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  1. New Fabia or New Swift?

    I'd go for a Skoda base model than a TATA fully loaded one. Thanx fr the advise!
  2. Suggest Good car

    Tata Manza or Mahindra Verito.
  3. New Fabia or New Swift?

    @TSiVipul @Ashikawa and @Doc Nishu thank you, really enlightened with all the clarification. Will keep this thread updated with the progress. Discussion must be ON!
  4. New Fabia or New Swift?

    Got the spare part price list from a reknowned site(not sure if sharing its link is against forum's rules.) This was the rate list posted in August. More or less Im delighted.
  5. New Fabia or New Swift?

    Noted! Thank you so much for the info.
  6. New Fabia or New Swift?

    @Durango Dude Ok i'll surely have a look then. Next 3-4 days would be dedicated to TDs Yes, i've seen so many Fabias in vicinity, that 'feel good' term defines it all. Thank you.
  7. New Fabia or New Swift?

    @goenkakushal I'll check this with the Skoda dealer. Thank you!
  8. New Fabia or New Swift?

    @sanjithchandran Thanx fr the reply. 6-8Months is too much :|
  9. New Fabia or New Swift?

    I enquired 5minutes before from Coral Motors(Bareilly). The lady there informed me they don't have any stock of Swift at all. Minimum waiting period is 5months or more. We had a plan to get car delivered on 1st of Jan.
  10. Im in a fix between Skoda Fabia Active plus(diesel offcourse) and Swift VDi. Priorities: For a family of 5, we need good space. Q. Is the new swift substantially more spacious than the older one? 2. Cheap spares. Q. Are Skoda spares/services very expensive/poor?(Would prefer an answer with personal experience). 3. Per fuel litre mileage Q. Rough estimates? This may be a weird comparison, but im confused between heart and brain's decision. Will spending 6lakhs on Skoda car be worth their after sales services? Please help me out. Thanx in advance.
  11. Honda Brio- Autocar India review

    Superb price! Engine is already a proven gem. Honda is no more an overpriced deal. But no rear wiper?? Ok i understand a double sized wiper would be needed but in rainy and dirty Indian conditions, won't it be annoying?