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  1. dont thnk so.. everytime i think abt it they come up with something new to offer. (not for me.. bt 4 mango ppl) jaguar takeover nano launch (although car s***) manza aria (okey) indica - 25kmpl (latest) lemme know ur views
  2. i go with d first way.. havnt tried other one so far...using handbreak helps in case of such confusion
  3. Jazz up your parking with JAZZ... d best one
  4. all izz perfectly superb.. need to put up pdf version of book too, just like other magazines and newspapers.. it becomes much handy and anywhr accessible. hope everyone agrees...
  5. speak to co. first, ths is not a normal problem. and they will definitely solve it if you back it up with written e-mail marking senior guys along with sending letter for the same matter. and it does come under warranty if you normal user and not using your car very often for long trips