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  1. Seems that Maruti Suzuki is silently making changes to its mainstream models. Have noticed this in my 2012 Dzire ZDi June make & my neighbour's recently brought April 2014 Dzire VDi. Have a look at the pics below & do spot the differences in the body lines, Right Driver side rear, Left Passenger side rear, I request everyone to have a look at this & comment on this. Later on we'll discuss & try to relate & conclude our views about this. Have seen changes in Plastics & material quality over time in production vehicles but have noticed this in body lines also in a car of same make, model & same generation. **EDIT** Pics adjustment
  2. Apple branded ones won't be available in that budget. Within your budget range, you can either go for hp. Personally i dont like Dell laptops. Another option is ACER or ASUS, though these brands may score a bit less in terms of brand value but they're much reliable & are available in great configurations in your budget range, Asus even comes with i7 processor in that range.
  3. No official word of info about it yet. As all-new FZ is coming soon this year & Fazer is based on it, so possibility of its newer version can't be ruled out altogether. Wait & watch for what can happen actually.
  4. Suzuki Inazuma price slashed by Rs.1 lakh, now priced at Rs.2.09 lacs(ex-showroom, Delhi) as against previous ex-showroom price of Rs.3.1 lacs only.
  5. It looks very nice as compared to the previous one, with its front looks being a main attraction. However its rear legroom remains a major concern. Being a slow seller, its spare parts price is also a concern. To make it more interesting proposition, Ford needs to lower its base price to increase customer footfall & its sales in India.
  6. How's Sony Xperia Z handset, guys ?
  7. Already having iPhone 4s, given it to my sis. Have been to Croma outlet today & checked out few handsets like Sony Xperia T2 ultra, htc desire 816, Nokia XL, Nokia 1020 phablet phone & Samsung Note 3 neo also. No one appealed & convinced to be bought. Samsung colors seems to be too much saturated, specially in Note 3 Neo. Note 3 is better.
  8. Congratulations alot for buying a New Hodna Amaze diesel, its a good car with more positives than its segment rivals. Plus its On-road price seems to be quite affordable to for what if offers & what its buyer expects. Plus i like its color. Do update with few more of its pics & do update us regularly with its service, fuel efficiency & its ownership costs.
  9. Well New Honda City could be a good upgrade for you, why not you're considering is suspicious for us, considering you're already a satisfied Honda customer. Terrano although a good car but i doubt would you like owing it after driving a Honda for so many years. So, prime option for you is new honda city, if not then you can wait for upcoming Maruti Ciaz sedan, which seems to be promising option for the segment, read whole story() expected to be launched by this July. VW Vento is a good option, scores high on quality, comfort(i think!), solid & stable ride quality but be overall maintenance & spare parts availability & its costs might be an issue in the long run. But overall its a better package than Honda City, i think. Btw, VW India is also planning to introduce smaller yet equally powerful 1.5 litre, 104PS TDi engine which has to be localized heavily & built in India, which might prove relatively less expensive than current 1.6 TDi ownership as the latter is an imported unit, so cost effectiveness for its spare parts seems to be there for localized unit.
  10. It's having 12-inch rims not 13 inchers. Already using OEM wheel covers , which once came on Zen VXi(the last facelifted version) but frankly speaking i'm quite bored of them as they're on duty since we've purchased the car in 2005, so wants some change & freshness to its looks. Already installed black mirror finish tape on its B-pillar from last 2-3 years & it looks awesome & gives it almost B-pillarless continuous glass feel when viewed from outside(will post a pic soon). Its tyres are still in good condition as they're replaced 20-25k kms ago. More suggestions are welcomed ACI-ians
  11. Htc desire 600 is a good phone, but its negatives include still high price & nlt so convincing looks. Dad isn't keen on buying htc cellphone either. Preferable brands are Sony & Samsung. Moto X is single sim hence is of no use for dad. Have shown him Moto G, but i doubt its reliability & service support. Could anyone knowing about or is having it please enlighten about it. M2 is better than Xperia C on almost all respects like looks, Phone memory capacity & Camera though i find camera of Xperia M2 also not so convincing either. But where M2 poorly scores is on its poor basic TFT display, its poor on its color level, saturation, etc completely unexpected from Sony & on a priced this much. Xperia C display is still better than M2 i'd say but it badly lacks internal memory space. Btw, there could be a bit of alteration in buying plans, i'm planning to buy a phone for myself first as dad still wants to wait further. I've shortlisted Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo. What's your take on this handset ACI-ians ?
  12. That's really bad Leo. Take care of yourself & get well soon. BTW, What's the affected part actually ? Exactly, even my dad had a fracture of Left foot, during an accident when he fell off from an Activa & Activa's footboard causing a compression injury & hence fracturing it, during the first week of May. Definitely a planetary expression. Jupiter will be changing its position on 19th June 2014.
  13. Dad not keen on cellphones with more than 5-inch display size & the handset itself becomes too large & bulky for an easy carrying. Has also shown him Sony Xperia T2 Ultra dummy, but they found it to be too large, same goes for Mega also. Also seen Sony Xperia M2, it's of comfortable size, configuration but its plain TFT display is too poor for a cellphone in such price & segment. Now comes the latest entrant -Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 into the consideration list. Lets see how the story unfolds further. More suggestions please, ACI-ians.
  14. Congrats for booking Celerio. Yes being a maruti car you'll feel the suspension light & not as composed as Figo but that won't be much an issue considering the overall fuel efficient & cost effective package & living with the car makes you feel better day by day but its added advantage is strong, stable & more confident braking as it's due to more stiff bodyshell.
  15. ACI-ians need your suggestions please. Had to buy a Mobile handset for my dad, most probably a dual sim one. What could be the best option within Rs.25-26k budget range ? I've seen & shortlisted: -Sony Xperia M2 Dual. -Sony Xperia Z(single sim though). -Samsung Galaxy S-III Neo(dual sim). Quality phone with good display clarity, sound quality are prime concern.
  16. Guys, tyres of car are ok & are in good conditions. I'm discussing here about wheels.
  17. @rssh; Tyres were replaced on time. All 4 Suspension struts replaced recently, i guess 15-20k kms ago. Brake pads were also replaced on time. Spark plugs needs replacement. Body needs some denting painting job here n there with compounding all over. Ya you're rite on seat cover aspect, they're worn out & needs replacement. Any suggestion for tyres quickly guys. Otherwise, i'm planning to re-install the same wheelcaps again soon.
  18. Alloys design is still the same, remains unaltered fot facelift as well. Personally i didnt liked its(alloy) design to my taste as i can't understand its pattern design so was planning for wheel only upgrade(also posted the same at its ownership thread) Btw, Suprised to see someone likes its design.
  19. A more mature face i'd say which i think it needs to differentiate it from hatchback sibling to add some sedan like zinger. Missing chrome elements in present Dzire over previous gen car makes its comeback & were desperately needed as this segment & price band requires loads of chrome. However its rear looks remain same except for new redesigned rear bumper which gives away the place of rear fog lamp, as pic from the source article reveals.
  20. Toyota launches Etios Cross at Rs.5.76 lacs with 4 variants: TKM launches Etios cross is 4-variants(2 Petrol & 2-diesel) today with base variant priced at Rs.5.76 lacs. I'd say this is the best variant mix by Toyota with Etios series in India. With striking looks, sensible powerplants, intelligent variant packaging, sensible pricing(still i'd say) & considerable differentiation from Liva, this car seems to be having a great potential to be a seller & to revive sales within Etios brand for Toyota. An excrept from source article, Toyota kirloskar motors has launched the much discussed Toyota Etios Cross in India. The Toyota Etios Cross prices in India start at INR 5.76 lakh, ex showroom, Delhi and the new model goes on sale in two trim levels- G and V. While the petrol engine variants will be called G and V, the diesel engine equipped Etios Cross will be sold under ‘GD’ and ‘VD’ monikers. oyota Etios Cross Prices are as follows- Toyota Etios Cross G (1.2 petrol)- Rs 5.76 lakh Toyota Etios Cross V (1.5 petrol) – Rs 7.35 lakh Toyota Etios Cross GD- Rs 6.9 lakh Toyota Etios Cross VD- Rs 7.40 lakh. Source: Motoroids.com
  21. Ford Classic prices begins at Rs.4.88 lacs for base petrol, it's 10k lesser over its previous price. @neerajd: If by the delivery of your car dealer refuse to give he car at new reduced price due to non-arrival of orders from Ford then better is to delay the delivery for another few days but make sure you get equal promotional offers with new price as with new prices or variant launch auto cos used to stop the discounts or they do price cut to cut off the massive discounts earlier they used to offer. Btw, Read somewhere today that Hyundai is offering Rs.48k discount on Verna diesel & Rs.43k on Verna petrol. Do checkout thr final OTR price of Verna 1.4 CX CRDi at you nearest dealer for a while, if i'm not distracting from your decision.
  22. Brakes with ABS first of all makes driver ti steer the car even when the brakes are applied with complete force & this does makes alot of difference in bumper to bumper city trafic as well as on highways. However you doesn't get braking bite like non-ABS brakes but braking is more sure-footed plus Brake force distribution is also much better to each wheel under different tarmac conditions due to EBD(Electronic brake force distribution) accompanied with ABS.
  23. Hyundai officially introduces EON 1.0 with 1.0 litre kappa VTVT engine at Rs.3.83 lacs: Hyundai has officially introduced the 1.0L kappa engine for its entry level small car Eon. The new engine with dual VTVT, produces 69PS of power @6200rpm and 94.14Nm of peak torque @3500rpm. This extra amount of power and torque will help in faster acceleration and will also reduce the number of gear shifts in tedious city driving condition. The company also claims an efficiency figure of 20.3kmpl (ARAI certified). The transmission duties are performed by the five speed manual gearbox. The all-aluminium 1.0L kappa engine, with the use of aluminium head and block has helped in weight reduction, in turn enhancing the performance as well as the fuel economy of the car. The low friction timing chain and piston cooling jets maintain an optimum piston temperature, thus helping in increasing the performance as well as the efficiency. The Eon with the addition of this bigger heart will be better equipped to face the competition.Rest of the car (Eon) remains pretty much the same as the previous version (which will obviously continue to be sold). The car can be differentiated externally by the ‘Kappa’ badge on the right side fender and the ‘1.0’ badge on the boot lid. The engine cover also gets a ‘K 1.0’ badge. Eon 1.0L is available only in the Magna+ variant in India for now. But we believe, Hyundai will introduce more variants soon. Source: Motorbash.com
  24. That are quite a pocket friendly service charges. Reagarding problems: 1) First one problem can be due to loose exhaust bolts if not due to clutch plates. If the latter are involved then clutch operation will also be affected like it can get hard or too light sometimes or their slippage can happen under heavy load conditions. If these problems aren't there then there're rare changes of clutch related issue. And there're very rare chances of clutch problem in a brand new car which is few thousands kms driven until it has been driven more with clutch slipping habits or the car came with some manufacturing defect. 2. This one may be due to loose AC compressor Pulley or spring which engages the pulley when the AC is switched on.