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  1. Do you hear the sound when you go over small undulations or is it a constant sound? If I am not wrong you have a Punto,right?
  2. Does anybody have any idea when the vehicle will hit the showrooms?
  3. @sb-alto:Thanks a lot for these pointers. There was no oil spill on the floor after the smoke, so I think we can rule out a turbo blow out. I seem to agree with the loss of exhaust pressure. I will surely will ask the service station to look at this and the timing change. We have spoken to everyone concerned on this issue. Even spoken to Hyundai directly, it appears to me that the Hyundai engineers seem to trying to sort this issue using a trial and error method. The worrying thing is the warranty gets over this May, and I can only hope this issue is resolved before that.
  4. Hyundai Verna 1.5 VGT turbo issue?- The Saga Continues 5 new turbo
  5. This would be the civic which is sold in Europe. We usually get the one sold in US market I guess, so it should look slightly different.
  6. The Head units might be same but the Emotion pack edition comes with Blue & Me. The USB option is part of this Blue & Me package.
  7. The Punto sales seems to jumped to 1600 from around the 900 mark. Looks the the new 2012 Punto has brought more people into the showroom. But am pretty sure they can do far better than this.
  8. I was reading Autocar India Jan edition and was confused with the last line of the article. It ended something like this " Question is whether this vehicle will cannibalize the sales of the Captiva". So I was wondering if they were planning to have both Trialblazer and Captiva, since this would be a true off roader with a ladder on frame chassis whereas the Captiva would be soft roader.
  9. Nice face lift. The car looks more mature now. Looks like all the manufactures are preparing for a big fight in this 7-10 lakh SUV/MUV segment.
  10. Would this model be replacing the Captiva or would it be placed below it?
  11. I think all you need would probably be a Remapped ECU from any one of the vendors. It should give the bump up in power you are looking for. Do keep us posted on what you finally decide to do and the costs involved.
  12. Just saw this on autocar website. Fiat Inks pact with Suzuki Fiat is going to supply Suzuki their 75BHP engines . From what I know Suzuki have tuned their licensed MJD's slightly different from what Fiat has. Does this mean the Maruti will be selling their diesel engines in two states of tune?
  13. Renault needs to get its pricing right. I feel the Pulse is a little overpriced, just like the Fluence and the Koleos. Although I am sure the cars are good products. Lets hope they get everything right with the Duster.
  14. I guess New Delhi and Pune will be the first ones to open up. Hyderabad will take another 2 months or so. This will be followed by Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore. Fiat plans to cover 45 places by 2014 and 67 by 2015.
  15. I read somewhere that Renault is looking to give the interiors an upgrade in India since it is not going to be the cheapest SUV here. Lets hope they come out with something nice.
  16. Bike looks good. Royal Enfied seems to have finally come out with rear disk brakes based on the photos here.
  17. My two cents on the low sales would be that people in India perceive Fiat vehicles to have high maintenance costs and return low mileage. This can be changed by offering free service packages similar to what General Motors offered. A bigger line up of cars would help as well.More small cars at different price points maybe.
  18. Looks like they have done away with the Emotion Pack edition.Now the Emotion variant gets everything. ORVM's on the Punto are a welcome addition. Its nice to hear that the quality of interiors have gone up.
  19. Just look at those interiors. Just beautiful. I can just sit and stare at a car like this all day. Lucky you!!!
  20. The times of India carried an article today stating that Fiat is going to end their JV with Tata. Please find more details in the link : This is good news as the new showrooms are going to handle sales, service and spares. Hopefully this means the service standard will improve.
  21. Is Honda still struggling with supplies due to the floods in Thailand. How come they have sold just 1072 cars? Any idea why the Brio numbers are so less?
  22. Eagerly waiting for the launch of the Duster.If they price it as expected between 6 to 9 Lakhs I think Renault will finally have a winner on their hands.