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  1. If your priority is more safety features (a.k.a airbags) and rear space choose FIGO. Otherwise SWIFT is a better car in most other respects.
  2. Is this with 100% AC.? I know Figo owners who get better efficiency. 20+ on highways is easily achievable. I use A/C 50% of the travel time. I do very high speeds on the highway. I do speeds of 150+... But somehow, I feel that 20+ is not achievable by me even if I reduce my speeds.
  3. I have been using a FIGO from May 2010. I get a highway mileage of 17-18 and a city mileage of around 12-13. Have driven 14k kms and had no issues with the car till date. Only suggestion is to make sure that your dealer is good. I have had issues with the dealers in Chennai.
  4. In the July issue of ACI magazine, I read about KIIRUS ECU tuning for a punto. The review was very positive. I spoke to the gentleman as KIIRUS and they said that they will not install any box and retune the existing ECU in the car. The results expected as as below Original Kiirus tuned Power (hp) 68 hp 88 hp Power (kW) 50 kW 65 kW Torque (ft/lb) 118 ft/lb 148 ft/lb Torque (NM) 160 NM 200 NM Fuel consum. Highway 62 mpg (3,8l / 100km) 64 mpg (3,7l / 100km) Fuel consum. Combined 53 mpg (4,4l / 100km) 55 mpg (4,3l / 100km) Fuel consum. City 44 mpg (5,4l / 100km) 44 mpg (5,3l / 100km) The price quotes was 20k. PETES charges are 43k for a Ford 1.4
  5. I am thinking of tuning up my car's ECU. Technical experts-please tell me if its advisable to do this (other than the warranty issues). I also do not understand why the car manufacturers are not able to produce the amount of output that the TUNERS are raving about?
  6. Here are the Pics. CYRUS432010-07-19 07:40:23
  7. Took delivery of my FIGO Titanium TDCi on May 6th and so far have driven 6k kms and the experience is a mixed bag. MY ORIGINAL REQUIREMENTS I had an Indica for 3 years and had driven 60k kms. My experience was very pleasant.I also have a Ritz Zxi and a Santro in my stable. I was looking for sedan (Dzire vs manza) upto a max of 7 lakhs. My drive takes me atleast 3k kms a month and obviously I was looking only for a diesel car. My main criteria was (priority in th order of listing) 1. VFM 2. Adequate safety features (for high speed driving) 3. Comfort (on all seats) 4. Good handling 5. Decent service network (I strongly believe that Maruti is not the best from my previous experiences) After a lot of test drives, could not conclude on the Manza and the Dzire had a long waiting period. ENTER the hatchback bonanza. Beat..... Polo ...... Figo .... and still continues Beat was ruled out and Polo was not VFM. My first sights on Figo impressed me. I am not too bothered by the styling. DEALERSHIP EXPERIENCE I made my booking in Chennai on March 25th. Ford dealers have not handled such volumes in the past and were definitely not up to the mark in handling long queues of unsatisfied and prospective customers. Had to wait for more than 45 days to get delivery. INSIDE THE CAR What I like? 1. Good all round build (remember I had an Indica before) 2. Interior space (better than swift but not as big as Vista)[five full sized adults adding to more than 400 kgs travelled from Bangalore to Chennai in decent comfort] 3. Front seats have good under thigh support 4. Seat height adjustment has lots of travel 5. Rear seat back support and bench is good 6. Big boot for a hatchback. 7. OE Audio gives decent output and the Bluetooth pairing with my cell phone is absolutely fine 8. I liked the all black dash with silver borders
  8. I took delivery of my FIGO TDCi Titanium on 6th May. Have driven 2200 kms till now mainly on highways. Getting mileage between 16 - 18. Extremely happy with the car so far. I will post my complete experience this weekend.
  9. 1.5 ltr diesel engine will not have the excise benefits as compared to a 1.4 ltr diesel engine. I am guessing that price of Micra diesel will be much higher.
  10. Why does increasing the wheel size in a car, affect the ride quality and why does it help in better handling??
  11. I am not able to understand TORQUE. How will a driver feel the torque while driving? Is there a link between torque and turbo lag in diesel cars??
  12. I bought a Ritz ZXI in September. Its a great car and real fun to drive. The car really likes to be revved. You will also get a blue dashboard with certain colours. I liked the music system a lot. The FM signals get picked even far outside the city limits.
  13. If you are a light footed driver, Manza could be your car.
  14. I drive an Indica turbo. I feel a clattering vibration through the accelerator pedal between 1500 - 1800 RPM levels. Once I cross this rpm range, then there is no clatter. Between 2000 - 2200 RPM levels mainly on the 5th gear, i feel that the whole car shakes. Co passengers can feel the vibration through the floor. Again at further higher RPM levels, this symptom does not exist. Can anyone throw light on what could be the problem. I gave the car for service at BOSCH and even they could not understand these symptoms.
  15. I am quite sure that the price you have mentioned for the Michelin tyres are not correct. The price is atleast 3k more.
  16. Recently i bought a RITZ for my wife. I also hear some kind of a sound when speeds exceed 80 kmph. To me it sound like wind noise thru some panels and appears repairable if taken to the service station. Otherwise I find the car a real pleasure.
  17. I drive an indica and currently im running on Goodyear GT3 165/65/14 tyres. I have done 45k kms and planning to change the tyres. I drive about 2500 kms a month on highways. Speed about 100-140 kmph Can anyone suggest what are the best tyres that I can look for.
  18. I went to Maruti Service Masters. This was their feedback ...
  19. What ever insurance you choose, make sure that you will get a cashless claim thru the dealers. DOnt try to save too much on insurance. The coverage of damages and parts are different with each insurer. For example for my Maruti 800 some kind of motor (i guess starter motor) was damaged. My insurance (new India) did not cover that part. However, Royal SUndaram had that part covered. I suggest you try to understand the coverage in detail.
  20. Infact, the interest rate has been reduced to 8% w.e.f today by SBI for the first year.
  21. Bank require a POA because they should be able to dispose the car when it is hypothecated. I suggest go for SBI loan as they come quite cheap. For the first year they charge 10% interest and the remaining years at 11.25%. Current HDFC rates range from 12-12.5% depending on the make of the car. SBI lends upto 85% of the on road price of the car based on a proforma invoice. So you can fill up lots of additional features/gizmos on the proforma and obtain 85% of that. There is no compulsion to spend on those additional features/gizmos.
  22. I drive a round trip between Bangalore and Chennai every week (700 kms) and once in thrre month my entire family (6 incl 2 kids) goes for a long drive. I was contemplating buying a Scorpio VLX. Currently I drive an Indica turbo. Can you please enlighten me on the negative feedback of Scopio's highway manners.
  23. The new ford looks a little odd as there are no rail rub on the doors. Also the ads on the talk about tubeless tyres; the tyres for the car are regular radial tyres only.