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  1. I didn't own Ciaz but i still wanna answer your queries in general. Ciaz is having Electric power steering only, instead you might be missing the Gamestation like super-light feeling of other EPS units. Yes, Ciaz is having lighter bodyshell but i think it is stable & solid strength wise. Yes it might differ over its solid rivals like Fiat Linea, VW Vento, Skoda Rapid interms of solid feel & weight though. But safety features like Airbags, ABS & use of Seat belts do contribute towards a safer drive. So, don't worry & drive safe. & Congratulations on your buy.
  2. Since SUV trend is on a high in our country's automotive market nowadays. Almost every manufacturer is coming up with compact soft-roader SUVs, Pseudo SUVs(cars that look like SUV) or Crossovers but still we're having very less True SUVs with proper SUV traits specially below Rs.10 lacs price range, Present ones are Mahindra Thar(DI & CRDe), Maruti Gypsy & Force Gurkha, the sales of the last one is also restricted to BS-III markets only. Since Maruti Suzuki is enjoying success of its products by virtue of their versatility, fuel efficiency & value for money aspects. With keeping all these aspects & market scenario under consideration, I think this is the best time for Maruti Suzuki to introduce Suzuki's Globally acclaimed Compact SUV Jimny here in India, again reason being the highly oriented customers demand towards the true SUVs & Jimny being a very fine yet rugged product is very capable to justify itself here by virtue of its capabilities. It can easily carve its niche where others failed with keeping its identity distinct. Though Globally its available in Petrol engine only but it would even more better if Maruti Suzuki can introduce it with any Diesel engine option here. (Pic source: Suzuki company website)
  3. Recently I came across a New Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire with minimal disguise on a NH. Spied variant was Silver coloured MS Swift Dzire ZDi, which had random black tape stickers on its lower part, mostly at its Rear bumper & Rear bootlid. The car also had Red number plate. Also attached was somewhat stand like equipment on its behind, maybe to hold some test equipment. Haven't seen any change in its external body, may be car was on testing for any engine upgrade or any mechanical equipment addition rather than facelift or else. On the lines of launch trend of Maruti Suzuki, I expect this car for testing of Maruti Suzuki's recently adopted SHVS Mild-Hybrid technology, which can boost its fuel efficiency to very high levels as compared to its segment standards or it could've been featuring AMT too, but it didn't featured any special badging though. Lets wait & see, what's Maruti Suzuki has on offer for us.
  4. Don't just compare the variants on alphabetical terms. There is specification difference between City & Jazz to justify the premium, as City VX(P&D) gets Electric Sunroof, Leather upholstery & Push-button start-stop feature whereas all these are absent in top-end Jazz VX. BTW, IMHO Honda 1.5 i-DTEC engine is superior than Hyundai 1.4 Diesel engine powering i20 CRDi atleast in Reliability & fuel-efficiency terms. Comparing overall package I think it will be too early to comment on which is best out of either of these two.
  5. With the trend for Automatic gearbox in cars is growing up fast in our Indian car market. Reason in addition to the convenience they offer, manufacturers now have ironed out their biggest shortcoming as compared to their Manual gearbox variants i.e Fuel efficiency. (Photo of Alto k10 Autogear used for representation purposes, source: Autocarindia.com) With car manufacturers claiming even better fuel efficiency for Automatic gearbox than Manual ones, which one do you all prefer or want to prefer & Why ? Please share your thoughts & experiences.
  6. I guess decals on its tail-gate have to do a heavy task to make it look more noticeable & attractive. BTW, don't wanna say a word against its looks, as it is already well styled. What needed on its inside the more or whose absence i felt at its unveiled version is Tachometer. Atleast on its top-end versions it can add the sporty element even a bit more than actually its having.
  7. Firstly, its not 4 L. Its around Rs.2.2 lacs. Secondly, what Honda City is adding to is Boot, completely different styling, premium brand value plus higher slab of 4m+ taxes. Jazz prices are no doubt lucrative, but that are for withing its Premium segment only without intermixing withing different segments & thoughtfully separated from Brio & Amaze.
  8. Whole car ! wow, nice. BTW, which car can complete this sentence ?
  9. @ameya_m; Primarily its a matter of safety at first, so spending a penny more or less does makes a sense. Since your car is new, 2014(definitely under warranty) make so asking MSIL or MASC for its solution is your prime right, after that you can get it corrected from outside mechanics or service center. Yes regarding brake pads replacement, i agree as our fellow ACI-ian said, as try from Bosch, just not because it can correct the problem, but it might compensate the lacuna what standard brake is lacking. But even before i suggest you to do stick to what MASC does, else you will lose precious warranty of your car.
  10. READY FOR RACE ! Wow.. A great tagline to drive & write upon. Firstly Congratulations for such a fantastic racing machine. But what i found the most catchy are its innovative features like Rear pillion seat, which itself is a craftsmanship in itself. Then are its inbuilt turn indicators in its wing mirrors. Another thing catches attention is its pillion grab rail beneath the seat in its middle(is it an accessory !). Offcourse thanks for sharing its FE & most importantly its service costs. Do share pics of its rear also. Great biking.
  11. Again back to the same thread, topic & question. Want tk change the tyres of my Alto again. This time my car has clocked 1.13k kms & front Ceat Milaze tyres are still 50-60% of their original tread left or can say they're really 'Born Tough' & are working Tough too. So now planing to change just a set of tyres i.e: 2 tyres of front, so which would be the best for it ? Size remaining the same, which brand should i go with ? - apollo. - Bridgestone. - MRF ZVTS. - MRF ZLO. Or any other good option. Already rules out JK tyres & GOOD YEAR tyres due to their heard & above listed cons.
  12. Seems to be another winner from Maruti Suzuki in India or from Suzuki globally. A unique design in itself not a copy of anything & thankfully Suzuki moved from Swift-like buldging designs. Speaking a bit about it its Front end though looks simple, Rear looks Super gorgeous with a butt like design once a hit in 2000 crop of cars, still living to its beauty. Together with oval taillamps, just reminding of Palio & Merc A-class, thanks its not a copy of it. Going by the size of car & segment standards, i expect this car to sport 90PS version of Fiat Multijet diesel engine.
  13. ABS equipped is better plus it's having more safety features like Twin Airbags. Alloys & Auto AC are important addition.
  14. There's nothing as per law about the metal sheet strength being used for making cars, it all depends upon manufacturer whosoever uses & of what type as per their brand tag. Something has to be standardized here, taking care of at least safety & crashworthiness sake.
  15. Have seen Initial Logan featuring Intercooler mounted behind the front air-dam of front bumper of some previous Logans', heard later on that Logan/Verito misses on Intercooler for its Diesel variants. What's its status now ? Is it still standard equipment on Verito & Verito Vibe ? or absent now Can anyone update on this !
  16. No doubt Innova is a king in this segment, but where it lacks majorly is for fuel efficiency & it's a can't be neglected fact, it's almost half to what its competitor(Honda Mobilio) offer & another is for the features it offer like even missing Tachometer on Mid-spec some of its G variants. Fuel efficiency wise no one can beat Honda Mobilio, but too light body, average interiors & too narrow flat front seats are among its negatives. Drive it & check it out first before ruling it out completely. For the budget, I would not recommend to neglect Nissan Evalia or Mahindra Scorpio. Check them out too before making your purchase.
  17. Maruti Swift facelift bits leaked(accidently or by mistake) in newspaper advts: Recently I came across newspaper advertisement of Maruti Swift, highlighting its main bits/features, also seen in advertisement is the accidently leaked or by mistake shown DRLs around the fog lamps which are expected to be the part of Swift facelift, to be launched end of this year. The same thing was happened with Alto 800 advertisement also, when accidently they posted the pic of tail light of upcoming Alto k10. What's your take on this guys ?
  18. Personally i didn't find much negative with New Scorpio. Only waiting for its Test drive to find how the New chassis behaves in stability stakes at high speeds, else Scorpio was fine already & is still getting atop with timely updates.
  19. Go for Swift VXi. Its one of the best petrol car for the price.
  20. Ford to discontinue Figo from India for an all-new car in 2015, based on Ford KA global platform, which has to underpin Figo Compact sedan also, to be launched end 2015. Swinging sales & older gen-version has been the probable reason for this move, while EcoSport has overtaken it in popularity terms. An excerpt from ET says, 'NEW DELHI: Ford has decided to phase out its best-seller Figo hatchback from India and will replace the model with a new-generation car — also to be badged as Figo — by late next year. The company will also phase out Classic' entry sedan to make way for the new mid-size car that was showcased at the Delhi Motor Show in February this year. ...... However, it is time that it makes way for the new 3-generation model which is currently under development to tune it for Indian conditions. This should be out by next year," sources told TOI. The new sedan will hit the market by the middle of 2015 and will also carry 'Figo' family name apart from its own individual identity. "It will be a case similar to Maruti's Swift hatchback and its mid-size version, the Swift Dzire," sources said. The new-generation car will be based on the 'Ka' compact vehicle, which Ford has recently started manufacturing in Brazil. Ford decided to continue with Figo badge in India considering the high recall value that the brand carries among buyers. hile Figo clocked the highest volumes for Ford in India, it has now been overtaken by the Eco Sport SUV. However, lack of a strong model in the big-number compact car segment has been impacting Ford's overall volume growth in the car market. Sources said the new models will come in as Ford begins production from its second plant at Sanand in Gujarat (in the first quarter of next year). The company's first plant is located in Chennai and the addition of a new plant will provide Ford the numbers to freely launch newer models'. (Information source: Economic times.com, Pic source: autocarindia.com)
  21. It isn't de-regulated yet but i can happen anytime soon. Read somewhere today that Diesel is going to be 35paise cheaper/litre while Petrol to become expensive by 55paise/litre. Let's see what happens in future.
  22. Looks good for the segment to which it caters. However after noticing its size from side, it seems to be a Sub 4-metre long car to avail small car excise duty benefits & another fact comes with the latter is that this might could be a Rebuilt Quanto with 1.5litre, 3-cylinder which isn't a good seller. But all in all this is a good move to refresh Mahindra's oldest yet rugged. One thing i liked the most is hidden hinges of its doors, finally which a Bolero dreams & it needs.
  23. My cousin have 2008 model Honda City i-VTEC S variant. It has clocked 32k kms & he wants to upgrade its tyres from stock 175/65R15 to slightly bigger 185 sized tyres. His driving is mostly at good roads. So which tyre brand will suit his car ? He likes to switch to 185 section Michelins, does they suit well to the car ? & of which side profile section ?
  24. The Alto shown in the spy shots posted above by @freakyskull, courtesy gaadiwaadi.com seems to be regular Alto 800, without much noticeable differences, atleast i won't make out much, if anyone does, please share. I don't think its upcoming facelift or k10 Alto, its engine bay is still small which can accomodate 800cc engine only, not 1.0 litre k10. However i can't rule out the possibility that this car might sport Maruti Suzuki's upcoming 800cc Diesel engine for testing purposes.