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  1. I booked a brio VMT 2012 model white color for 594500 in Bangalore. It covers 0% depreciation insurance, PU seat covers, reverse parking sensors, teflon coating, floor mats, 3/4th year extended warranty and road side assistance, car cover, pillows and air freshner. The car was received around oct 2012 but appears to be manufactured around July 2012. The guy promised me that PDI will be done properly. Do you think it is a good deal? what checks do I need to do?
  2. Thanks to all for their input. I am deciding on the honda brio. THis vehicle is april 2012 manufactured and came to the showroom around aug-oct ' 12. I am getting insurance free but bumper to bumper insurance means I need to add 4k more. A new honda brio VMT comes around 6.63L on road in Bangalore. The dealer is giving around 60k off plus some accessories. Considering depreciation of 20-25% for the car, the real value of the car may be around 5.1L as per carwale user car valuation with 0km driven. As per the dealer, this is the last VMT he has and honda has stopped making VMT in 2013 as they concentrate on Amaze. The sales guy showed a similar deal he made for 6.2L as his last brio 2012 VMT delivery. I am not sure how much I need to pay for this car. Around 6L for a 2012 car, when amaze is around the corner (add 1L more - on par with swift Desire cost) looks high. Please let me know as I plan to close the deal soon.
  3. Hello, I am planning to buy a new car and I have some options to buy a OCT 2012 model brio or OCT 2012 RITZ and there may be further 20K-30K discounts on these cars. The query I have is - is it a good idea to buy a car which is in showroom stockyard for 6-7 months? - Since the engine has not run but engine oil is just sitting there, does it damage the engine in any way? - Should the engine oil be changed while taking the delivery? - What are the further precautions I should be taking for a 2012 model car - In terms of car value, how much a car depreciates in 6-7 months time? For example brio V MT costs 6.65 L on road in BLR but the actual value of OCT 2012 model car is shown on car wale to be about 5.1 L only as the car has depreciated (not much resale value for a honda) In such cases how to bargain more with the showroom. Any other inputs would be really helpful. Thanks.
  4. can I know from which dealer did you buy and where do you service the linea? are they servicing it properly, any loose jobs or cheating?
  5. Hello All, I am planning to negotiate with the dealer to either buy a ritz or swift in a couple of days. Since i m a first time buyer, I would like to know what are the points which should be negotiated with the dealer. 1. what accessories to look for? the dealer is not giving any accessories 2. how to negotiate more discounts 3. since I am buying a 2012 model car, can it be leveraged to get any freebies 4. any freebies? 5. anything else? regards.
  6. Hi, is it correct that ford service is not that good and parts are expensive? How is ford maintenance cost?
  7. Hello All, I am thinking of buying one of these hatchbacks. I am thinking between punto, ritz and swift. My daily running will be not more than 40-50 kms. but when I drove the diesel ritz, I felt that it was much better to drive as compared to a petrol vehicle. In addition I would like to know which of these hatchbacks would be a good option to own in terms of driving comfort, rear seat space, resale value, service network and maintenance costs. I know that fiat has some service issues and spare parts are not easily available. I am a first time car buyer.
  8. Hello All, Thanks a lot for your responses. After going through your advice. I am just thinking if I go for this vehicle or go for a brand new vehicle. The seller is not ready to sell below 2.8 lacs.
  9. Hello All, I am a first time car buyer and still learning. I saw a 2006 swift vxi (1.3 ltr) which is in good condition It has run 37, 500 km. the price quoted is around 3 Lakhs. Please give me an opinion on whether I should buy it and what could be the correct price. are there any drawbacks for the 2006 swif model? I plan to use it for around 2 years. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello all, thanks for the reply. This is a 2.7 L v6. He says that it has automatic transmission with manual override. I need to check if it is H-Matic. I only plan to drive it over the weekend or for long rides. How much mileage can I expect over highway?
  11. Hello, Somebody is selling a 2003 sonata v6 for abt 4 lacs, 53k kms done, good condition. I feel the price is high. But I heard that initial sonata's had various issues. Can somebody please help me resolve following doubts? - should I even think of buyiing this? - What are the problems seen with sonata cars introduced in 2002-2004 time frame? - I feel that the mileage will not be more than 8, any clues - what the problems I may encounter in future with this car if I buy this? Thread moved. BornFree2011-10-29 15:40:30