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  1. Got my German beauty last week. Simply love the paint quality so trying to give true pampering from the begining @sb-alto I bought Turtle wax super hard shell paste from ebay. They claim something like it lasts for 12 months. Is that true? Which method shall i follow 1) Apply hard wax at regular intervals 2) Apply hard wax at first and use liquid wax frequently 3) After applying hard wax Use NANO WAX frequently 4) Came across ICE Synthetic Spray Wax. Can i use it on top of hard wax? Here is the link I am looking for something that can be applied on top of hard wax and that can be applied on glass. headlights, taillights and exterior plastic...
  2. Hey Nishant i am a bit late (fashionably late!!!)....Many happy returns of the day. May God bless you Dinto Louis
  3. Thanks for the information. I found wooden dash kits for Polo, but unfortunately its for left hand drive models. But some piece will fill on both left and right drive models - i guess. Link is here Your take on that? And is there any On line stores i can trust? I have contacted the specialists in carid and they said will confirm whether i can fit the pcs in right hand drives and i requested them for real pics of dash kits for Polo. Seems genuine but not sure.
  4. Hi, I have seen the chrome inserts on Vento Highline. Can i get the same for my Polo either from VW showroom or after market. I am much more interested in getting wood inserts but not sure whether i can get those in the after market - (have seen wood inserts for swift and innova) Any information on the above is most welcomed.
  5. You need to determine if the paint defect is above or below the surface. After washing the car sweep your fingers over the paint and if it feels smooth any defects are below the surface and if it feels rough, pitted or slightly sticky it indicates above surface imperfections. Defect is above the surface Above surface defects like traffic film, tar, bug guts and the like are best treated with a clay bar. Follow the instructions that come with the clay but it is a simply a case of wiping the warm clay over the paint with a supplied lubricant to trap the dirt particles. It is a time consuming process but this makes a big difference to the finish of your paint . Defect is below the surface After a clay bar treatment look closely at the paint - if there are still imperfections these will be below surface and need to be polished out. Any stone chips and scratches should be touched up at this point before applying the wax because paint will not adhere very well to a waxed surface.
  6. (courtesy Polishing Polishing is only something you should do when the paint finish has become flat - (Dirt grime along with sunlight can degrade the finish on a car) .Each time you polish the car you are removing a small layer of paint and if you do this too often you will go through to the undercoat and the only way of fixing that is to respray the car. waxing. Wax is a non abrasive coating which protects the paint finish.Putting wax over a bad paint finish will just seal in the imperfections and will not enhance the appearance of the paint so waxing is a final finishing job only. Polishing provides a shine by exposing the paint layer and waxing will help to protect the exposed layer.
  7. Would love to hear stories on car cover.
  8. Sstar. I have been using Waxpol Vinyl and leather polish for dash board (Maruti800). I like the product but never used hard wax from Waxpol. Will definitely try it.
  9. Found an intresting article on Carnauba wax (courtesy autogeek) The wax is produced by the Brazilian Tree of Life, a palm tree, in order to coat its leaves. The wax provides protection from the sweltering sun and it sheds water so it falls onto the ground and is absorbed by the tree
  10. Thanks neeraj and sb-alto. You said about using hard wax, but i cant figure out from there website which is the product you were refering to. 1) Super Hard Shell Paste Wax 2) Carnauba Cleaner Wax Paste
  11. Hi I was looking for a car wax for my polo - will be delivered soon. I am a bit worried as many said that red fades much faster than other colors. 1) How can i protect the paint from UV rays? 2) Which brand do you prefer Turtle wax, formula one or any other? 3)The turtle wax website suggests Express shine for new cars. Your take on that? 4) I found 1) Super Hard Shell Paste Wax 2)Carnauba Cleaner Wax Paste in turtle wax website. Which one shall i use (only if you suggest turle wax)? 5) Difference between 1)Wet n' Black Tire Foam 2)Wet n' Black Ultra Wet Tire Shine Aerosol?
  12. Thanks dr_nishu and nikvint for your reply. I got a call from the sales executive at VW and told me that they have a 2011 December made Trendline Polo and they would give 15000 cash discount on the same. Shall i push for discounts and extra accessories. Shall i accept the offer for 2011 Polo or go ahead with the 2012 Polo. Only reason i am bit skeptical about the 2011 made is because it might have been lying in the stockyard for some time...
  13. I am in a dilemma. Badly need the black color but its not available with Trendtline. So comfortline is my option which now comes with there Head unit. It looks nice but its not functional and is steeply priced. I was planning to buy Witson HU which looks like OEM and is feature rich. But i dont know what to do with the VW head unit. Will VW take back the HU and how much can i expect for the same. Same is the case with tyres how much can i expect for the stock tyres and rims. Also i have 50% NCB for my Maruti 800. It was from national insurance. I am looking for something like cashless and that gives 100 % for fibre parts for my Polo. But to the best of my knowledge National insurance doesn't have such a policy. What should i do to get the 50% NCB and cashless policy. Or shall i take the insurance from outside. Any suggestion is most welcomed...
  14. Hi, I was planning to buy a diesel hatchback for sometime and have zeroed in on VW polo Comfortline, have a few queries 1) Have VW launched 2012 Polo just like Fiat came up with the 2012 Punto and Linea? 2)If yes, new features on 2012 Polo? 3)Any news about new TDI engine for Polo like 1.4 or 1.6? 4)Dealer quoted me corporate discount of 5000 on 1.2 TDI Comfortline. Is that fair enough? 5)Correct up size - 195/55 R15 OR 205/55 R15. Or any other option. I prefer looks and comfort?
  15. Hi, I paln to buy a good Headunit and speakers for my polo. Have a few doubts. 1) My budget is around 20,000 2) Which head unit should i go for like pioneer, sony.. and i have heard about 2 din and single din - what's the price difference betwen the two? 3) Which brand should i go for speakers among Blaupunkt, Rockford Fosgate, Polk, Focal or Auditor. I would like to get a quality sound and wont prefer the bass not to flatter at high volumes. 4) Which one should i go for Co-axial or components - or maybe a combination of these two like components in the front and coaxs in the rear? Would you prefer the same brand at the front and rear or different brands at the front and rear like Polk in the rear and focals in the front.