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  1. By having a glance at the seats of this car in the pics, isn't its even more worse than Etios in the making ! A central pad-like cushioning for front middle passenger between front seats, IMHO, it'll going to be an Ergonomic disaster with can foul the elbow of a driver & central passenger without proper seatbelt will be at risk for itself as well as to others. Another being the slab like backrests & not so prominent headrests on rear bench, i doubt the comfort & long distance comfort quotient of this car. Hope Nissan-Datsun-Renault is listening.
  2. Happy Diwali & a big thanks to all ACI family. Wish you all had a great diwali today.
  3. Datsun GO hatchback spied again: Now in Bronze Grey shade (pics: indianautosblog) To me the car looks good, desirable enough for its speculated price offering loads & loads of Value for money. If priced right while offering good fuel efficiency, then this could be my next city car.
  4. Go for KTM Duke 390 in that budget range or if you want the faired sportsbike, then go for Honda CBR150. Its quite a good & capable bike.
  5. It depends upon you champak. 8 years is quite a long time & in such span of time an owner develops emotional bonding with its product too. But i suggest you to sell the car only if you're having any good option in your mind to replace it with or if your car have started the signs of ageing & started cropping up the problems.
  6. 1. As the engine is under its seats, its doubtful that it can be replaced from any other car. Though you can get them re-bolstered with good quality seat covers. 2. 185 will be too wide for Eeco, i suggest 165 or 175 to be a sensible upgrade. 3. Yes you can go for fog-lamps in the housing provided but make sure you don't get any wires of car's electrical system spliced & cut while their installation as it can void the warranty of your car. 4. Yes you can get the steering wheel from alto k10 fitted but do check the diameter of the outer ring of the steering wheel. It would be better if you can get the new steering wheel with identical diameter as previous one. I think the alto k10 steering wheel is a bit larger in dia so you can also check the steering wheel of new alto 800/estilo. It's also attractive & good to hold with silver recesses in it. 5. Probably yes, but i advice you to go for MGA security system only. If the latter isn't available then you can opt for after market ones but again keep take care of cutting & splicing of wires.
  7. Undoubtedly it has to be GT TDi. 1.6 TDi in Vento is known for refinement, strong acceleration(sub 12secs for 0-100kmph run) & fuel efficiency, mostly around 18-22kmpl which can be easily achieved with good driving style. So, i expect Polo GT TDi to also be a good performer like its bigger sibling. I'm sure, 4-cylinder 1.6 TDi engine will be twice more better & reliable than smaller 3-cyl puny 1.2 TDi engine.
  8. Go for 100W Halogens. Don't use white bulbs, they never provide good visibility in full darkness & during foggy mornings(coming in few weeks in North India) they're of no use. Yellow light providing halogens are the best, else HIDs or Projector setups.
  9. Regarding mats, better is to search the local car accessory market first. Find out the brand, looks which suits your car then you can hunt across the web, else you can hunt at Snapdeal, they provide good products at good prices. Regarding headlight bulbs. If your car is older than 3 years, the best thing recommended is changing the reflectors & bulbs with new stock setup. Since the reflectors are more towards their end of life, then just for a chance the experiement can be done is changing the stock bulbs with 100W nightbreaker bulbs. If they can do their duty for even a year or 2 even by damaging the reflector, its a good option as you can replace the entire units later on with a stock setup. Choice is yours.
  10. Might be. All is the matter of choice or preferences.
  11. Still taking sweet time to get adapted to its Super AMOLED display & its new aspect ratio. Its font size is also small due to higher resolution of its display but clarity, brightness & color saturation is super awesome. I got it at lowered prices. Initially it was ~26k & a day before i bought it was reduced to 22k. Chapter closed after that, till itch for next handset occurs. I know, but ZR priced around 26-27k & another deal breaker was the lack of its ASC. 2ndly, My budget was a bit lower so S4 mini was the best option for me, considering it is having more goodies than other premium Samsung devices.
  12. Go for Grand i10 or VW Polo. Both these are quite good cars to drive in city, thanks to their light EPS & engines with good low-end torque which will give quite good FE in city driving cycle.
  13. Go for sticker tape, used by local registration plate writers.
  14. Thanks lxtreme & BF. Hahaha.. not diwali though but a long pending one, since last 6 months. Got it for 22k. It lacks Multi-window tasking though Multi-window video streaming is still there. Camera is 8MP with Sound & Shot feature also with upto 9secs audio recording with pic & many more features also. Thanks. Not an issue for me though. It's 1.7 GHz & is super-fast for this phone configuration. RAM is 1.5 GB & Internal memory is 8GB.
  15. Got Samsung Galaxy S4 'mini' today. 1.7 GHz Krait processor, 4.3 inch SUPER AMOLED Display plus many more.
  16. Good road presence also, as can be seen in spy shots previously. And folks, this car is 100kgs lighter than SX4 Diesel, so expect brisk & Swift-like performance from this 90PS 1.3l VGT/Super turbo Multijet powered sedan.
  17. Vento TSi launched at Rs.9.99 lacs Volkswagen has launched the Vento 1.2 TSI in India. The Vento TSI is priced at Rs 9.99 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The new Volkswagen Vento TSI is powered by a 1.2-litre direct injection turbo petrol engine that makes 103bhp and 17.84kgm of torque. This is the same motor that does duty in the VW Polo GT TSI. The Vento TSI gets the same seven-speed DSG 'box as well. The combination of the 1.2 motor with the DSG transmission results in an ARAI-certified fuel efficiency figure of 16.93 kpl. Volkswagen discontinued the Polo 1.6 petrol model earlier this year and launched the Polo GT TSI. However, with the Vento, VW will continue to sell the 1.6 manual and automatic alongside the Vento TSI. (source: Autocarindia) External visible difference includes TSi badging on its rear boot lid.
  18. Replace the Spark plug set & Air filter, these are the most crucial elements for the fuel efficiency of a car & they often tend to get ignored while finding the other major faults. Also get the tension of the engine belts checked & adjusted for the appropriate. Also as other members said, get the brake pads & wheel bearings replaced or greased for their smooth functioning.
  19. VW Vento 1.2 TSi details revealed: Feature addition includes: -1.2 TSi petrol engine. -7-speed DSG gearbox. -Hill hold control. -ESP. (source: team-bhp.com)
  20. Well said, Allan. Somehow, i'd rate rev-happy nature of petrol engine more than Gruff-ness of torquey diesel engine, in the long-run. And that affects the stress level & fatigue after long-run also, where petrols score better i'd say. Probably that's also the reason why enthusiasts are always called 'Petrolheads'. I'm referring to an Average Indian family running not a proper business man's running or driving for business needs.
  21. Even at existing Rs.50-80, Petrol car makes more sense if one drives below 500/600kms per month, beyond that Diesel cars does makes sense considering; -Rising fuel prices every fortnight, -Price difference between consecutive petrol & diesel variants of a car. -Rising Loan/EMI & interest rates. The scene nowadays is that if you've owned a Diesel car 1.5-2 years ago, then its cheaper to drive now, else buying a Diesel car now proves too expensive for an average Indian family.
  22. That's too bad for a company operated Authorized service centre. What kind of unprofessional attitude, mechanics & repair works they're conducting in an area like NCR, where people are more dependent on ASCs than roadside mechanics for their expensive. Prashant, firstly try to approach another dealer/ASC for rectification for this problem even by bringing the original invoice with you. If the problem doesn't get solved by this way, then you need to contact(by mail or by phone call) Mahindra directly, by taking their contact details from their website. Contact directly to their office staff than their toll-free no based customer care executives.
  23. Just few features addition with re-speccing its variants can give it another lease of life. Features desperately needed in Swift(or even in DZire) are; -Bluetooth enabled Music System or probably needed is ICE with Navigation/Smart Multimedia interface. -Leather wrapped steering wheel(ZXi/ZDi variants). -Better-premium interiors(maybe Black-Grey combo will work & keep it differentiated from Black-Beige of DZire/Ertiga). -Start-stop button(can be skiped though). -DRLs offcourse, which is a trend nowadays. -Better color combination Instrument cluster lighting, than monochromatic one. Being a part of variant rejigg, most importantly Swift & Dzire needs is ABS across its variant range(atleast Diesel one) & Driver side Airbag across all its variant range. As Swift in India probably have achieved its breakeven point, so its already a profitable brand for Maruti Suzuki & these changes might not prove much expensive for Maruti Suzuki & can give brand a mid-life boost & returns to MSIL than to add other useless features like Cruise control or else. All this can give MSIL the power to fight the rising competition these days.
  24. Ashok Leyland Stile MPV launched at Rs.7.49 lacs; Priced at Rs.1.21 lacs cheaper than Nissan Evalia Ashok Leyland has launched the Stile MPV at Rs 7.49 lakh. The Ashok Leyland Stile is a badge-engineered version of the Nissan Evalia which is priced at Rs 8.70 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) Earlier showcased in concept form at the Auto Expo, Ashok Leyland aims to cater to the commercial end of the MPV market with the Stile MPV. Power comes from the 1.5-litre K9K diesel engine. Ashok Leyland will also offer a CNG variant. The Stile comes with a sliding window for the second row of seats- a feature which will soon be available on the Nissan Evalia. The Ashok Leyland Stile is available in three variants, with power steering and air conditioning standard on all three. Prices start at Rs 7.49 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). (Source: Autocar India)