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  1. I haven't jumped from it during my 20km highway ride in it. It only feels slightly unbalanced at idle rpm,infact as it speeds up,it sounds very similar to the M800. .
  2. Jdrive is right as he already drives this car. The AT is a good & an effortless car to drive in city but will get boring once you hit the highway(my personal view). Fuel efficiency suffers too hence the resale value. I think i10 kappa engined MT is best as with torquey engine & good gearbox its rarely a tough work to drive in city plus free gift is the good fuel efficiency & better resale value & clutch life purely varies from driver to driver. Last but not the least,automatics costs a bomb & worries if it gets into the trouble.
  3. These are theoretical explanations only & are not practically holding what they sounds like. In an automobile, What actually counts is the Power/Torque to Weight ratios while driving, its not the cylinders for the same specifications,consider the case of 1000cc A* ,Spark or older 1-litre Santro. . And their service bills shows the real world differences with theoretically opposite. On contorary to your statement of less cylinders being less efficient ! This myth is even now broken by the Tata Nano over Maruti 800 in terms of better fuel efficiency & nearly similar power figures with almost same weight,lower aerodynamics & 20% less engine capacity. And just check out the Volkswagen Touareg with V10 engine pulling an full sized Boeing Aircraft in UK,at the company website. Its an actual practical truth. .
  4. Honda City AT with Paddle shift design is the ultimate Automatic in India today even over the Civic & Altis. Simply, Go for it..
  5. But surprisingly they are much more efficient & low on maintenance over 4-cylinder ones,proved by our favourite Maruti 800 n Alto's over the Other 4-cylinders siblings. Thanks to the friction dominating even over the balanced nature of the 4-cyl design(please note 'carispassion' sir). 2nd, the specifications matters not the cylinder configuration. Check out the new Honda Accord V6 with VCM tech.,it has only 3-cylinders working on the Cruising mode & very smoothly too(please note creativebala). I consider the 3-cyl coarse exhaust note a bit sporty as compared to the relaxed one of 4-cyl(petrols only,not in diesel's case). How many of you agree with this ! Does one cylinder less in them do really reduce the emissions footprint to our globe ? I think its yes & u ? Does only these are the only reasons for more & more auto companies shifting towards the 3-cyl design,recent being BMW, who unveiled its next-gen cars with high-capacity 3-cylinder engines. Waiting more answers, members..
  6. 4 days, 26 views after posting this post. But still no reply. Optimistically, Is no 1 is technically sound here to explain all this ! Come on guys. .
  7. If your driving is more than 50kms daily,then go for Indica Vista TDi diesel. If your running is less than this limit then go for the petrol engined & best Amongst them is Hyundai i10 kappa. . Else, Estilo is a good car but suffer from excessive height & dynamics.
  8. Hi guys, We already have heard that some cars have 3-cyl or some have 4-cylinder engines. I already know the differences between them. Just write here the merits & demerits of the both type of the engines.
  9. Don't bother about the diesel issue. Petrol engined cars are also get spoiled if u dont touch them for the week,repeatedly. But its easy to overcome that ! If you are not using your car from last 2-3 days, just keep it started for 5-8 minutes only. Usually,Toyotas' are quite reliable & are built to last. The Talibani's use only toyota vehicles too for this factor. Else,you can also choose its petrol version. Ask the dealer for its availability.
  10. Test drive the Innova & feel the difference. U'll automatically go with it. . Safari stands nothing in front of cars of 2day or future.
  11. I have just given the reference of the kinetic motors. I have read last month that the Mahindra is in talks with the Malaysian car maker 'Proton' for a small car for india. And some of its prototypes are already running in country too. .
  12. It seems not a tough task for Mahindra,as it has the potential,once they shown it at the Scorpio launch. While the ways for them to enter this segment are: 1. As per said Mahindra is developing A mini SUV at 5-6 lac budget,that's good. If it gets successful,Use that platform & fetch a hatchback on it. e.g As our Indian SX4 has some crossover origins. An possible,easy & less risk involving task. 2. Any alliance with the international company like Renault & answer in the form of Sandero. Or 3. Any takeover of any smaller brand. E.g: As kinetic motors is now Mahindra 2 wheelers.
  13. It seems not a tough task for Mahindra,as it has the potential,once shown at the Scorpio launch. A mini SUV at 5-6 lac budget will be welcomed but Mahindra can also take the shortcut via: 1. Any alliance with the international company like Renault & answer in the form of Sandero. Or 2. Any takeover of any smaller brand. E.g: kinetic motors is now Mahindra 2 wheelers.
  14. @ mr. Bala. I have said face-lifted swift not the next-gen ! And that face-lifted version will come with Euro-IV compliant 1.2 k-series petrol & remapped,retuned 1.3 l DDiS diesel engine with improved power characterstics plus improved interiors & slightly altered looks(highly restricted to the lights,bumpers,grille design.) And i forgot to mention the smart,cool Ford Figo(coming in march 2010).
  15. This is not the car which is coming to India in swift's category. That car is still under development stage & Honda's Indian chief M.Tagekadawa has clearly stated about its launch in 2nd quarter of 2011.
  16. The hatchbacks coming next year are:- 1. Volkswagen Polo. 2. Chevrolet Beat. 3. Renault Sandero. 4. New facelifted Suzuki Swift. 5. Nissan Micra. Go for Sony xplod range of speakers,they are awesome & not expensive too.... 3rd thing, i think you can get 1.5-1.8 lacs for ur Accent
  17. I am from Ludhiana,Punjab sir...
  18. I frenz, I want to meet the Team Autocar India. Can anyone tell me,how this will come true !
  19. Hi friends, Myself Dr. Nishant paika, a member of this forum. I am basically a doctor by profession & an Auto enthusiast by the heart. I belongs to the city Ludhiana,Punjab. I am now driving Maruti Alto car & Bajaj Pulsar bike. I am a regular addicted reader of Autocar India since its 1st issue & thanks to it who has kept the auto enthusiast alive in me. I love driving sporty cars & bikes. I'll always drive the new car or bike that gets launched in India. Automotive consultancy is my favourite pastime & its my forte too. .
  20. Go for the chevy Spark, as its the most peppy,smooth,silent,efficient & easy to drive & is women friendly too. Amongst ur choices if the driver is tall & wide then go for Estilo n if she's slim n not too tall,then go for A-star.
  21. Wow ! It would look like a multi-brand mega store. A Croma or Weekender of Automobiles. . But i'm sacred of Tata, being overshadowed by world's best brands. So,it would be better to allot them their independent galleries. So that the Tata remains a Tata & Ferrari-The Ferrari. . Don't mind Mr.Bala,as its the case of retaining Indian grace & its dominancy.
  22. Hi friends, I have heard that Chevrolet is going to launch its face-lifted Aveo sedan with 1.3 Multijet diesel engine from the Fiat soon. . Any scoops,information regarding it, Scribble here . .
  23. The bull bars are originally meant for providing the safety to the vehicle in case of front impact,but these r only meant for SUV's because of their ladder-frame(steel rails) type chassis construction (onto which the cabin is placed) & in case of frontal impact they help in transferring the energy of collision to the whole chassis/frame,thereby reducing the overall shock,harm to the cabin & passengers & leaving the rest of the job to be done by the Crumple Zone of the cabin to save passengers from the impact on the bonnet section. Whereas, Cars have Monocoque chassis(whole body acts as frame to mount engine,suspension,etc.) & the only safety feature in them to save passengers from front impact are the Crumple Zones In front nose area. If a bull bar is attached,it will be mounted under the body onto its chassis. In the front impact, if the bull bar is there it'll absorb the energy 1st damage the underbody of chassis & deform the Crumple Zone & thus reducing its efficacy & causing more harm than in its absence. Thus the Bull Bars are meant only for SUV's rather than Cars.
  24. Yes Dude, It'll be the 1st one on the top in silver,as the 2nd one is just the Photoshop edited Fusion & is not a feasible option for the Ford(dated,unreliable & expensive). Else,just keep ur fingers crossed as the Ford head from US is coming India this month to unveil it & will be headed for production after the Auto expo 2010.
  25. Yes the mags show the Ford hatchback like modded Fusion but it'll be a completely new car on Fiesta platform(as fusion is very expensive to develop n is quite unreliable too) in a complete re-skinned avtar. It'll be powered with 1.2 Duratec Petrol & 1.4 Duratorq Diesel engines with excellent dynamics,refinement & engineering.