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  1. There're no such errors on forum function but still if you're facing any bugs, then you can message this issue to moderation team. They'll definitely try to resolve this issue.
  2. Styling is love it or hate it, type ! But having a strong racing legacy, hot favorite Brand ambassador can make this machine gain popularity with relative ease than normally. Personally i like this bike for its Parallel twin engine as parallel twin engines are quite breeze to drive with delightful exhaust note. At expected price of Rs.3.13 lacs this bike is still cheaper than Ninja 250 & is better loaded than latter. However its rear styling is too plain-jane & is quite similar to Suzuki's smallest Hayate-ish.
  3. We were already told that Volkswagen is going to upgrade its Polo hatchback in India this year aka 2014. On similar lines before its framed launch we came across its completely undisguised spy shots across the web as, An excerpt from IAB, The front bumper of the refreshed Polo sees two design changes compared to the current model. While the current Polo features a honeycomb mesh, the refreshed Polo will get horizontal slats as seen in this prototype. The foglights have become notably smaller than the current model, though they’re now enclosed in a different L-shaped housing. Last year, a VW official said that the company will begin to change the design of their cars, not in a revolutionary manner, but in small places such as the foglight enclosure. In India, we believe that the Polo will be the first among VW’s offerings to sport this new design, while overseas, the slight design shift will be seen on the Golf Sportsvan. The Polo spied here also sports a different headlight layout compared to the European Polo (the VW Polo made in India sports a different look compared to the Euro model). The tinted lens has been replaced by a clear lens, while the overall shape of the cluster continues unchanged. (IAB) Some sources also told of the introduction of its more powerful 1.5 TDi engine for Polo hatchback to replace its puny & adequately powered 3-cyl, 1.2 TDi engine. Unsure of the latter, lets what VW is having this year for us ? **EDIT** Text addition.
  4. This car isn't made in a cost cutting way but it will definitely offer a bit more than Datsun Go in many areas. This car can seriously spoil the party of Datsun Go by offering all the same in a more fuel efficient, refined way, while offering Maruti's peace of mind.
  5. Happy New Year 2014 to everyone.
  6. That's quite nice, Leorahi. Which place is this ?
  7. Honda Brio Crossover, rendering: Since Honda has confirmed that they're coming up with compact SUV based on Brio platform by 2016. Meanwhile to plug the gap why not to launch this car as early as possible in India, since VW has already done it by launching Cross Polo, Maruti Suzuki is going to do this next year by launching next-gen SX4 crossover hatch, Fiat is also doing the same in the form of Punto crossover, Toyota might soon join the party with Etios Liva crossover, since they're already having it in Brazil. Based on market reports & surveys, if these crossovers have sustainable market here, It can be launched quite easily by mildly adapting it by; -Raising its ground clearance & adding taller struts to it. -Adding bigger wheels & tyres, even 175section from Honda City can do the job fine. -Most importantly optional 1.5 i-DTEC Diesel engine from Amaze compact sedan. -Plastic cladding & additional kits on its bumpers. -Spruced up interior elements with mock Carbon-fibre finished console elements. -Other milder additions. Since these features make the car make & feel robust, by retaining its key virtues like small size, nimble character & sub 4-meters length, which along with 1.5 Diesel engine option will make it very competitively priced.
  8. Its front seems to be differentiated from Grand i10's by Silver/chrome lined central air-dam, blackened/smoked headlamps. Alloys are 14-inchers & are straight lift-off from i20. @Sstar; The C-pillar in spy shots is different, more clearer & simpler than shown in above posted rendering pic. Now the suspense left will be of tail-lamp design & the name of this car ! Will it going to be named as 'Accent' again ! or any new name.
  9. Quality & True-blue french character is the real essence of this Renault Koleos. And it is the true Renault car in India alongwith Fluence, else all other Renault range is rebadged products from its alliances/sister brands. But personally, this car never appealed to me as an SUV, instead it looks more like a Crossover. Regarding pricing, Rs.18-20 lacs can be fine for this car, considering Rs.10-13 lacs price band is already occupied by its smaller sibling, Duster.
  10. IMHO, Brio-based compact SUV will not be more than raised Brio on bigger wheels with huge cladding & other macho elements added. Maximum it can be their Mobilio MPV chopped to duck under 4-meters mark to avail the excise benefits. But if it has to be called as an SUV, then it needs to have some additional stiffness & body reinforcements than Brio to do its desired task. 1.5 i-DTEC diesel engine is already welcomed but better sound insulation & better interiors together can make the package more tempting, specially to the price range to which it's going to cater, almost double on which it's going to be based i.e Brio.
  11. Nice to see you on forum after a longtime DD. Btw, a nice night shot.
  12. Too good update for a decade old car. I specially liked the snout-y treatment given to the central front grille & below it part. Headlamps, dashboard, front bumper, bonnet & tailgate are all-new. Central Intercooler scoop is also all-new with mesh design associated with it & is relocated too, towards the front grille. Interiors too seems to featuring new modern look, to take head on the competition in its own way with its distinct feel.
  13. Read it somewhere, New Honda City launch is expected on 7th Jan, 2014.
  14. TATA Nano twist launch on 13th Jan, 2014. Source: http://www.autocarindia.com/auto-news/tata-nano-twist-to-launch-on-january-13-2014-368490.aspx
  15. SCOOP ! New Honda City variants & specifications: According to the source, the new 2014 Honda City will be available in five trim levels - E, S, SV, V and VX - in both the diesel and petrol versions. All versions of the Honda City diesel model are expected to come with ABS, EBD and a driver airbag as standard while the petrol versions of the new Honda City, while all but the base petrol (E) trim will have ABS. Also, the top three variants on both the diesel and petrol Honda Citys will come with an additional front passenger airbag. The automatic climate control air-con with touch controls will be available only on the New Honda City SV, V and VX trims, while the lower two trims will come with a manual air conditioner. The top three trims will also exclusively get air-con vents for the rear seats. While only the top two trims of the new 2014 Honda City get the five-inch display, eight-speaker entertainment system with a CD player and reversing camera, the S and SV trims come with an integrated four-speaker system without a CD player or the camera. Both audio systems offer USB, aux-in, Bluetooth streaming and steering-mounted controls, though, and the base Honda City E comes without an audio system. The top two variants of the new 2014 Honda City are the only ones to get alloy wheels, front fog lamps and power outlets at the rear seats. The range-topping New Honda City VX trim gets chrome door handles, leather upholstery, push-button start, sunroof and keyless entry via a smart key. The all-new 2014 Honda City will be offered with the carmaker’s new 1.5-litre made-for-India diesel motor and the 1.5-litre i-VTEC petrol motor from the outgoing car when it is launched on January 7, 2014. The petrol car will also be offered with the option of a CVT automatic gearbox. Source: Autocar India.
  16. Now that it has established itself firmly in the Indian market with the popular Duster, Renault India wants to give its premium SUV, the Koleos, a second chance, and to that end, it will soon introduce a facelifted version of it. When it was launched in 2011, the very capable Renault Koleos didn't really take off, for a few reasons. Firstly, Renault was a relative unknown in India then, and secondly, it was priced to compete with already popular seven-seat SUVs like the Toyota Fortuner and Hyundai Santa Fe. Most of all, though, the Renault Koleos' soft, smooth crossover styling wasn't a hit in a country that likes its SUVs big and rugged. So will the few key updates that Renault has given the Koleos help it grab a stronger foothold in the market? The Koleos’ 2.0-litre diesel engine has been tinkered with and now produces 171bhp (23bhp more than its predecessor). Where the Koleos truly impresses is the way it glides over road undulations. The Renault’s ride is very absorbent and makes easy work of broken tarmac irrespective of its speed. The suspension also keeps thuds in check and only very large potholes ruffled the Koleos’ composure. The overall stability at speed is impressive, and the accurate steering wheel drills confidence in the driver. For an SUV, the body roll is very well controlled too. Renault is now assembling the 2.0-litre M9R engine in India, and that should bring the costs down significantly for the company. But the bad news is, the price for this facelifted version is expected to be higher than its predecessor. We expect the range to stretch between Rs 25-30 lakh, which sadly makes it quite pricey for what you get. However, that doesn’t take away any of the Koleos’ capabilities, and if you drive primarily on the highway, the Koleos will definitely leave you impressed. Source: Autocar India
  17. (Pic source: autoinfoz.com) Honda will not be bringing its attractive looking Vezel SUV to India. The Jazz-based SUV (codename: 2XP) that was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2013 seemed perfect for our market, and there were plans to bring it here by 2015, but those plans have now been dropped. A major reason for this decision is the fact that the rupee has lost 20 percent of its strength in just two years, considerably driving up the Vezel’s cost. It would have had to be priced at around Rs 16 lakh in India, making it significantly more expensive than its competition – the Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano and Ford EcoSport, which set the benchmark for prices in this segment. “My impression is that the Vezel is a little expensive to fit into this vacuum. It has technologically advanced features and the localisation of these features would take much more effort and expense, making it difficult for us at this moment,” said Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, managing officer Asia and Oceania, explaining the challenges Honda will face in filling the void between the City and the CR-V with the Vezel. As an example, he said, “The Vezel employs an electric handbrake that will take a lot more effort and investment to locally design and manufacture. Moreover, swapping this for a regular handbrake will involve a fair deal of redesign and engineering costs, and isn’t viable.” Inside sources also revealed that the Vezel’s cockpit is quite expensive, making it difficult to price it competitively. The good news is that the company is now evaluating the Honda Brio’s platform for an all-new compact SUV. Developed specifically for emerging markets, this platform is relatively inexpensive and hence, can allow Honda to price the SUV competitively. Honda has already stretched this platform for the Amaze compact saloon and further still for the Mobilio MPV, displaying its flexibility to accommodate a longer wheelbase. -Autocar India.
  18. Merry Christmas everyone :-)
  19. HM might opt for Fiat's 1.3 Multijet for Amby CS: Once a strong rival of an era, now trying to join hands with each other. An exrcept from IAB article, Economic Times is reporting that Hindustan Motors is engaging in talks with Fiat for engine supply. The report does not elaborate on the variant that will use Fiat’s technology, but it is public knowledge that India’s oldest car manufacturer is coming out with a sub-4m variant of the Ambassador next year which would need an engine that displaces under 1.5-liters to avail excise benefits doled out to small cars. Read more: http://indianautosblog.com/2013/12/hm-ambassador-fiat-multijet-engine-107474#ixzz2oQFqCOCY
  20. Probably this kind of project-Dolphin is already conceived by Tata motors few months back when they revealed that a Wagon-R like hatchback is in making with around Rs.3.5 lacs of price tag & based on Indica V2 platform.
  21. A STRICT NO NO to this car for India ! Reason being Duster is sold in India just because of its Macho rugged looks & Sheen of an SUV. And we Indians don't like Pick-up vehicles, as they're not used as lifestyle vehicles here as in some other markets. So instead to helping the Duster sales, it'll ruin the image of current Duster compact SUV charm also. It's based on ultra-cheap Logan/Verito platform not V-platform. V-platform came into existence much later on with New Micra/Pulse/Sunny/Scala cars.
  22. Well thought decision. It has to be 4:4(50% sedans & 50% MPVs). Further it can be divided as 2 cars same of each segment than 4 same to same alone. Amongst MPVs, My take is for -2 Toyota Innovas'. -1 MUV/SUV from Mahindra(Xylo or XUV500 W4). I'm referring Mahindra as must vehicle because of their rugged nature & go anywhere(atleast sub-urban or sub-rural travels). It won't be a pain to drive Mahindra in any areas. -1 has to be Light/soft bodied MPV like Ertiga or Ashok Leyland Stile. Reason being they are fuel efficient, zippy, nimble & easily flickable for Intra-city travels where large MPV/MUV/SUVs are pain to drive. Forget Nissan Evalia, as it doesn't have looks to appeal to attract your clients as 'we want to go in this car' & is expensive to maintain due to its poor market response. Instead its cheaper Stile iteration looks good & is much cheaper to own & drive. For sedans, As per sticking to your budget, i suggest; -2 has to be Honda City Diesel(coming soon). Variants choose as per you needs & budget. -Now either 2 has to be Toyota Corolla Altis or 1:1 Corolla:Etios each. But now question here arises that Altis will overshoot you bills in initial cost as well as well as monthly expenditure for petrol costs, whereas Etios lack the flair which you need to run your new hotel & convince owners for luxury sedan class travel. Here you can choose any Out of Nissan Sunny or Skoda Rapid or VW Vento. Or you can wait few months for Maruti's upcoming new sedan, if you wish to.
  23. If you want a sedan car in your budget range then it has to be New Honda City. You can have either of petrol or diesel fuel option depending upon your usage. Plus it has got everything like preimium exterior looks, premium interiors, decent boot space & upmarket reputation/feel. However for transporting more people per trip a MPV can do the task well & for MPV undoubtedly its Innova, as it commands both respect as well as good re-sale value plus its ownership experience is also hassle free, specially as you're going to buy the new cars. For MPV, Another cheaper option is Ashok Leyland Stile. Recently i've seen it ferriying corporate officials & they were seated in a pretty decent way & looked comfortable too for 7 passengers. For this car you even save at least Rs.3 lacs/car from your allocated budget. As per me, your fleet of 8 cars has to be of different segment to cater clients of different needs & preferences.
  24. 1880 views & 3 replies to thread so far ! Does Honda city has lost its charm of being India's most loved & anticipated premium sedan ! Specially When Honda have addressed its biggest shortcomongs like lack of diesel engine option & functional yet stylish interiors.
  25. Honda’s engineering brilliance has been embodied by its i-VTEC engines, but this time around Honda is counting on its i-DTEC diesel motor to script the next chapter of its success story in India. The diesel motor in question is the 1.5-litre i-DTEC that debuted in the Amaze. The engine itself has been carried over unchanged to the City. The gearbox is shared too, and the first five gears are identical to the smaller saloon, with a new sixth gear specifically for the City. Even though the City is roughly 45kg lighter than the previous-generation car, it is still 90kg heavier than the Amaze, so a shorter ratio is used for the final drive to extract a bit more zing from the 20.4kgm of torque. In fact, Honda claims that the City i-DTEC will be the most fuel-efficient car in the country, with a claimed fuel efficiency of 26kpl! We can’t wait to put it through our test cycle in Mumbai to see how it performs in the real world. On our first drive in Jaipur, however, our first impression of this car is that it has minimal turbo lag. The responsiveness even under 2,000rpm is very handy. Once past the 2,000rpm, the motor pulls cleanly to over 3,600rpm, making it hassle-free in the city and outside it. Although revving it to its 4,000rpm redline offered little advantage, and it did highlight this motor’s sore point – the engine noise. Since the abundance of engine noise was a bugbear of ours in the Amaze, better sound insulation was almost taken for granted in the diesel City, and it is slightly more refined than its little sibling. Sadly, the coarse engine rumble is still clearly audible in the cabin, and it’s not quiet enough for the class standard. Despite this foible, the diesel is sure to hog a big chunk of the sales, but true Honda fans will no doubt be keen to know more about the petrol. However, the back seat is a place you don’t want to miss in this car. Step in through the rear doors and it feels like the City has been stretched by 50cm not 50mm. Knee room is ample, and the seat base is generous, with lots of under-thigh support. Dedicated air-conditioning vents for the rear passengers and two power outlets round off a sumptuous back seat. Honda is trying to wow the people in the front seats too. The company has been getting some flak for the interiors of its cars and things have changed significantly with the new City. The design looks richer, with a silver 'T' running across the dash, and the glossy piano black trim adds to the appeal too. There’s also plenty of equipment on offer. The instruments for the driver are big and easy to read, rings around the dials glow blue or green (depending on your driving style) and the chunky steering wheel is a high point, with well damped switches for the music and telephony. After much criticism for its omission in the previous City, the music system brings back a CD player (with DVD support too), along with the now mandatory Bluetooth, USB and Aux-in. A five-inch screen is the interface for the music system, while the air conditioning system is operated via a touch panel. And let’s not forget, the City also offers a sunroof. But while the cabin is well equipped and well specced, it doesn’t feel cohesive. In terms of design, the LCD display for the music system looks lost in the piano black surround. Source & Read more at: http://www.autocarin...ive-367796.aspx