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  1. Well i will never recommend an Indica to anyone. Too many niggles with the car. You can always go for the Ritz. It matches all your requirements except for the 4th one i.e Good Looks. But it is an amazing car. Don't go for the Beat diesel as it lacks power and overtaking can be a problem. I would highly recommend the Skoda Fabia or the Polo if you can push your budget to 6 Lakh.
  2. I tried reclining the seat backwards ,but it doesn't help, especially in long drives. My neck hurts. Also talked with a Dealer in Karol Bagh about Sparco seats. He said that the seats are placed lower as compared to polo seats but they are not height adjustable and will cost around 13000. What should i do ?
  3. I own a Polo Tdi Trendline. I am very much satisfied with the performance of the car except for one issue. The car doesn't have a height adjustable driver seat. I am 6"2 feet tall and the roof of the car is only a inch or two above my head which is causing me back problems. Also the rear view mirror is placed quite low in polo which creates a blindspot. I asked the authorized polo workshop and they quoted that the cost of new height adjustable seat that comes in Polo Highline will be around 30 k. Should I go for the original height adjustable seats from Volkswagen or are there any other options available in the market. Please help.