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  1. Agreed Durango dude, But all these doesn't mean it cann't be compared or placed in a league,by which we can say it a full fledged car. On the Contrary to your statement about lifeless steering,even the last ongoing Honda City steering was very much like that,so that's alone is not the strong Criterion here to overrule it. Even the ACI, rated its ride & handling the best earlier in 2001. In other words of my statement quoted earlier, It doesn't have any weak corner as due to which it has to get ashamed in front of cars costing even upto 10 lacs.dr_nishu2010-01-02 16:04:32
  2. Amongst these cars,Toyota Corolla Altis is the best for you in terms of Comfort,Power,Fuel-efficiency,Driving pleasure & the much needed reliablity too on which New Honda City loses,otherwise its the best car in the market today(all versions even Automatic makes a good sense too with Paddle-shifts behind the steering wheel making it an entertaining & pleasurable car to drive,as per driver's Adrenalin levels.
  3. My arrow will be pointing towards the Audi Q5 instead of Q7,despite being out of your consideration list, it'll definitely suits you as it has the tailor-made right size for the Indian roads & traffic conditions,a perfectly blended fuel efficient & performance characeter needed here..... Rest, Montero lacks the presence/brand image & others are out of your budget too,while you can also look at New Land Rover Freelander,priced nearby your mentioned budget
  4. Very good interiors to look & be in there... Featuring very good quality interiors,seat fabrics, door trims,seat fabrics,etc It'll definitely pose a serious competition to wide range of hatchbacks from its starting base price point to various premium hatchbacks too(like polo,i20,etc)
  5. Yes anijog, that's was the only about which I was worried i.e its braking performance on the wet roads especially on twists-turns & concrete roads of the streets & you have again question marked it like me. Though Honda has upgraded its tyres to on that version, now being zapper styled with centre running rib & side tread rib facing outwards rather than conventional & simple MRF's. So try to find out the answer of this query same as me, scribble here the answer who gets it first.
  6. Is it features the same engine which the Scorpio features in its cheap base M2Di variant featuring basic looks& interiors with black bumpers,etc. Aimed at taxi & rural markets.
  7. What's is in the name !! (William Shakespeare). But here it seems that its just the game of the name that can work wonders for the Hyundai, I mean they should really name it with something more innovative even than 'i' prefixed one, the i35 really sounds great, rather than beaten up 'Elantra' name to this otherwise really distinct & flashy looking car, really capable of filling the void between the Verna & Sonata. It really seems to shake its segment with Hyundai's class leading diesel options. Now that's why the Japaneese auto giants are sacred of koreans. Beware Civic,Cruze,Laura,et al. dr_nishu2009-12-27 20:12:33
  8. Go there with full confidence, listen to them & notice their points about the deals & others very carefully, think sensibly & more than single time over them & try to kept stucked to what they say or stretch them a bit rather than being getting too excited by being your debut showroom visit or beautiful scenario there. And before taking the delivery of your car watch it thoroughly, like its paint finish,scratches,doors,interiors & electronics & make sure that the accessories they provide(whether it may be free or if you have to buy) they must be the GENUINE ones.
  9. I want to gift my sis a new Honda 2-wheeler(an Activa or an aviator). Is the new CBS(Combi-brakes system) offered by them on deluxe Activa or on an Aviator is how much beneficial,successful & reliable ?? How much safe they are in adverse conditions like in rains or sandy/muddy terrains ?As even we always hitch a little in applying both brakes in such type of conditions. Since my sis is not a too much expert driver, is it safe for her to drive a vehicle with such type of brakes ? Quick Replies with technical explanations are welcomed warmly.
  10. Nice car to look on & definitely it'll be launched in end 2010 or early 2011, but most probably not as a new Alto but might be as new & rectified A* with improved/better headroom, legroom & boot space over the current car. But do anyone here from this forum knows or might have seen the new upcoming alto with new Euro-IV engine. As I've read only this month or two back in a newspaper. Come on, spy photographers or informers where are you !!!
  11. I have heard that ICML is on the verge of closure of their plant at HP or by the time i'll be writing this they've bolted it so. Just obviously due to the poor demand of their Rhino MUV. Even their dealers are packing off too(seen their jalandhar dealership packed 1st) after clearing off their stocks. What will be interesting to see, Is it'll be taken over by any major player or they resume their innings with some more interesting.
  12. @creativebala No bro. . This is as true as the celebration itself, as if you read or remember the ACI itself mentioned the Alto's dynamics & ride quality, the best amongst the hatchbacks(which even includes the Palio & some other good cars at that time) when it was launched back in 2001. For more info just drive the 10-20k kms clocked Alto. Rest what can be said about Mr.Khattar, the only man just because of what the Maruti is today.
  13. With Creativebala, The above features are enough to blow up the soon to be launched Maruti Eeco, only diesel engine option can be the sole point behind it. Rest, I like its looks, finishing & interiors from its above latest pics. The Omni might feel the heat from it when launched even with huge price gap. Can anyone tell me where it'll be sold, in an Indica or Ace showroom, so its class demarcation seems to be still unclear. .
  14. If the DC can built a Aston Martin at cost much much less than its actual price commanded by its makers why can't we expect something very much distinct from him in a given specified 1 crore tag. Might it will be Indian beetle, the icon by Mr.Tata.
  15. Its a practical & sound move by Rajiv Bajaj. Personally speaking, I don't like the idea of introducing the ULC cars, as something is/will be lacking always in these to justify them as cars & Secondly being the fact that they are always built to the cost, their quality or reliablity really suffers(whether it may be Nano fire issues or else, Even under 1.5-lac price 3-wheelers face this so.),as per benchmarks set by Maruti 800 decades ago. And hence,the brand image/value suffers too. In today's world The actual 'Cars' start not even from the M800, but from the Alto, whose dynamics & other abilities can be compared with any 10-lac car in the market today,without any compromises.
  16. From day 1, I liked the looks of the Sumo grande, now after the launch of Grande MK-II just polished my opinion further, It really impressed me further. But even after that I have voted here for Xylo over Tata, because of reliablity as I don't want be stranded anywhere on the middle of the road(a typical trait of Tata cars).
  17. Congrats ACI team for giving us a lovely face to surf on daily which is clearly a next-gen from the Old-one, very similar to the Honda city case but what I really misses is its large interface showing updates & news only even on the low-resolution screens, as the new one being heavier takes slightly longer time to load on the move as I can't afford to miss ACI & its forums anytime or anywhere.
  18. Yes there seems a right point by which the emission norms regulations might got delayed, but can't agree with it fully as its an half true statement particularly favouring the diesel powered cars, as there still seems to be a long way ahead for oil companies of india to provide ULSD(Ultra low-sulphur diesel), the backbone behind the Euro-IV diesels(that's why Mr.Goenka seems to be more worried here than Mr.Rao of MSIL, even the fleet of the latter one has many Euro-IV cars running today. While what the factor against the above statement is the availability of 95-octane petrol in the Metros where Euro-IV has to be implemented 1st. Rest,out of total cars sold euro-II constitute only 20-25% out of them. So the cities having a transition from Euro-II to IV seems to have a smooth way ahead. While the Metros seems to have a mess with these issues.
  19. @Rki2007, Both the CRDi & turbodiesel are terms specified for diesel engines. CRDi is the abbreviation of fuel delivery system, Common-rail on direct injection diesel engine while the Turbodiesel just used to denote the diesel engine with turbo(a device which rapidly introduces the air inside the cylinder). The Turbo-lag is the delay from the idle after which the Turbo starts spooling up.dr_nishu2009-12-24 13:20:03
  20. @Anirban, Yes the working of the Turbo in both the petrol & Diesel engines is same(to force the air to enter into the cylinder rapidly). Turbo works equally good in both petrol & diesel engine but mostly used in diesels due to its alot of plus benefits which it needs desperately(like power surge,improved driveability, cleaner emissions). The supercharged petrols in India are Skoda Superb,Laura 1.8 Tsi, Audi FSi, Mercs kompressor, Bentley. dr_nishu2009-12-24 13:05:33
  21. RWD is usually needed or employed in cars which are heavy enough to propel as by their stock engines. 2ndly in those cars whose engines produce much much more power which if given to FWD causes frequent burn-outs. Examples being the Nano & BMW respectively.
  22. Yes you can safely upgrade the Ritz vdi stock 165 section tyres to 185/70 tyres on alloys or even on same steel wheel rims fit with losing a km or so on fuel efficiency parameter while gaining massively on handling & stability fronts. While fitting 195 section tyres, be prepare to lose it on FE & visibly they also come out of the wheel arches.
  23. @sham Congrats for buying the new Fiat Punto. I think the Emotion version comes with 175 section tyres on 14 inch rims. So if you want to upgrade to alloys, the inexpensive & best way is just to go for a new set of alloy rims & fit them with stock set of tyres(max costs involved in it will be rs.10k),it'll not affect its performance & warranty too. But If you want to upsize it go for 185/65-R15 or 185/70-R14 size as for handling or ride comfort biased respectively. Upsizing beyond these sizes will adversly affects its performance(FE & acceleration).
  24. Just go for Yokohama Geolander radials of same size. Try to not to upsize or downsize them as they are already specified by considering all the essential parameters(FE,looks,etc) by Ford, altering them will affect them.
  25. As a safety measure the reverse gear in most of the cars made to require slightly more effort,even few of them feature a lock too. Due to opposite direction of rotation of its working the car has 1st brought to standstill completely & then gear has to be engaged. But the type of noise you are facing seems to be due to new unweared parts of gearbox & is usually heard in most of the new cars. So wait for the 2-3k kms to clock,it'll disappear by itself.