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  1. Pricing will be key. If they are going to position it above the Micra, they may not be able to set the sales charts on fire.
  2. I like the redesigned front end of the vehicle but am not to sure about the rear design. The rear seems to look confused. Hope they get the reliability factor right and price it below the XUV.
  3. I guess this is the Pajero sport previewed in the Autocar Magazine something back. I wonder whether they will replace the existing Pajero as there still seem to be a few buyers for it. Mitsubishi seem to have many SUV's in this price range- Outlander, Pajero and now Pajero Sport. Not sure if it makes sense although all of the cars are excellent performers.
  4. If its just such small changes like upgraded AC and increased ground clearance. I don't think it's going to make any difference to the sales numbers. Unless of course they come out with some price cuts.
  5. The Linea does look good and follows the Fiat tradition of good looking cars, I am biased I love Fiats . Fiat really needs to get some momentum going in the India market to improve their sales from the dismal numbers they are doing now. A revised Punto Evo and new Linea should get a few customers into the showrooms. Before the new models come out they need to come up with a clear marketing strategy to remove the perception among people that Fiat cars are costly to run and maintain. Why not come up with some service package for 3 years or 5 years? Next they would need to really improve the showrooms and after sales service, it desperately needs an overhaul. Let
  6. @asethi919: Agree completely with you. They probably first need have separate service centers with trained people working on Fiat Cars . Being a Fiat owner I am hoping that day will come soon
  7. Finally some good news from the Fiat. They really need to improve their sales in India.Does anyone have any idea if there are planning to have separate service centers for Fiat?
  8. You should go for the Alto k10. Peppy Engine + Light Car +good handling = Drivers Delight. It would be the better drivers car compared to the Wagon R.
  9. The issue was resolved as soon as the turbo was replaced. Everything is working fine now.
  10. Will be sending it to another service center to check it out this weekend. They say it costs 65k. The car is still under warranty so cost is not much of an issue. I was just wanted to confirm if the problem is really with the turbo or elsewhere. I don't want to send it to the workshop for another two or three days for nothing.
  11. I hope I am not repeating any thread here. I did do a quick check and didn
  12. If you are not looking for a MUV/SUV and if your trying to squeeze in 6 people in a sedan then it would have to be the Manza. Since the Manza is very spacious inside. I am assuming that not all 6 are adults. Its actually pretty underrated in the market. The Manza is a product which offers very good value for money. Please note that it may not be legal to take 6 people in a vehicle designated to carry only 5.
  13. If you need a car to accommodate 6 people I don't think a sedan will fit the bill. If you could stretch a little I suppose you could go for a Xylo or if you are willing to wait a bit you should probably wait for the Ertiga.
  14. I just received a message from Fiat with benefits on Punto up to 90,000/-.
  15. Why not look at the Ford Figo petrol. It has quite a lot of space and is pretty fuel efficient. The engine may not be the most powerful. But for city usage it should be more than adequate.Not to mention that it has a good ride and handling package.
  16. If you are going to be driving on the highway often you should probably choose between the Punto and the Figo. Yes, the Polo has the best quality interiors and best build but that it didn't seem to have too much space in the rear. This is my personal opinion. It might actually have more space than the Punto but it dooesn't feel like it. My vote would go for the Punto because you get a great highway package and good looks.
  17. If you are looking at good after sales service I would be a little circumspect about the Punto. Being a Punto owner myself I have found a couple of horrible service centres and couple of good ones to. Have a good look at the feedback of the Service centres your city before you decide. Other than the after sales service it is a great car. Great looks, superb ride and handling. Also, keep in mind they might be launching the face lifted Punto sometime next year.
  18. If you are looking for a car which would be comfortable for 5, you should probably avoid most of the European cars in the segment since they have a high central tunnel making it pretty uncomfortable for the fifth passenger. Looking at your requirements where you are looking at a lot of features you should probably go for the Hyundai Verna since it
  19. Hi All, This is Tejus a techie from Chennai who is crazy about cars. I have been in love with cars ever since I laid my eyes on them. My ride is Fiat Punto MJD and I am in completely in love with her. Glad to be part of this forum . Hope to learn some stuff from here as well as share the little I know. Thanks, Tejus