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  1. Comment on your choice too. . .
  2. Yes initially the Polo will be launched with the petrol motor from Fabia(Oh god ! VW must tweak it properly before inserting into it otherwise there'll be not any saving grace for the new Polo) later on(probably 2-3 months later) with its forte 1.2 l,70 bhp, 3-cylinder diesel engine claiming 26-28kmpl for India.
  3. As per various sources the Nissan is coming with swift sized & swift beating product which will be more cheaper,frugal & better than it. It actually seems to do so but its rear looks as shown in the pics(seems to be inspired from egg shell design) somewhat distracts from that goal & it seems it be hardly palatable for most of the Indian customers. Rest, else can be said after it'll be showcased at the Auto Expo 2010 or after its launch. But its definite that Nissan is coming with some new innovative & above the cult product.
  4. But if HH is listening to this optimistically they might follow the Bajaj's developmental stratergy as penned by Rajiv Bajaj before pulsars launch as a result of which the Bajaj will be capable of being world's top most two-wheeler maker as per their new Japanese technical advisor.
  5. @ arreddyy, I fully appreciate with you & your aspiring views about the Hero Honda. I think the HH knows this too very well but it seems that they are slightly selfish & somewhat frightened about these aspects as removal of the Honda suffix from their brand name will adversly affect their brand value(just imagine the name Hero Splendor & Hero Karizma instead of Honda written with them) & hence affecting their presence & customer belief on them. This may fizzle the whole HH brand as happened with Hero puch & hero winner,etc. So HH plays here safely & will be making the profits till HMSI comes loaded with complete HH beating range here. Afterall we are in a world of business not of emotions.
  6. Sure,an ultimately desirable & much affordable ford it'll be worth picking up one. Can anyone comment on its interiors here. Stated As per by its eye witnesses above it seems to be based on the fiesta's with alterations based on its low-price type like improvised single piece type centre console rather than complex of the original's with prominent central stereo positioning. Same single piece mould theme seems to be given to the door trims too but in an elegant look as per company sketches. Rest,it'll be nice If it features as hi-tech interiors as the sketches show.
  7. The swift seems to be definitely coming with K12M engine but nothing cann't be confirmed about the Swift Dzire as its story is altogether different as, -There's no excise duty relaxation in that segment with such specifications. -Price doesn't matters too much in its class like as that of hatchbacks. -More powerful engine is required as to propel the heavier body. So as per considering the above facts Maruti might not plonk it with the 1.2 l, K-Series engine, instead they may opt for 1.3 l, M13A engine which powers the swift internationally & don't mind being importing it.
  8. It was the best small car of the year 2008 by ACi. Being so much environment friendly even without an special frills & technological breakthroughs is great & matter of proud for such a car which is priced so less than the competitiors there. So, Just hang on hybrids, without them still there's a way to go. After all what we call it 'Made in India'.
  9. To be watched as pre-launch testing version,the interiors,the body fit & finishing levels seems to be very good as it seems they still have to go through the last round of finishing touches but as visible from the pics VW attention to detail is great. Its Expected 1.2 l diesel engine seems to be 3-cylinder version of the its internationally powering 1.6 litre 4-cylinder CRDi engine tweaked for refinement & frugality.(both aspects are well anticipated) Together making an well rounded package at promised tempting price. Now just having my fingers crossed.
  10. @ rahul, You are rite sir as is your example of Swift & Ritz, but the story of the Estilo,Wagon-R is different,as the mass seller amongst them is only the Wagon-R due to its practicality but the Estilo lacks it,may be due to its wrong positioning or marketing stratergies & at the end what's the result, again a 3rd time(old zen,Zen estilo,Estilo) sales figures much less than the targets,so are industrial losses rather than the emotional ones. So,instead of placing two confusing cars on one price band repositioning them might do some wonders.
  11. I fully agree with you Mr.Durangodude, What Maruti have done for India ,still not any other car manufacturer has reached that level,even Tata- as it still loses on quality front(just compare the fit-finsh,quality levels of Alto & Indica Vista,you would come to know all the story) & what the Maruti has sown the seeds of Quality,Reliablity,Affordablity & Customer satisfaction 20-25 years back are now bearing the Rich Fruits now. You can buy any Maruti Suzuki car today just on the basis of its looks & how it appeals to you & take it to anywhere in India(its fav destination being Leh-ladakh) without any single doubt/thought about it & its AfSS or anything else. If you visit the Maruti's Showroom,Service centre their officials welcome & treat you in a very good manner,what the most other,even new car companies lacks in their respective venues. Hats off to the Maruti.... But coming to the topic,as per my point of view The Maruti will have to Slightly reshuffle/reaarange its present car line-up in India & have to phase-out anyone -Wagon-R or Estilo from the current scenario as one out of them can also serve the almost same purpose rather than as of canniblisation. Rest,a little more powerful K-series engine powered will be warmly anticipated & welcomed here.
  12. @ Anand, Maruti Swift most probably will be getting the K12M engine due to following advantages over the M13A engine, -Localisation: The K12M engine is made MSIL in India but no M-Series engines are currently made in India by them,even SX4's 1.6 litre M-series engine is imported from Suzuki's other factory outside India. And to start Production of new Engine takes a huge investment. -Excise benefits: The 1.2 l engine gives the small cars much needed Excise duty concessions as per Indian govt. policies. -Fuel efficiency: Last but not the least, 1.2 l engine can definitely overtake the 1.3 l engine in fuel efficiency stakes,the back-bone of the Indian customer demands. So due to these MSIL might not bring the M13A engine for the Swift,intead it will Plonk the K12M under its hood.
  13. Hey,this is ts the VW Polo's sedan derived from the hatchback version. but this may not be the actual production version as the VW's chief said that they are developing a sedan version of the Polo hatch & will be having the completely re-skinned exteriors like Fiat Punto & Linea not like as Swift & Swift Dzire/Indica Vista& Indigo Manza as shown in the pics. . This is completely ugly thing from soon to becoming world's largest auto-maker.
  14. It has been on the news since last few months,even tata has shown its prototype sometime a year back. May it doesn't have the flaws same as that of the Omni as mentioned above by ramesh plus it seems to get the definite advantage over it by having Diesel engine(may be a 2-cyl from ace/magic or new 3-cyl design derived from Indica's.),a better Indica Vista-ish interior bits like dash,steering wheel,etc. Plus,an calculated(Ace+additional bits costs) price tag of some 3-3.5 lacs makes it more healthy package. But actually to me this typical bonnet-less design is not practical as it compromises on safety & efficiency(engine & its thermal effects,etc.) instead the short bonnet design like as that of Versa/Winger makes more sense & seems to be more trendy & practical.
  15. Amongst your choices,the car which suits best to you seems to be the Hyundai i20(1.2 petrol if you drive <50 kms daily,if you drive more just go for its 1.4 Diesel version).
  16. Hi there, The facelifted Swift which probably will be launched in the Auto Expo 2010 may not be exactly the global facelift version with altered specifications,most probably it will same current Indian Swift facelifted in Indian tone,i.e. have altered lights,bumpers,seat fabrics,dials,etc with Euro-IV tuned Diesel & 1.2 l K-Series Petrol engines. And Jaguar XJ will surely be displayed at Expo as its the Flagship Jaguar till now & Tata will definitely showcase it to mark its strong presence there.
  17. Its ok sir. Actually I searched it but unable to find as it may be stacked too low in the forum. Anyways,thanks for directing.
  18. The cars which most probably will be displayed at Auto Expo 2010 are: -New Nissan Micra.(L) -Nissan 370Z. -Nissan Teana & X-Trail(new variants). -New VW Polo.(L) -Volkswagen Golf. -Skoda Fabia RS. -Skoda Yeti. -BMW X1. -New BMW 5-Series. -Volvo SUV XC60. -Volvo S60 sedan. -Audi R8(new variant). -Bentley Mulsanne. -Jaguar new XJ. -Hyundai new Sonata. -Hyundai Santa Fe. -Hyundai i10 CRDi.(L) -Hyundai 800 prototype. -Ford Figo.(L) -Ford new Fiesta. -Ford mini-SUV. -Mahindra mini-SUV prototype. -Mahindra Renault Logan(facelifted).(L) -Mahindra Xylo 4x4. -Mitsuibishi new Lancer.(L) -Premier Rio(spiced up variants). -Chevrolet 800cc Spark.(L) -Chevrolet Beat(petrol& diesel).(L) -Chevrolet Aveo(facelifted sedan & hatchback). -Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 petrol.(L) -Toyota Prado Diesel. -Toyota Prius hybrid. -Maruti Kizashi. -Maruti Swift(facelifted).(L) -Maruti new Rs. sub 3-lac small car. -Maruti new tall-boy Alto/A-Star. -Tata Prima sedan. -Tata Indicruz.(L) -Tata Sumo grande(updated).(L) -Tata Indica Vista Ignis.(L) -spruced up !Tata Nano.(L) -Bajaj new Pulsar range.(L) -Bajaj new Discover 125 DTS-Si. -Kawasaki racing range. -Yamaha new R-series bike for india. *(L)-indicates the automobiles which are or probably be launched at Auto Expo 2010.
  19. Recently Tata has launched the 1st anniversary edition of highly popular & successful Indica Vista with new additional features on the top version like Ashen color S-Tec leather seats, Tan leather on cockpit & Door Trims, New integrated stereo, Ebony black interior scheme, Black painted roof, Black alloys with silver finish available in Porcelain White & Royale Gold shades. Anybody who has seen or got information(pictures,photos,etc.) about it,please upload it here. . . .
  20. Personally i dont think it resembles like i20,however in the 1st pic the black one really gives some 1st look of Spark front(see its headlamp design curve n cuts), the rear somewhat looks like punto-ish,especially the tail-lamp section & however the quarter rear glass looks like as of the Fusion but together they lend it a distinct upmarket looks which most of the current premium hachbacks lacks,giving it an altogether palatable identity... HATS OFF TO THE FORD......
  21. If you want to buy a hatchback,then you must go for Hyundai i20 1.2 kappa petrol or amongst diesel you can opt for Swift diesel. Else if you want to go for sedan,then check out the new Tata Indigo MANZA's base aqua 1.4 petrol version @ 4.8 lacs.
  22. As per your Driving kilometres/year or month or week,Go for the Petrol Engined hatchback,preferrably go for i20 kappa petrol or Punto 1.4 Emotion Variant,they are the best allrounders in the current Premium hatchback segment or else wait for the coming shortly 1.2 L K-series petrol engined Swift...
  23. The sure shot culprit behind its inablity to succeed smoothly in Indian market is its Dated rear looks,cramped rear seating,tinnyyy-ish boot(comparable to Mahindra flyte/Honda activa scooters) & somewhat short on its equipment levels(just compare its VXi/ZXi with the Swift/Ritz VXi/ZXi versions-what it lacks is the Tacho,defogger,fabric inserted door trims,etc in VXi & Rear Wash/Wipe,alloys,etc)really unacceptable for the car costing 4.5 lacs. Is the new technology & its development so much expensive that MSIL wants to recover it by doing scalpel job on its equipments(Check out its brochure looks very similar to the Alto.) But At last,I think Suzuki has realised this & thy Introduced the New tall boy Alto at Tokyo Motor Show this year,on similar lines of A*,with fixed above Flaws. Surely,it'll make its way very soon into the India,till then A* will be kept on the Standby mode.
  24. Punto has the best suspension & thus best ride & handling package amongst its segment,typically Italian in character. Very Ferrari,Masserati-ish. . .
  25. Hi guys, I've read in today's newspaper that their current Alto & Wagon-R will get the new advanced hi-tech K-Series engines instead of currently working old & dated F-Series engines. Probablity like Estilo is that they may also get their noses tweaked too alongwith minimal facelifts & refreshed interiors. More information will be welcomed please. .