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  1. These type of things usually happens at this rpm range in each Indica turbo or even in most of the cars but only upto a limited/acceptable extent. But in your case check your car's engine mounts,a faulty mount may be its culprit behind it.
  2. Mod please merge the other similar threads running on this topic parallel to it to avoid confusions,etc.
  3. Mod please merge the other similar threads running on this topic parallel to it.
  4. WoW !! What a car. . As visible from the pics(by flickr.com), the car seems to be well built with brilliant fit & finish for body & interiors on par with the Euro version(except some minimum alterations-might be reserved for special variants in future.) All As per VW quality standards,like Ultra clear never dials,rich ac,gear knobs& control stalks,consistent panel gaps,etc. The most important thing to be noticed is the 'TDi' badge on tailgate of the silver grey polo, alongwith 3-cylinder engine under its bonnet. It means !! Its diesel version production has started & is definitely coming alongwith the petrol version at Auto Expo 2010. It definitely seems to feature the 1.2 l, 3-cyl CRDi version of the internationally powering 1.6 l, 4-cyl engine. However what has to be seen about this engine will be its refinement, power & acceleration figures !! Come on VW break our myths about them,if you really wants the hatchback pie of India. However, The Bluemotion tech might not be seen very now in this Polo,because of stringest cost targets,etc. But VW is already very serious about it FE, so they already have kept its target of 26-29kmpl in actual Indian driving conditions.
  5. Nice to hear about this, as per my point of view the Palio here needs more than just 1.3 Mjd engine are the new exterior face & tail(facelift), revamped dashboard, a 1.2 l FIRE engine carried over from Punto Active/Indica Vista safire,the latter benefit it both on FE & power fronts plus much desperately needed is the new NAME. All of the above changes with pricing in the range of Indica Vista really work wonders for Fiat India. And does seems to be the only saviour for the Palio here.
  6. Its prices will be around the reigon of 3.6 lacs for the 1.2 petrol & nearly 4.6 lacs for 1.4 duratorq diesel as quoted by the Ford at its unveiling ceremony..
  7. It doesn't seems to be as fully loaded as i20 Asta. But definitely it should be loaded with only that features which are actually needed so that its Value for money & price quotient will be justified. @cube, its interiors pics are not available yet but its probable design theme i have mentioned in my earlier post above,might be possible. So stay tuned till 5th jan2010.
  8. Wow !! seen the video,the Sirish has done the excellent job of bringing the 1st India made VW Polo in the light to highly anticipated & enthusiastis like us, thanks. A nice car to look,feel & to own too. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed till 5th of jan 2010.BornFree2009-12-13 17:38:51
  9. dr_nishu


    I think its the Tata Indica Vista quadrajet variant. Its got the perfect blend of all that a car needs in 2day's conditions like well built,charming & right sized exterior looks & interiors,a decently powerful & frugal engine & end of all a mouth watering price-tag.
  10. Wow a red VW Polo,A very beautiful car to look on especially in the red as in the pics.,a really nice muscular & much proportionate butt section than its nearby rivals(swift & i20). hope its performance will be as flashier & hotter as its red in the pics...
  11. A very Pleasing & good looking car.... I like its lovely red shade too.... Drive Safely & Keep on posting experiencies & views about your Manza regularly...
  12. Shake hands friend tanmay87. I'll most probably buy one in the 1st quarter of 2010.... And Thanks for the better/practial advice, People at here believe in something else rather the Desired work-'The Poll'
  13. @creative bala You are so much die-hard auto enthusiast,so you also have read the Premium hatchback shootout in the ACI issue few months back, It featured the comparisons starting from the Indica Vista to the Honda Jazz(in petrols)Skoda Fabia (in diesels) , irrespective of their segments. Had there been the Ford Figo,they've also included that in that. Now coming on your point about the segments classification as per 4 categories system, It doesn't holds light here as the Tata Indica Vista is more feature rich(Driver seat height adjuster,Front seats Lumbar support,rear parcel shelf,front fog lamps,etc...) than the too pricey Honda Jazz. So what's premium here ? Only The Price tag....! ! At the end, In Today's scenario the segment lines are blurred. Courtesy improved technology,production skills & day to day raising competition(earlier Santro belongs to A+ segment now its being pushed to A segment).
  14. I have listed here only those cars which are in my Priority List, that's why i have omitted Jazz,i20 CRDi.
  15. If u people at there do not consider most of these hatchbacks as Premium,then why most of them are pitted against each other in Mega Diesel 6 car Shootout(between Swift,Ritz,Indica Vista,Fabia,Punto,i20) in ACI issue few months back. Was That just to praise the leading one against the smaller other rivals! And point to be noted that Indica Vista was developed with Swift as Benchmark/Reference. Similarly Ford and Nissan are developing their Figo & Micra too on same pathways. So if we call Swift a premium hatchback then why not others being called too.. Similar is the case with Maruti Ritz and Chevy Beat... So what are the clear criterion on which we call a car 'A Premium Hatchback' ! its specifications, features,price or what else...
  16. Congrats korg.... Manza really seems to be the good car with goob good VFM quotient too... And friend keep on posting your good views/things about your Manza regularly so that our bad impressions about Tata products will become an History.
  17. @anuprav There are always pros & cons of everything similar is the case with the Cruze too. Its a good car,infact personally i like it too.... Its just the Customer needs & what he/she needs makes all the difference. As there's a famous saying "Beauty always lie in the Eyes of the observer infact not in the things what he/she see...."
  18. Hi friends, I am making my mind for Fiat Punto 1.3 MjD Emotion variant. am i going rite or should i wait !!!! Any Fiat Punto owners here,please scribble down your experiences here.....
  19. @Emily Hi Emily, Its not good that you are facing too much irritants from your One & a half million car. These were the probable reasons due to which i've advised you to go for Toyota Corolla Altis or Skoda Laura in your earlier thread which you have posted before your purchase.... If you do remember !!!
  20. I've seen most of this type of rear/tail-lamp configuration in European or Euro-specced cars even the Indian VW Jetta & Passat have this. Other Examples being the Maruti Suzuki SX4,Fiat Punto,Skoda Fabia,Honda City ZX-Vtec,etc.......
  21. dr_nishu

    50000 ANHC

    Being a mass seller at its price band(nearing 10 lacs) is in itself 'A milestone of one of its kind'. So now,Who says that in India only cheap hatchbacks can clock huge numbers !! Rather.... "Its not only the Initial costs & couple of features that can make a car 'A Value for Money' but its the actual Feel Good factor what it delievers makes it." Here's the proof, a 50k numbers for ANHC in such a short span of time, even the original City,which was introduced some 11 years ago can still have good demand in 2nd hand market.
  22. I think everybody at here must have heard that A-Star is declared as,'Winner of light car division at Global Green Challenge for emitting just 89.9g.km of CO2 & being rated as 4th most environment friendly car in the world (after prius hybrid, civic hybrid, IQ) by VCD.' Does this have any relation with its Engine capacity,design & its 3-cylinder configuration ??? Smart answers are welcomed...... (Moderators note please ! Here i'm not merging the other thread but just given/used its reference here to clear this thread's topic. Waiting for your answers too........)
  23. @anand. The Wagon-R was jointly developed & shared by Suzuki & GM, This might be true that the new Wagon-R aka Splash was also developed conjointly. So Chevrolet used it to raise the Beat(new spark). The Beat most probably will be coming in India with 1.2 l, 85bhp petrol engine from GM-DAT,Korea & 1000cc,65bhp 3-cylinder Multijet Diesel engine based on 1.3 l multijet of swift,Punto,etc. by Fiat, Claiming 26-29 kmpl for Indian conditions. And the Chevrolet highly focussed on its interiors too to make it feet spacious & comfortable. Search Chevrolet Beat post here in this forum for its images.
  24. @ bluesapphire No they are not restricted to their K-series engine only as they might opt for the more powerful M-series engines by importing them for their cars to whom price will not be a major concern,like Dzire,etc. For more details, read this complete thread & its posts.
  25. @ anand, I am sure about the performance of Fabia derived 1.2 l petrol in Polo as it seems that it will not be able to perform like japanese & korean 1.2 gems. But it'll be powered enough just to propel it sufficiently like Punto 1.2 & Fabia 1.2 HTP. Rest, 26-28 kmpl is the mileage what the VW targeted for its Diesel version in Indian actual driving conditions(as per ACI). At last, VW intends the Indian Polo to be having basic & fuel-efficient,frugal,people mover image not as of sporty & hot hatch like Punto & Swift.