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  1. The are only two people who will gain from this weird piece of legislation, one are the automobile companies which are already struggling to increase sales in India and the other are our traffic cops. Such legislations only give room to more and more corruption. As rightly pointed out by someone here we first need better infrastructure.

    Yes, I do understand that maintenance of the car is required but every year sounds ridiculous maybe after 5 years of purchase would make some sense.

  2. Harman is a welcome addition but I would love to see Tata concentrating more on improving their after sales service centers, not just quality of work but the service centers in totality, better customer lounges to start with.

    I feel the Aria is a better product than the XUV but just let down by a lot of Quality issues. I wouldn't mind paying more for the Aria if I am sure I will get a reliable car.

  3. I have just changed my tires and Alloys for my Fiat Punto Emotion+ and am facing some vibrations while I drive above 100kmph. I have got my balancing and alignment checked twice and everything seems right.

    I have replaced my stock Apollo tires with Yokohoma C Drives and my OEM alloys with 15 inch 98PCD Evo Alloys.

    The vibrations seem to appear after 110kmph till around 125kmph and then reduce/stop afterwards. The vibrations don't occur every time.

    My question is would I need to add Hub Centric Rings to my car to avoid this vibration or is this some other problem altogether?


  4. I think the prices announced are for the CBU's, which would be for the first few months. HM plans to assemble this and once that happens the pricing should reduce.

    Edit: Just noticed this has already been mentioned.Flywheel2012-03-13 05:38:32

  5. Well we got the car back again and sure enough the same thing happened again. Its amazing Hyundai have already spent around 3.5 lakhs replacing turbos and other parts in the car. I can't trust the car anymore,I think its about time we dispose the car off. We are just tried of being stranded non stop.

    If anyone has any thoughts on this issue, or suggestions it would help a lot? Its back at the service center and I am giving it one last try

  6. My Opinion is that the C drive will give you better grip that the BS even in the dry. Yes C drives will still give you good grip in the wet because of the tread pattern.

    Yes I read a couple of threads on another website about the steering going light I don't really think this should happen. It didn't happen when I put them on my old Swift.

    I think the Michelin will be more expensive option as well. To me the C drives will be the perfect balance between handling ,ride and noise reduction.

  7. Even I am planning to replace my tires for my Punto although I have the E +. I plan to go in for 195/R 15 since I feel its more than sufficient. You have a good balance between grip and ride quality with 15 inch rims. I am not sure how much the ride quality will be effected if you go with 16 inch rims as you would be going for lower profile tires.

    For a softer ride, better grip and lower noise give Yokohama a chance. The C drive should suit your needs perfectly. Just my personal opinion as I have had a good experience with Yokos.

  8. Vendor problems ? I did not get it !. How is vendor problem related to faulty turbo every time ?

    Exactly my question. Since I asked those questions now they have checked and told us that there is some leak and the some oil or fluid( not sure what this is) has gone into the radiator, they have changed the radiator also now. I have asked them to look at everything again throughly because I am not satisfied with them simply changing the turbo.

  9. They have checked the timing chain and the piping has been checked and they say everything is fine.

    According to them this problem is because they are having vendor problems for the Turbo. I am really finding this hard to believe.

    We should be getting the car back today or tomorrow again with the turbo replaced again smiley7.gif . I can accept the fact that parts in a car can fail but I don't understand how Hyundai cannot resolve a problem with a car they built.