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  1. Wait for next year m8. The Fabia and Fiat Linea should be good cars to watch out for.
  2. Ummmm, I am looking to buying a BMW 325i and would like to get to the bottom of this before i make the plunge. I called Bird and the guy there told me that you had out in new wheels and thats what messed up the suspension or whatever. He also said changing the lights messed up the electricals and that caused further problems and thats why they cancelled warranty. He also says he has pictures to prove his point. Now I am stuck as to whom to believe.But for the moment try contacting one of the Car shows in India and see if they would like to do your story. Also there is a Hindi news channel that deals with customer grievances and they could probably help you out although I dont know the exact same. Dont leave it at this, follow it up so that in case they have been unjust to you they should get a reputation for this. Also try to pitch this to Benz india , maybe they could help out in defaming their rival. There was another compla
  3. Well If I am buying a BMW or Benz, I would expect to get Comfort,performance,road presence and features. Dont think in the Indian context I can get value with these cars hehe
  4. Ok, First of all did you modify your new car in any way? If you did then there is a chance for things to go awry. Did you contact BMW head office when they cancelled warranty on your car because I dont think any professional organization would want to lose a future customer by making such a proposterous move. So keep telling us the details and maybe Autocar could publish(if you ask them or something) an article regarding your issue and those of others in their next volume
  5. Its bad that you had to go through this. The last gen C class had horrendous stories of small problems arising every now and then. Maybe you could put a counter on your lemon site and show the company that they aren't getting popular.
  6. Also lets put info here that will help future buyers in this class range with similar queries or confusions.
  7. First of all thanks priya and everyone for the pics of New C and A4.The new A4 does look a lot better than before. I dont care much for Fuel economy as this is not my primary car. The lemon law is new to me and thanks for bringing it to light here. Just want to know if you guys think its worth putting forward 35lakhs for a 3series. Thanks and this is a great community .Cheers
  8. What were you saying about FE rssh? Also I think more competition next year from New C and A4 should spice up the market. I like the 325i , just dont wanna get ripped off where the 325i's price drops 6months after i buy the car or a better variant is made available. If you guys come across any info on model change or alteration please inform me here as it will help a lot. Thanks for your input everyone cheers
  9. Sounds reasonable , either way i am not getting the car before 2008 march so waiting a bit ownt hurt although I am not a big fan of Audi due to the VW batch attached to it as all the base models are built on similar platforms. Also I have the feeling that Audi is not always related to class.
  10. Thanks for the tyre guide, very helpful and highlights the importance of tyres which are overlooked bymany.Cheers
  11. Hi there, I am sure you can get a Skoda,Corolla or Civic 3-4years old car with about 35000-50000 Km under the hood for about 6-7 lakhs. Try delhi if you can come down here and drive back .Also try many of the online sites for used cars on you budget.SOme sites are: 1.Sulekha .com and there is another new company whose add keeps coming on TV.I am forgetting the name but would be great if someone could point out the name, it has pretty decent adds. Hope this helps
  12. Thanks for moving the thread to the appropriate section. Yes i am not too keen on the 5series because it's too big for me as I am only 25, meaning I like the smaller cars better for driving on my own Would be great to get some input on 2,3 and yes I think I will wait for the New C class as its only 2 months away although I haven't read many good tihngs about the new C Thanks admin and others
  13. Hi all, I am thinking of buying the 325i early next year but have a few questions that are bothering me: 1. Is it worth paying 35lakhs for this car when adding another 5lakhs u can get the Bmw 523i. 2. Also comparing it to camry , passat or others is it justified to think that this is a rip off? 3. Are any BMw models like 330i or 330d coming to india next year or in 2009 that will probably make the 325i cheaper or because of the new C class will the prices drop or become more competitive. 4. Is it worthwhile to wait for alfa romeo,C Class, Audi 4 series next year? It will help me a lot if you guys can post your opinions so that I can make an educated buy and not get ripped off. Thanks