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  1. quick update spoke to the manager of sundaram vw yesterday he informed me that the car will be dispached by 15th and it will take 7 days to reach the yard all in all i will get my gt by this month end (exactly on my birthday )
  2. Thats what even i dont understand btw i havent opted for the insurance suggested by the dealer because they make fat commissions on that. can someone suggest a good insurance with 0 dep and cashless
  3. there is one thing i need to clarify thought there are 2 dealers in chennai one is ABRA and SUNDARAM i booked with sundaram because he said the waiting time is 2 months and ABRA said he is not taking any bookings because the waiting is 7 months am i being taken for a ride here
  4. backed out on the idea of a pre-worshiped tsi planning to stick to GT mostly
  5. the on road cost is 9.55 lacs i have paid 10k advance waiting for 3 months. on second thoughts i have found a laura tsi on sale thinking of switching to that need some suggestions
  6. HI all , I have booked a polo gt tsi. i hear the service is bad and expensive need your thoughts and comments about it also what about the spare parts
  7. considering the laura TSI and diesel both any inputs please
  8. @ creative bala thanks for the advise can you mention any dates on the release of the new cruze sorry for late reply was not in town
  9. thanks for the suggestion bala! also what about cruze?
  10. today i took a test drive of the laura DSG. he asked me to drive the yeti also i was impressed it quite had the punch. and did some little soft roading in some sand it did quite well. planning to consider that also. what are the negitives of buying the yeti. and cruze owners please enlighten me whether it has problems or not
  11. thanks for the replys guys. now since the petrol prices have gone up. i am confused whether to buy a small petrol car or go for the cruze (competitors). also i heard that the cruze has a lot of engine and a\c problems can anyone throw light on this
  12. Whats your Budget - Rs 20.00L Kms driven monthly - 1000 kms Bodyshell - Sedan/ City/Highway split - 70:30 Max No.of Passangers - 4 most of the time Boot space Importance - Medium Usage by - /Enthu Ownership City Safety - ABS & airbags Prime requirement -power/modification/looks Softcorner'd Manufacturer - honda & chevorlet
  13. hi guys i have decided to buy a sedan under 20 lacs.. i will be doing highway once in three months . i have shortlisted a few cars please give your opinion 1. honda city V-mt 2. cruze LTZ (i heard it has problems with a\c and other problems also ) is it true? 3. jetta comfortline 4. skoda laura Honda city and cruze are priority 1 and 2 because i love to modify cars and both are modder friendly .. any other suggestions welcome