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  1. Fiat india will be bringing a Linea facelift, A small car/hatchback & a Compact SUV for India next FY. In addition, few products are also coming from Jeep & Chrysler range. Nissan India will be coming with Diesel version of Micra Active starting at around Rs.4.5 lacs only & a Compact sedan based on New Micra & is to be positioned between Sunny & New Micra.
  2. First answer to this is NO, reason being this is an International design by Honda & by far Honda haven't tinkered any original design design for such benefits(Amaze is born CS not a chopped one), nor they'll do soon be it a MPV or a Compact SUV-VAZEL. We'll receive both of these products in same global shape & form. Secondly this car is based on value engineered Brio platform, which itself is quite competitive in costs & its development. So, expect value pricing this time also for this Mobilio MPV. Honda has already planned to lock horn with Maruti & Toyota. BTW, I'm sure 2014 belongs to Honda & TATA motors in terms of new & exciting sub rs.15 lacs products.
  3. If you're having its data backup then it's better to factory reset the device as an app might not function properly when it's removed or re-installed many a times, probably due to temporary files or cookies related reason. Most of the times, Chorme easily gets infected with flash player related issues.
  4. Have travelled many a times in Mercedes-Benz & Isuzu super luxury buses but haven't been in any Volvo yet as Volvos aren't much prevalent here, obviously due to operator's choice. I guess, they all would be sharing similar designs so will be commenting by assuming this. Explosion of fuel tank might be due to its installation design as firstly they're lowly-placed & secondly they might not be adequately protected by sides by braceor bull bars built under the bus frame. This might need some ARAI analysis for its design. Rest, security over-run system isalways there in world-class products, be it a Swift car or a Volvo bus. One can't rule out the chance of electrical wiring tampering to install those equipments like LCD screens& other entertainment equipments which could lead to fire outbreak than fire-catching materialsor else. But it might be a matter of chance to escape in such incidents, whosoever have some energy left in him/her tends to escape by every available/visible means. But still this calls for a Forensic analysis into the matter both by Bus maker, Operator & Govt bodies .
  5. @Sstar: That's quite a neat packaging & installation from Maruti Suzuki. I see the spare wheel lying in its place below the boot & CNG cylinder of the car. How is it accessible ? Is the cylinder assembly is foldable as like Rear seat back to access it ? Please do post the pic of its engine bay, of course taken in daylight.
  6. I don't think there would be any problem with Vespa 125 suspension, considering its geometry & design in my mind, neither it uses any delicate parts which can wear-tear too soon or with l'll bit of harsh usage, considering the same type of front suspension we were driving in our Bajaj Chetak, LML Vespa range of scooters since many decades. Piaggio has further refined it in their latest launch, although it's bit stiff against super soft Bottom-link type suspension of Activa, Activa-i, Hero Pleasure & Maestro which uses couple of Trailing link with bush sets on either sides, which wear SOMEWHAT early on rough potholed roads driving. I've experienced the latter as a problem in my previous Kinetic Nova 115 but it neither cropped up as a trouble in our Honda Activa which is with us since last 3.5 years. Touch wood, its still working very fine with its advantage being, it absorbs pothole dive impact & don't transmits it to the driver's shoulders, which usually telescopic front shockers do but the latter are relatively maintenance prone than Bottom-link arms. To sum up, Vespa 125 front suspension combines the balance of both comfort & reliability of Bottom-link suspension(Activa) & Telescopic shock absorbers(Aviator, Access, Wego) respectively. but it's better to drive against scooters telescopic
  7. XUV500 based W4 variant snapped at dealership Almost same exterior looks as other W6, W8 variants. Projector headlamps, Cornering headlamps, LED Parking lamps & other minor finishing 'Cheetah'-inspired elements are retained. Only missing thing from front is fog lamps & these aren't much noticeable either considering the way they're positioned. From side section, blackened B & C-pillars are omitted, but this isn't a big issue either considering this can be done aftermarket with few hundred rupees. Another differentiating detail from top-end W8 variant is wheel covers, but is same as mid W6 variant. Coming to interiors; Exactly Similar layout with same color materials used as in other variants. Steering wheel is without Multi-function stereo controls & Cruise control. Center console is having now altered top-part with smaller LCD screen featuring probably Digital Clock with some other minimal instrumentation. AC is of now Manual type now. Instrumentation is simpler & basic in W4 variant now, without Chrome highlighting accents. Importantly, Rear windshield defogger & Rear wash-wipe features are retained. (Source: bharathautos.com)
  8. Brazilian media reports have also indicated that Ford is planning a sedan derivative on the 2015 Ford Figo, which has been codenamed B562. Ford is indeed working on a sedan based on the next gen Figo. This test mule was spotted in suburban Detroit, and though its fully camouflaged, the front fascia looks exactly like the B562 prototypes testing in Brazil. In Brazil, Ford conducted a customer clinic for the new Figo & Figo-based sedan in mid-September. The sampling population were shown prototypes of the new Figo and Figo sedan, and were asked whether the sedan should be named Ka Max, Ka Sedan or Figo. From these spyshots, it seems as though the Figo sedan would measure over 4 meters in length, though a sub-4m version, if developed, would be a great alternative to the Dzire and Amaze. Source: http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2013/11/spy-shots-a-new-scion-sedan/ via IAB.
  9. Tata Motors will kick off its new product offensive with ‘Project Falcon’, which will spawn a new hatchback and sub-four-metre saloon based on the company’s existing X1 platform that underpins the current Vista and Manza. However, according to company insiders, the Falcon siblings are essentially all-new vehicles and have "no resemblance to any existing Tata product”. In fact, Tata Motors is likely to drop the Vista and Manza names altogether, to drive home the point that these models represent a fresh innings for the company that has been badly struggling with an ageing and dry product pipeline. It is unlikely, however, that Tata Motors will use ‘Falcon’, which is just the project designation, as the market name for the new cars. ‘Falcon 4’ is the project code for the hatchback, which has been styled in Tata’s European design studio. It will eventually replace the Vista when it goes on sale towards the end of 2014 and will come with both diesel and petrol engine options. The 1.3-litre Fiat Multijet diesel is carried over from the Vista, but a new 1.2-litre turbo-petrol, based on the current Xeta engine, will debut in the Falcons. This engine will be the base motor in an engine family that Tata Motors is developing, which, in the future, will include larger-capacity engines and direct fuel injection. ‘Falcon 5’ is a new sub-four-metre saloon that will replace the current Manza and will be positioned above the existing Indigo eCS when it goes on sale next year. Again, this new saloon will use the Manza’s 89bhp, Fiat-sourced 1.3 diesel, but petrol power is likely to come from a more powerful version of the new 1.2 turbo-petrol, producing in excess of 100bhp. It’s likely that the Falcon 5 will be launched a couple of months before the hatchback (Falcon 4) and around the festive season next year. Both the Falcon cars will be unveiled at the Auto Expo next February. -Autocar India
  10. Yes you're right. Don't know how Hyundai makes its diesel engines so silent, smooth &refined. I'm considering 1.4 CRDi(i20), 1.5 CRDi(old verna) & 1.6 CRDi(new fluidic verna) engines. I'm literally amazed by New Verna's 1.6 CRDi engine, considering the way it runs Cream smooth, even with Mineral engine oil. But these engines too might show even better performance with Synthetic oils. These Hyundai diesel engines score high on refinement & performance but FIAT Multijet scores more on fuel-efficiency, reliability & is equally good on performance(as 1.3 drives like 1.5 of other cos & have read that Fiat 1.6 Multijet performs like 2.0 engine).
  11. There're 2 different cars shown in the set of pics above. Just check, car in 2nd & 4th pic seems to be same/identical, rest in all disguised as well as studio shots, the car seen is Honda Crider. Crider seems to be Honda CIVIC replacement in terms of size & design, however the car seen in 2nd & 4th pic seems to appropriate fit for City/Verna & Honda CIty replacement. Lets see how the story unfolds on 25th of this November.
  12. Pathetic service by Hyundai dealership, ludhiana(MRG/Pioneer Hyundai, Ludhiana). SA Listed 10-12 items including consumables & service jobs including Engine decarbonizing, Wheel balancing, Wheel alignment, etc & estimate of ~Rs.9500 for 1st PAID service @30k kms for New fludic Verna 1.6 CRDi. Vehicle submission time: 10:40am. Vehicle delivery time: 06:35pm. Tasks done: I wish it would've been a great service & another lease of life to the car if ASC have done even 8 out 12 listed jobs/tasks. For instance, Wheel Alignment was one of the listed task & car drove same before & after service i.e pulling to the left. On callback to SA, he refused to admit by saying that might be due to low Tyre Pressure levels. Total costs incurred: Rs.11,480, which included replacement of Neutral locator gearbox sensor worth ~Rs.2000. Disclaimer: Can start this topic as a separate thread here, if moderators allow me as well as my friend, the case of whose car is.
  13. Sailing in the same boat as me, bhavneet. My New Swift DZire ZDi initially came with Synthetic engine oil, filled from factory & the car ran super-smooth as like new fluidic Verna CRDi but at 3rd/10k kms service they replaced it with Mineral Oil & OMG ! what the car felt like, like it was not like my car which has gone to service. NVH increased many times, car now behaved like a Old Swift than New Verna in terms of engine noise & vibrations. What is really affected is high speed driving, previously even clocking 140kmph was an easy & smooth task but now it starts sounding noisy at 120kmph & after that it feels very unrefined & unwilling to clock further. Planning to replace it with synthetic oil ASAP, afterall its life is thrice as compared to Mineral one i.e 15k kms viz 5k kms. Please note, 10k kms is too much for Mineral oil for new-gen Swift & Dzire. 5k is recommended & maximum is you can go upto 8k kms. Secondly, On asking SA about the engine oil, he said initially company recommended synthetic oil for new-gen Swift & Dzire but later on after few months they recommended Synthetic as well as Mineral oil for these cars however they altered the grade of mineral oil to 5W-30 to handle these new gen engines & to bear their emissions as well as refined bits. MASC SA however don't admits these changes seen with Synthetic & Mineral oil usage but I do & i've experienced also.
  14. Congratulations sstar for buying the new Alto800. Since it's a CNG powered, i think it would've costed you around 4 lacs, OTR. Waiting for its complete set of pics though, complete means with details like engine bay, CNG cylinder placement, boot space, CNG filling port & other details. My views: Slowly this car has started growing on the minds with time, don't know what designers have though while designing it(positively speaking) but surely this makes clever use of space & power to extract utility & performance+ fuel efficiency respectively. Atleast, i do like its looks & some design elements like headlamps, front bumper, tail lamps & rear spoiler(VXi) plus its space efficient yet functional dashboard.
  15. I'm least interested for anything associated with 'Mitsubishi', except reading SUVs & Engine Oils. Why such a capable company is quiescent for everything, even for such a biggest developing market like India, from which they can operate to various global markets also. Why keeping a mum over the segments for which they're having tailor-made products, like hatchback & notchback cars. Really they're lacking for the massive opportunities now, atleast here for India.
  16. Actually that handset was having issues with network compatibility of my Vodafone SIM card. Initially there was conflict with SAMSUNG Service center & even with Vodafone, so i got to rid of the phone. So, came the hunt for new phone again. Else, i keep the cellphone for around 1 or 1.5 years. Yes, Xperia C is good but it's a kind of mid-range phone with mid-spec features like processor, display resolution, etc so shying away from it. Have been to local mobile store few hours back to what's there in market & i haven't got much chose in my budget range(except Samsung galaxy S3, HTC Desire 500 & iPhone4 8GB), either the handsets are in range of 20k(that're mid-spec) & 30k(Xperia ZR, ZL, HTC desire 600, Galaxy Note 2). So now, either i've to stretch my budget to 30k or have to buy remain satisfied with mid-spec phone.
  17. I've shortlisted HTC Desire 600 yet. Trying to move away from SAMSUNG, as they're quite prone to problems & are too common in shape now be it a 9k or 35k costing phones.
  18. Nexus is good, is strictly against LG brand name & the hardware it used.
  19. For a taxi, both Etios & Ertiga are good vehicles, go either of them as per your priority, i.e Boot space(etios) or boot space which can be occassionaly used as seating for 2 passengers(ertiga).
  20. Go for Swift VXi/ZXi(depending upon your budget), if you want hatchback or Honda AMAZE petrol if you want sedan like feel & comfort. They both give you class leading fuel efficiency, expect 15kmpl+ in mixed(1:1 city: highway driving cycle).
  21. That's a very sad incident. Stealing original parts isn't a new thing these days, Authorised service center's mostly do this, be it a cellphone, laptop or a car (still no offense meant to anyone specifically here, if present), but telling what my friends tell & even i faced. BTW, What's the current condition of your car bhavneet ?
  22. A sub-4 lacs or Rs.3.5 lacs base price for Street 500 HD, can spell a huge success & waiting list for these roaring bikes in India.
  23. ACI-ians need your advice again, I gotta need to replace my recently bought New Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. So, do suggest any new handset(probably Android or iOS powered) in range of Rs.20-25k.
  24. Check if its frame assembly is in right condition. If yes, then you need to replace its casing only which costs differently, depending on from where do you purchase it. You can buy it from local car spare parts shop also(off course at cheaper rates than MASC) & get it painted in genuine paint from Maruti Authorized Service centre(MASC). Or in a case where it's frame assembly is broken, dismantled or dislocated then you need to replace the entire unit & it's quite an expensive affair of around Rs.5k.
  25. With its own diesel engine family still under development and the need felt for more powerful engines for upcoming SUV models, Maruti Suzuki now plans to import Fiat's 1.6-litre 'multijet' diesel engine from Italy starting next year, sources told FE. To be first offered with the new SX4 Crossover (CUV) when it is launched in early-2015, the new diesel engine will help the car market leader be more competitive especially in the entry utility vehicle (UV) segment where diesel engines account for over 80% of sales and rivals like Ford and Honda already have larger and more powerful engines available. "The upcoming SX4 crossover, which has already been launched in Europe, will be available with both a 1.3-litre and 1.6-litre diesel engines in India. The first is already made here, so the plan is to initially import the 1.6-litre diesel engine from Fiat and if the volumes are significantly high, then locally manufacture it afterwards depending on the licence agreement with Fiat. This engine will later be introduced in other sedans and UVs as well," a source close to the development said. Incidentally, parent Suzuki already sources the same 1.6-litre diesel engine for the SX4 S-Cross model made its European plant in Hungary. (Source: Indian Express)