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  1. Hello All, I'm having an electrical issue with my i10. When I park my car at night, the parking lamps turn on by themselves. I went to Advaith Hyundai twice. But they gave up within half an hour because they were not able to reproduce the issue. Today morning, the battery ran out of charge. I'm guessing the parking lamps might be on whole night. Anyone else faced this issue? If yes, what was the resolution. Once the issue happens, if I turn on and off the headlamps, the issue goes away. And the issue started happening since last month. I had been to Advaith Hyundai to replace my broken tail lamp assembly. I actually told them this. They verified the connections on the tail lamp and found everything to be fine. But somehow I suspect, since the tail lamp also involves parking lamps, there is an issue with their job. Or it might be a plain co-incidence that the issue started from that day. Thanks!
  2. Dude, whats your budget? If you can afford the Fabia, then why not. After all it will change the way we look at hatches. Even the base variant has airbags.
  3. They are not merging... Honda will get the latest technology from Japan while HH will be a volumes player.
  4. I agree on the styling front. but unicorn is one up when it comes to handling and mono suspension. that makes it better feature wise also. isn't it?
  5. Hi guys, I hope you all read the Autocar review on Pulsar 150 Vs the Hunk. The verdict on this review says that HH Hunk is better than Pulsar 150, which was the previous best. Can anyone tell me why Hunk not the Unicorn is the best 150?
  6. Since we don't have swift diesel option, I vote for SX4
  7. Basically, its Honda Vs Bajaj!
  8. Yeah buy the Swift. It is a really good car for youngsters! Stretch to the Diesel VDi if you can. I suggest not to go in for second-hand