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  1. Finally Maruti realised what the luxury is ! & how much do it matters in India... Thanks to the New Jazzed up interiors, however it would have been more liked if the centre console has been also given the Wooden Trim like that of on the Door pads. However much appealing is the new 10 spoke Alloys & techhyyyyy VVT badge(really surprising on the Maruti) Likely to pose some worries to the Honda or alikes too....
  2. Go for the Skoda Superb 1.8 TSi,its not the best amongst the choices you have mentioned but is Best Value for money car with very cheap maintenance costs amongst the Rest.
  3. This is the only way who initiated Indians to think the what the Fiat actually is !!!!! followed by their New Italiano Chics,aka Linea & Punto.. Aah !!! Still left is the 'FIAT first' backup programme......
  4. After the launch of Fiat Linea,I think its the best & most exciting sedan coming to India in the next coming year.. It'll definitely feature the best in class rear seat space amongst its segment,just check out its Rear seat bench base & legroom, As visible from the pics. iIt seems to be similar to the Tata Manza. And Likely to be introduced in it'll be the VW's famous 4-cylinder,1.6 litre Common-rail Turbodiesel engine which is currently powering the new-gen Polo in Sardinia alongwith the HOTTEST 1.2 TSi petrol. Alongwith VW's aggressive pricing stratergy for the India this'll definitely shake the executive sedan segment here alongwith other nearby segments to face the heat too. . Beware Verna,ANHC,etc..........
  5. 47 views & 4 days after posting,still no replies !!!!! Guys are you really so much annoyed by Honda to even hard to imagine about the Honda ?? Waiting for your replies,still..........
  6. 47 views & 4 days after posting,still no replies !!!!! Guys are you really so much discouraged by Honda to even hard to imagine about the Honda ?? Waiting for your replies,still..........
  7. Come on Autocar India team members, i am eagely waiting for the solid Explanation on this topic & also many other members are also waiting for this too as this is going to be the Great matter of concern/debate in coming future because Auto giants like BMWs,Nissan,VW,Skoda,etc are coming with such designs for the future cars. So respected ACI team,you are like Auto Gods to me to whom i'm following since Sept1999, please give healthy answer/Explanation on this topic & also do correct me where i was wrong in my explanations..
  8. I have also heard that some powerful 3-cyl engines can cause front end to vibrate vertically under high load conditions or under hard acceleration. How much its true,write down your views here. .
  9. Finally Chevrolet has decided to launch it in jan10 at Auto Expo & in 1.0 l Diesel first like its bomber Cruze,followed by 1.2 l Petrol later on. Source: Chevrolet dealership.
  10. And at last,please do write here which car you have bought whenever you'll buy it.
  11. Hi Emily, In this world you'll never get 100% appreciation always. But you should sincerely proud of yourself that your are getting maximum no. Of replies in the sportest span of time & most of them in them are being honest ones. And its again a nice thing that you are still sticking to your matter of point here. And 'ATITHI DEVO BHAVA'(means you are our guest & you are cordially welcomed here.)
  12. dr_nishu

    Engine Oil

    Nothing like this has been reported so far,even most of the european auto manufacturers use & recommend synthetic engine oils for their vehicles. Just go & try Castrol Power1 n write down its results here.
  13. dr_nishu

    Engine Oil

    Just check out the Castrol Power1 engine oil. I have used it & u'll definitely like it & the results are surprising & its benefits are alot.
  14. Hello Emily, Its good you have narrowed down your choice to Altis & Chevy Cruze. Both are good cars while the Toyota being pretty reliable too but what they both lacks is the upmarket image in India & falls somewhat short to what you wants. So that's why what i have replied earlier are the best possible cars in you can buy in India(irrespective of what they perform in other countries.) & better if you decide it from them. If can't,then go for Toyota Corolla Altis.
  15. In today's highly competitive current 150s crop,The Honda is lacking its presence there terribly. I think CBF Stunner with its class leading looks & the 150cc engine lift-over from Unicorn plus some added goodies like Tachometer,digi-console, etc simply work wonders here. How many of you agree with this ?? Or the Honda is coming with some other solution silently. . Post your comments/replies here as i am a die-hard Honda fan & wants to buy 150 bike soon..
  16. Wow. What a great idea. Now,who says the speed & mods are restricted to the high-end & highly priced Cars. Despite being a city car,whether in India or else in world, i think the Nano Abarth (if being built) will surely rock the Streets or Cities across the world. Finally,the era of TATA seems to be arriving. Hats off & Thanks to Mr.Ratan Tata sir.
  17. It is sold in only 5-door variants in whole world whether as A-star or Alto or Nissan Pixo,while its having the butterfly type opening rear window glass in the latter two & the former is having the conventional rolling type glass. Rest its better for the Maruti Suzuki to bank on its rear design rather than on Farhan Akhtar or else. And last but not the least, India is the fortune turning market of the world.
  18. Hi Emily, Welcome to India. As per your requirements the Skoda Laura seems to be tailor-made option for you,its upon you to select its Petrol or Diesel version(a test drive of both will make an easy judgement) Another option for you is the Honda Civic, the car pretty suited to Indian conditions & somewhat closer to your choices too.. Albeit you get them in India at higher price due to Dollar-Rupee value difference & Indian tax structure.
  19. Hi guys, Everyone have heard about the newly launched Mahindra Rodeo scooter & seen its macho commercial too but has anyone seen it actually ? I've even gone to its showroom in Ludhiana,Patiala too see it but they are not available there. If anyone gets any info about it or seen it or know about it or driven it,please write down your views here. .
  20. Wow its a very good news for Scooter lovers as the Piaggio has the reputation of making the best & most beautiful scooters in the world. Finally the Honda will be getting the serious competitor really for the 1st time. Really i am biting nails for it. . .
  21. No neither these are assumptions nor experiences but actually these are based on some data from media n technicians from auto service centres. These are just some probable issues that may creeps in & its not necessary that everybody should face it. If you & your friend are happy with your AT's,dats very good.
  22. Good car . . It seems to be a shrunken swift from side profile. As per my view, its a new upgraded version of european(indian a-star) with its flaws rectified based on customer feedback about poor rear space/legroom & tiny boot space alongwith improvised rear looks. Surely,it will not come to India as an Alto but its probablity that it may comes here as the upgraded/facelifted A-Star. .
  23. I agree with you 'jdrive' in driving pattern of the new-gen automatics but i totally disagree with your answer about maintenance issues as even their initial difference is not substantial but their maintenance costs differs hugely as they are imported & have complicated construction & hence parts.
  24. Mahindra Scorpio. Nothing else will do. . . . A very easy to drive & feels car-like in city unlike Vague & Wobbly Safari.