BMW places a defamation suit against you.

    Also for immediate effect use YOUTUBE and METACAFE.


    Ads in Indian newspaper in color are defo to have a huge impact man. Do it if they  are being such asses but consult a lawyer 1st.

    Happy new year.



  12. Damn this sucks for you man.

    How is it that now your car is at Mathura road and not at Bird.

    Also are you paying for your repairs since the warranty was cancelled and whats with the problems in Airbags, windows etc?This is new.

    Well did you try to contact a consumer court?

    Try to contact autoarindia or some other TV car show.

    Hell if you are so pissed you can take out an ad in Times of India with your cars pics and a brief of iussues , that ways at least you damage their rep.

    Well as for me I am now thinking of not buying the 3series as this is scary.

    Dont wanna be taken for a ride.

    Will also see if I can help you in any manner .


  13. BMW 320d,

    Please follow up man.Let us know what is happening and also post some pics of the car u got. Otherwise I think it is safe to assume that you were at fault from start and then tried to peg ur mistakes on BMW india.


    Please update man.Also people at team bhp are eager to know about new developments.


  14. BMW 320d, Can we have some pics of your car please.

    Also does this mean that we can't buy any Indian made cars from foreign car makers? Isnt there a way to make them accountable.

    I think the car and bike hsow people have a very popular show on TV and probably they should start showing the true side of these companies.