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  1. Hi, I have a wagon r lx model. Guys please suggest whether fixing a pair of roof rails on my car will have any effect on the stability of the car. Also please let me know what will be cost approx. Thanks,
  2. thank you so much. Please share some information about beat diesel. mileage and performance and also maintenance. regards
  3. Hi sb-alto, Thank you for the answer reg tyre upgrading size. Please let me know what is the correct tyre inflation pressure for my mrf 155/65 R 13 tube less tyres.
  4. I have a wagon r DUO lx 2007 model. Because of the wobbling prob yesterday I changed 4 tyres mrf zvtk tubeless - size : 155/65 R 13 (Orig. equip size was 145/70 R 13). Please clarify me whether my decision is correct. Does this change will be have effect on the 1. mileage performance. 2. will this reduction in side wall i.e., from 70 to 65 will have any adverse effect on suspension and stearing. Kindly note : the orig tyres were changed because of the wobbling problem and tyre bulge in the internal side wall. Please clarify regards. anbu Post Edited: Avoid using unduly large fonts &sizes.BornFree2011-10-15 06:53:55